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Gerald Moreno’s major lie about linking to exposé websites

Posted by robertpriddy on April 28, 2009

For the record only, here is one of Moreno’s earliest lies on-line about the exposé – from his first “time-line” page on

No one was ever bnned from linking to any of the named websites.
COMMENT: No one was ever banned from linking to any of the named websites.There was no frenzy at ExBaba! Reinier van der Sandt decided to make use of frames. Moreno did not understand how to cut and paste links after the change. One simply had to right click on any page and go to “Properties” to copy the full URL. No other sites changed any parameters. There is no more control by the webmaster over the ExBaba site than Moreno’s exercises over his many websites and blogs. “Soviet-style” and “Running scared’ are laughably unreasonable claims.

COMMENT: Totally untrue all of it. None of us had any idea how to reject a particular person’s links to our websites or any way to force people to shut down their computers. An absurd false accusation. Moreno had troubles with his own computer, most likely, and – as with so many other things – chose to blame it on the exposé. This served Moreno’s intention NEVER to link to any exposé web pages, which he has never done since then. He was worried that people would then see the falsity of his highly selective materials, out-of-context references and how hugely he ‘spins’ everything. Naturally, most exposé sites do not link to him, for why would any wish to link to pages full of libel, distortion, misinformation, slurs and mud-slinging?

Gerald Joe Gerald Joe Moreno - non-devotee but is the main defender of all Sathya Sai matters  The major and unrepentant infringer of copyright - countless photos and texts - rails at length about ONE SINGLE photo which he for some reason is rather desperate to hide away.Joe Moreno

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