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Posted by robertpriddy on May 28, 2007

Sathya Sai Baba’s self-declared knowledge and complicity

After the murders and executions in Sathya Sai’s apartments on June 6, 1993 , he gave a waffling, incomplete and most unsatisfactory account of events in his discourse on Guru Poornima early in July. He made clear he knew what was to happen to his close servitors and warned them indirectly earlier the evening before the attack.

Sai Baba on the morning after the murders

Many people believe most firmly that Sai Baba can – when required – tune in to anyone’s thoughts in his vicinity, or even at a distance, (I have had very convincing experience of this myself). If so, Sai Baba must have known what was approaching from the minds of the intruders. [See screenshot of his own published words] Besides, he has constantly claimed in public to know everything about everyone! He could have averted or altered this if Radhakrishna Menon had not chosen to go out, so why did he instead speak as if in riddles… why did he not simply say what the danger was? According to what the former Head of the Administration building told me a decade previously, Baba had once acted in a way I find interesting in this connection. To the one-time head of the ashram, Mr. Kutumba Rao, who received his first longed-for interview after 20 years waiting, was taken into the private room only to be told that a murderer was on the way to kill him and that he must leave the ashram immediately until further notice. He did leave at the time and was temporarily replaced by Mr. Chiranjia Rao (subsequently made a member of the Sathya Sai Central Trust). This covert obliqueness, however, is typical of Sathya Sai, of his very seldom making anything clear enough, or of clothing information in vague phrases, and very often in deceptive ambiguities. Of such arts he is truly a master.

What became of Non-violence and Compassion? In his 1993 Gurupurnima discourse, Sai Baba continued his outright megalomaniacal boasting, saying, “My purity is the root cause of the glory of my name. (Applause). It is not due to any publicity or propaganda. My all-pervading selfless love is the cause. No one can affect this pure love. I have no ill-will towards anybody. Swami has done no harm to anyone.”

But most people with their hearts still in the right place would consider that – if one really knew the future – Sai’s not telling his close devotees of such an awful fate he knew to be awaiting them runs counter to any reasonable kind of love and compassion (which he has promised his devotees, as well as protection). Instead, this self-claimed “all-powerful Lord” actually ran away while the knifings were going on and locked the escape door after him from the outside, trapping four assailants in his bedroom apartment. Nor did Sai Baba lift a finger to avert it as it all took place under ‘His Divine Nose’, nor saying a single word to stop the shooting of the four who had long been, and still were, his devoted followers. He is known to have been consulted where he hid in his garage building attached to the temple well before the police shot down at close range in a hail of dozens of bullets the four young men who were armed only with knives! This completely exposes the hypocrisy in Sai Baba with his oft-quoted aphorisms like ‘Help ever, hurt never.’ Sai Baba is always preaching about how thoughts, words and actions must be in accord. But his verbal support of non-violence as a human values should surely also include active help and not being an accomplice – whether passive or active – to cold-blooded murder? Nor was he willing to appear before authorities for questioning and he helped engineer the effective cover-up through his discourse and many private meetings with the Home Minister, his devotee S.B. Chavan.

No wonder residents and especially the foreign visitors at Prashanti Nilayam were seen to wander about with tired, worried faces, or sitting at darshan in perplexed absence of mind (if not exactly the ‘mindlessness’ so strongly encouraged by Sathya Sai!). How could the question that must have crossed their minds as to why Sai Baba did not intervene personally disappear from the thoughts of the great majority of them so soon and effectively? The intruders had all been his own students, the product of his own teachings!’ No such ‘demonic’ doubts can be entertained by those who are – according to the flattery of their Divine Manipulator – the very grain, the fruit of humanity, the good devotees whose service has already saved the planet from catastrophe? Those who remained were hard core blind-faith believers who will not think, see, or hear any unpalatable truth (at least, about Sathya Sai Baba!).

To be continued….

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