Sathya Sai Baba Deceptions Exposed

Exposing major deceits by guru Sathya Sai Baba in India, incl. murders cover-up & widely alleged sexual abuse


Posted by robertpriddy on June 1, 2007

Manipulation of people: flattery is a powerful tool.
Those who cannot resist it are probably a majority of Sai devotees. Those who take flattery completely at face value, and seek more of it, will surely suffer from other character weaknesses. Such persons are easily handled by the method of repeated attraction/repulsion, the psychological ‘push-pull’ treatment which keeps them uncertain but still attached in hope of greater things. If such things very seldom – if ever – actually come about, they can be rationalised away by self-deprecation. This occurs to the great majority of Sai devotees I have met, and that is a lot. Due to his intuitive powers, Sathya Sai is very clever at manipulating what a person’s condition is, what he can be shown and what not. In this he is capable of the kind of manipulations of people’s minds and perceptions as is the extraordinary Derren Brown of UK’s Channel Four, who claims there are no psychic powers involved, but only highly developed techniques of mind control.

One should be warned of the unknown dangers of visiting Prashanthi Nilayam.
The number of foreign devotees who have died there in accidents, taken their own lives there or have literally been murdered (within the ashram itself) is difficult to know, due to the tightest secrecy and cover-ups (both by the ashram staff and all Sathya Sai Baba’s foreign officials in the Sai Org.), but it unquestionably is a considerable number. Nor are any records kept or made public about those who commit suicide (a considerable number), or die of natural causes or illnesses contracted there. There are various serious hazards that are never explained to visitors. Pickpockets are mentions, for obvious reasons, but threats to security are never explained and none are told that there are numerous armed plainclothes guards mingling with ordinary visitors, in addition to the highly visible armed guards and security persons who are there to protect Sai Baba (by Indian Government order).

One very malignant cult tried to infiltrate Sai ashrams To an outside observer it must have been interesting indeed – and somewhat scary too – to have seen the arrival of the undercover envoys of the Japanese ‘guru’ Shoko Asahara of the Aum Shinrikyo cult (aka Aum Shinri Ko, Aleph and Aum Supreme Truth) when they tried to force entrance to the Prashanthi Nilayam ashram. Remember that the head of the Aum Shinrikyo cult that poisoned Japanese subways with lethal sarin gas was also believed to have godlike paranormal abilities as well.] A group of these Japanese were sent sometime in the 1990s by Shoko Asahara to Puttaparthi, where they bought some premises and set up an Aum Shinrikyo office there (with fax machines etc.). Then they contacted Sai officials with a view to meeting Sai Baba, who Shoko claimed to be one with, but when they were given the bum’s rush. Later a gang of several of them tried to force their way in to the enclosure for ‘darshan’ using martial arts… but were eventually fought down by numerous Seva Dals. They packed their bags and left, all within a couple of weeks. The matter was hushed up completely by the ashram and Organization, of course.

The following comments were also made concerning this cult by Barry Pittard: “By the way, my recollections go back to late 1997 when I think an Aum Shinrikyo team was stopped by Indian police at Bombay airport. (Although the matter bears all the signs of being suppressed by the Government of India and Puttaparthi authorities. Remember, by the way, how effectively the latter damage-controlled information about deaths and maimings in the crowd swarming for a glance at the Indian cricket team going past in their bus outside the ashram). Aum Shinrikyo, my information goes, were linked to a consignment of very high explosives destined for Puttaparthi. Apparent target: sathya sai baba, scheduled to attend his sponsored International Cricket Match on December 30th at his Puttaparthi ashram, filmed by Doordarshan for consumption of India and other countries. Certainly, there is a whole colony of Japanese living at Puttaparthi. Since the time of the cricket match, they have been under strong accountability to Puttaparthi authorities – signing in and out between ashram and village, etc. Certainly, many beggars have been used by ashram authorities in surveillance activities, etc. ”

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  1. Dave Lyons said

    Great going, Robert! Good show! Keep it coming.

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