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Posted by robertpriddy on June 3, 2007

‘Man of Miracles’ who also Fakes?

Sathya Sai Baba has tried to confound Antoine Lavoisier’s famous principle, a backbone of the physical sciences, “Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed”. Sai claims he creates objects by his Divine will or fiat and many believe he does. If this were really true, then he would cause a gigantic revolution in physics and science generally, but he is very coy and will not demonstrate his powers except in his own prepared interview rooms or while surrounded by totally devoted servitors. No scientist has been allowed to study him doing so (under any reasonable conditions or in any controlled environment), though he has managed to convince a few relatively low-level scientists (i.e. no one with a name or scientific prominence and has been recognised as such by no scientific institution anywhere).

Sai Baba has most certainly also been caught out many times by many people faking the ‘materialisation’ of ash, rings and other small objects, including on video and film (see diverse video clips for yourself here).

Numerous former leading followers – including several top officials in his organisation – have told that they have observed his store of trinkets in the chair where he most often sits to produce them ‘from thin air’, that only those who remain in extreme psychological denial can continue to believe in his many such fantastic claims. So the ultimate jury is kept out and one can simply believe what one wants! The unimagined possible benefits for the starving and suffering masses from genuinely and openly showing the world that creation by fiat is possible will not be available from Sathya Sai Baba, for one! Despite this, stories and personal accounts of outright miracles connected with Sai Baba abound. In almost every instance, however, one must rely on testimony, and there is no doubt that a great number who testify are hardly capable of incisive critical thought or articulation of language, for most are self-declared believers, and to believe is not to know but to accept as true miracles for which one cannot provide genuinely rational or empirical explanations. ‘Mind-boggled’, ‘beyond human ken’, ‘inscrutable Divine secret’ are the kind of words one meets, along with much humility before the mysterious. That also indicates the attitude of devotees towards the ca. 30 world-wide, detailed and credible accounts of young men about repeated sexual molestations by Sai Baba, often of a very serious kind.

Sathya Sai’s claims of ‘materialisation’ are far from being unique However his effects are achieved, Sai Baba is just another in a line of many claimants of Godhood and Divine Power. He is perhaps the most successful today (so far, though there are some close runners-up in India).There are numerous reported forerunners in the game of miraculous creations, Madame Blavatsky (founder of Theosophy) claimed her Masters created objects – but was later accused by disaffected helpers of sheer fraud. Other fantastic reports of the kind are found throughout Indian religious and ‘spiritual’ literature, not least in the famous ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Swami Yogananda, in ‘Living with the Himalayan Masters’ by Swami Rama, in ‘Teachings of the Masters of the far East’ by Baird Spalding and many others (alive today and worth a good laugh: Swami Premananda, jailed for rape and murder (see here), and Sai Baba’s great local competitor/lookalike/copyist Sri Bala SaiBaba. The descriptions of materialisations are so many in Indian scripture or legend – and even by present-day ‘holy men’ – that it has virtually become a requirement of anyone purporting to be any kind of spiritual master in India. To reach the top echelon of saints, ‘holy men’ or living divinities, it would seem now to be a sine qua non. This can explain why so many try to convince their followers that they possess these powers of ‘materialisation’ – otherwise one is unlikely to enter the big league (or earn the vast sums that follow with this).

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