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Posted by robertpriddy on June 21, 2007

This week the Sunday Indian lists Sathya Sai Baba as a ‘manipulator’.  See EditIndia: Indian Media Journalism Website/Blog

Congratulations to ‘The Sunday Indian’, a recently-launched and very successful Indian magazine seems prominent in defending the vastly suffering populace against corruption and worse and in speaking up boldly  for human rights in India and East Asia. It offers some hope to the genuinely disenfranchised Indians who – despite the ‘democratic vote – are still suffering every kind of injustice, deprivation and crimes under the aegis of an ineffective and political system and uncaring policies, relentless profiteers and religious extremism. Cash prizes go from the magazine to people who tell it as it is, such a in the following comment on their article ‘A Nation Wasted’:

”Figures speak louder than words and this was evident in “A Nation Wasted” (TSI June4-June10). The basic necessities of a man – a shelter, clothes and food. While the first two were never on the priority list of the government, it seems even food is not there now. The appalling fact that Public Distribution System wastes food grains worth Rs 58000 should not be ignored when almost 22 crore of our population goes to bed hungry. The government needs to adopt corporate style of working – being responsible and accountable for its actions. Citizens should scrutinise and take the government to legal court by using RTI.”

Manipulators included:-
VP Singh -VK Krishna Menon – Giani Zail Singh – PV Narasimha Rao – Harshad Mehta – Dhirendra Brahmachari – Rekha – (Sri Sri) Ravi Shankar – Acharya Chatur Sen  – Sathya Sai Baba  – Imam Abdullah Bukhari – Sheikh Abdullah – Jytoi Basu – Ranganath Mishra – Devi Lal – Morarji Desai – TT Krishnamachari – RN Goenka – Maharaja Hari Singh.

Comment: We note the name PV Narasimha Rao – an ex-Prime Minister originally convicted of massive corruption and a Sai devotee who flew to Sai Baba to thank him personally for saving him from imprisonment! The newspaper magnate RN Goenka, who was a Sai Baba worshipper – is also listed as a ‘manipulator’. Also the humble visitor to Sai Baba, the ‘art of living’ money magnate Ravi Shankar!

Mavericks included:-
Lalu Yadav – NT Rama Rao – Bal Thackeray – Ra Narain – Uma Bharti – George Fernandes – Saadat Hasan Manto – Ram Jethmalani – OP Nayyar
Dada Kondke – Protima Bedi – Biju Patnaik – Subrato Sahara – Mahendra Singh Tikait – Pamela Bordes – Meena Kumari

Among other well-known figures of the past 100 years the magazine lists under ‘Rebels and Renegades’ are Dawood Ibrahim (who fled justice in India to Dubai) and Veerappan (the moustachioed bandit and police killer who evaded capture for decades). Then Mohamed Ali Jinnah, who, as everyone must know, was the main protagonist who insisted on splitting Pakistan from India, causing untold deaths and sufferings for millions of Hindus and Muslims.

Under the peculiar title ‘lightning rods, we find the dangerous but deceased Sanjay Gandhi along with the Hindu Bharatiya Janata party’s LK Advani. Also Osho Rajneesh – another most famous sex and money guru.

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Posted by robertpriddy on June 21, 2007

In a hagiography called ‘Conversations with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’ ISBN 81-7208-049-2 page 164. Dr. John Hislop asked about life beyond the earth and Sathya SaiBaba replied,

H: “Science says there are many planets where there will be much the same life.”
Sai: “In all the universe there is no other planet that has human life, or a similar life form.”

Later, in ‘My Baba and I’ by Dr. John Hislop  (p.225-6 – Birth Day Publishing, San Diego 1985), we read the exact opposite:
Sai Baba said “All life may flow toward God. Even frogs in a pond and insects.”
J.H: “But Swami, that is life in this world. I mean life elsewhere in the universe.”

Sai: “… The question about life in the universe arises because you project your own particular circumstances. You feel that other ways of life would be intolerable for you. In the hot, blazing Sun, for instance, beings are livinhis life exists in circumstances considered to be intolerable by you. Elsewhere in the Universe, life feels it is Divinity, is one with Divinity, and is quite happy, and feeling all is right.”

Comment: As here, Sathya Sai Baba often contradicts himself on many major issues (whether there is free will or not, whether there is a divine spark in every being or not etc. etc.). This helps satisfy each party – they read only which version they want to believe and then deceive themselves that he knows and is telling them the truth!

Now, that some form of life will be found to exist outside earth is highly likely, according to one of the world’s recognised most foremost geneticists, Prof. Richard Dawkins of Oxford University. Dawkins makes a calculation of the chances of the same basic conditions for life as exist on earth to show, in summary, that “…my earlier calculation demonstrated that even a chemical model with odds of success as low as one in a billion, would still predict that life would arise on a billion planets in the universe.” He also points out that “a chemical model need only predict that life will arise on one planet in a billion billion to give us a good and entirely satisfying explanation for the presence of life here.

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