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Posted by robertpriddy on June 22, 2007

Sai Baba and the moon

Sathya Sai Baba – who famously claims that Ravanna, Hiranyakasipu etc. were able to travel to the moon, claims he too has all the knowledge and power in the universe. Why does the Indian government plan extensive space travel and even now to send a man to the moon – if they could just send Sai Baba to get some moonrock and spy out the land? Or perhaps, if they ask him nicely, he will do as is claimed he has done before – bring the moon down to earth!

Sathya Sai Baba eventually blessed the two-volume work by a devotee who had scoured the area of Puttaparthi and beyond for any stories he could find about the youth and life of Sathya Sai Baba. In his constant humilty and gaping wonder, Ra. Ganapati writes in a style which may perhaps be described as showering constant nectarine praise and over-embellished hyperbole on Sai Baba. The fabulous descriptions defy all reason and common sense (about which fact SSB and his followers enjoy boasting!) but of course they cannot be checked in any reliably means. Here are some of Ganapati’s miracle regurgitations…

Ganapati wrote that on 8/12/1973 on a stop with Sathya Sai Baba between Prashanthi Nilayam and Brindavan devotees threw stones at a wood-apple tree and brought down one unripe fruit. “Svami bent down and picked it up. Holding it between the thumb and forefinger He said, “Here is the moon”! When He closed His palm over the piece for an instant and opened it again, the fruit was no longer found. Instead an unusual article was in his hand. It was a translucent sphere. The sunlight was gorgeously reflected out of its surface. Though as a whole it was luminiscent there were several dim and even dark spots inside. Multi-hued veins of minerals could also be seen. Superficially smooth-surfaced, it revealed elevations and depressions inside.

“The mini-moon, made up of all the ingredients of the moon”, observed Baba.
Only a few days before, the newspapers had carried photographs of both sides of the moon transmitted by spacecraft. All their features could be precisely perceived in this three-D-mini-moon. More than that, it was refracting the spectrum of colours in sunshine. The party enjoyed the picnic in the glades. Svami held up the mini-moon finally to sunlight. The solar rays glancing off the outer rim sprayed gold. “Do you see the moon rise?” asked Sai, as pleasing as the moon itself. With one more folding and unfolding of His hand, the mini-moon set! It had returned to its old wood-apple birth!
(Baba: Sathya Sai by Ra. Ganapati, p. 83f).

Comment: Who decided that all the features of the moon photos could be perceived “precisely” in the mini-moon? Not only did the mini-moon”spray gold”but it also “refracted the spectrum of colours” which the actual moon never does. Was it then just a mottled glass sphere, perhaps? Note Ganapati’s reliance on poetic license in saying that Sai is as “pleasing as the moon itself”…but then the actual moon – which may sometimes look nice – is in reality a barren, inhospitable, cold thing. Does not the ‘rising and setting’ of this mini-moon remind more of the rise and fall of Sai Baba as his use of sleight of hand has been repeatedly filmed beyond any doubt? Where are all the accounts by witnesses, who were they… surely they would have thought this miracle worth recording and at least telling Sai writers about. But no! All in all, who can credit this but ‘true believers’ who will defy all reason?

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