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Sai Baba has claimed he never eats

Posted by robertpriddy on June 29, 2007

not kumbakarna

Sathya Sai Baba said about fruit offerings made to him at Paduka pooja (worship of his sandals): “Do they think I am Kumbakarna? I do not even take meals, then what are the fruits for?” (Sanathana Sarathi November, 1998). [Note Kumbakarna was a character in the epic Ramayana, of monstrous size and hunger]

He actually denied that he eats! This is what many devotees believe and one can often heard it said or see it written about him -‘he never eats anything!’. But many students have seen him eat his meals beside them, and full meals are prepared for him with great care daily by ladies in the ashram, and they are delivered to the kitchen. One such was Mrs. Ratal Lal, who made him daily meals for many years – and she has told  that he is very demanding and difficult to please in anything. The ‘reward’ was to receive back the plates he had eaten from so that the remainder could be taken as ‘blessed or holy food – prasad’!

He has variously told interviewees that he eats ragi (a millet gruel), chapattis with chutney or takes for breakfast watermelon, papaya, fresh coconut… and often drinks coffee several times daily.

He has said that he never eats, and has added that he eats only for the benefit of devotees. Many of us know better – he is quite the gourmet when visiting his cronies, such as Mr. Prasad of Bangalore in 1995, where IAS officer V. Ramnath was present and reported that Sai Baba ate heartily and well, tasting all the many dishes put before him [by the host’s son, who then asked if he could study in the US, being due to leave within a week – but Sai Baba flatly denied him the right!] But all this must be kept secret from the millions of devotees who cannot see any of it, for what would they think? And the officials and other ashram-dependent devotees living around Sai Baba [and thus indirectly on the donations from well-wishers which were really intended for the poor and suffering] must keep it secret. They don’t want to stop the engine that draws their own gravy train.

This God is not a renunciant by any means, he has the best of everything and a lifestyle far out of reach to the average Indian, not to mention the 40% of the population who live on or under the breadline. Is not revering a person who thrives amid such luxury and pomp as a ‘holy man’ or a practitioner of Indian spiritual ideals a travesty to the proud traditions of the land?

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