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Sai Baba Brags and Contradicts ‘Himself’

Posted by robertpriddy on July 6, 2007

In 1997 Sai Baba boasted,“From My earliest years I have been concerned about providing three primary requisites for our people: Free education, free medical aid and free basic amenities like drinking water.” (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 30, p. 247) Is this perhaps not self-publicity too?

In Sanathana Sarathi September, 2001, p. 264, we read: “… the level of free health care and education can be maintained.” – “…I have never asked anyone for help. My hand is always above (giving) and never below (receiving) (prolonged loud applause)

What does he mean, one wonders… for he gets donations for which he has assured us that he signs every cheque personally? He has asked for donations to his hospitals and the local water project in public and these requests have been published in Sanathana Sarathi too! Meanwhile, many others around the world providing free services never solicit for donations but receive them in plenty.

Is the Good Sai Baba blazons around true service? While Sathya Sai Baba urges people to do good things, and is the willing figurehead of numerous good works (actually financed and carried out by others than himself), his inordinate self-publicity  in direct contradiction to his claims that true service is only that which is done with completely selfless motives and without fanfares. Yet he has cawed enormously for years, as in the following quotations from his infamous Christmas Discourse in 2000:“Is there any government that is giving free medical care? People don’t even think about the sanctity behind it. Most of the educated have become so low and mean minded. Is there anyone who is doing even one thousandth of this work ? No, no. It is only Sathya Sai Baba, who is doing this selflessly, always for the welfare of others.”
Is he so ignorant as not even to know about the welfare states of Europe where free medical care is guaranteed to entire populations on an egalitarian basis as part of national insurance? His hospitals give free treatment, but to whom? Besides, it is all paid for by all of those of us who have donated sizeable sums to the Central Trust and persons who work there voluntarily or for a low wage. If the hospitals were free for all, there would be a free for all in poor India, where the statistics prove the vast gap between need and medical care available. Yet his hospitals never have a crowd milling at their gates and seem to be half-empty buildings to visitors. One can but wonder why! Actual admission criteria are a guarded secret and names of patients are not released. What proportion of them are privileged Sai devotees or people of influence in India?

Many, many other people are doing much more than one thousandth of the work Sai Baba does, who does not work in the normal meaning of the word. How much could he personally do, even if he actually worked a 14-hour day? And what kind of ‘work’ is it? Holdings talks, giving doubtful blessing and accepting adulation from others most of the day. Or is he exhausting himself with heavy work on astral planes, perhaps? He personally could not possibly do even one-thousandth of what ‘His’ various institutions are reported to undertake under his compromised name. That 99% plus of the work is done by followers and 100% of the money comes from them, he always ignores in his self-glorifying ‘discourses’ (i.e his Sai personality-boosting public relations exercises). There is the huge Imran Khan cancer hospital which provides free medical service in Pakistan, and the Swami Rama foundation’s free hospital. There are a vast number of other people making sacrifices for the poor and needy, not only in India, but all around the globe. Many governments provide national health services with largely free medical care, while his devotees run a government that ignores the poor totally… it won’t even provide toilet or water facilities for millions, while these politicians live in super luxury, even greater than Sai Baba lives in! While 800 million Indians still live on less than $2 a day. There are also thousands of schools providing free education in the world, and innumerable voluntary social and educational projects around the world. “Sathya Sai Baba is rendering selfless service to humanity because he is selfless from top to toe. Are people with brains not able to understand even such a thing ? Why do people publicise? Such bad publicity is done for the sake of money alone.”
This was a veiled reference to those who many have accused him of various sexual abuses. But it is still a bare-faced lie that they received or receive money for this, and he knows it!

No one who has Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed or other great humble figures of history as a model could accept Sathya Sai Baba’s continual self-praise and inordinate and wholly unreasonable boasting about various of ‘his’ achievements. This self-righteousness about his charitable work creates the illusion that it is not shared in by anyone – while in reality it is only other persons who carry out these works in practice or contribute financially with their time, energy and savings.

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