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Posted by robertpriddy on July 7, 2007

More ‘omniscient ignorance’ and bombast from Sathya Sai Baba

Sai Baba also pretends to be able to do the impossible, making the most unfulfillable promises (so as to get cheers from his audience?), as in his discourse 11/8/2001:

“Unfortunately today in this country there are many fatherless and motherless children in great distress. My resolve is to help such children by providing them proper amenities by way of houses, education etc., and mould them into ideal citizens (cheers). I have spoken about this to the local District Collector. He has agreed to help and has allocated some land for this purpose. The construction has to be commenced shortly. There is nothing hidden in My actions. My nature is not to amass riches but to help all the extent possible. Bring to My notice any such deserving orphan or fatherless child. If the mother is alive, I shall arrange to allocate one lakh rupees in her name to be kept in fixed deposit for the upbringing of the children until they are able to support themselves.”

For this self-proclaimed ‘omniscient God’, he should know a whole lot better! He is surrounded by luxury and the well-to-do, who he has cultivated with gifts of cheap false ‘diamond rings’ etc. for decades. But he is evidently in blissful ignorance of the constantly prevailing conditions of massive poverty, malnutrition and hunger in India, as the following words of his make crystal clear:

“I came across a tragic incident in a newspaper. It was about an uneducated and helpless mother and her three children. They were in such a pathetic state of poverty that the mother had to starve herself in order to feed her children. As their situation worsened, she took to the extreme step of committing suicide after poisoning her children. It’s a shame on the Bharatiyas! Can we Bharatiyas be so stone-hearted and cruel as to allow such a painful event to take place?”

Considering the number of orphans in India, can Sai Baba’s boast be other than hypocrisy? In 2002, the World Bank estimated that India is facing an accelerating threat from HIV which greatly impacts the social fabric, especially though the unprecedented number of orphans left with little or no adult protection. (See here)

Sathya Sai does not know the basic facts about his own country. Yet he entertains and blesses all his nation’s corrupt and nest-feathering politicians as soon as they pop up at his ashrams. According to UN statistics, there are 20 million child labourers in sweatshops and mines who get no education. Indian government extrapolations of this 1981 data place the current number of child labourers at between seventeen and twenty million (Human Rights Watch 1996, 122). This extrapolation seems highly unlikely as:
“The Official National Sample Survey of 1983 [of India] reports 17.4 million child labourers, while a study . . . sponsored by the Labour Ministry, concluded that the child-labour force was 44 million” (Weiner 1991, 20-21). UNICEF “cites figures ranging from seventy-five to ninety million child laborers under the age of fourteen”
(Human Rights Watch 1996, 122).
A universal difficulty in obtaining accurate data may be that individuals fail to report child labour participation during surveys, for fear of persecution. (see here). UN statistics shows that there are 4 million suffering HIV/AIDS in India, of which 170,000 are children! (See here) . Further, 400,000 children and women in India are subjected to commercial sexual exploitation – see here
Though Sai Baba in his bullet- and bomb-proof limousine and in his secretly commando-defended private apartments may be unaware of the extent of it, the world in general knows that India is still full of the homeless, of slum cities, beggars of every kind and the land where the degradation of human beings exceeds all limits. Most ‘Bharitayas’ (i.e. Indians) are inured to it, on the pavements they daily step across limbless mendicants deformed horribly in childhood into broken-legged ‘spidermen’ and head-narrowed ‘rat-headed children’ and other pitiful shapes and forms – for the purposes of begging. Many who give some pittance to them do so because it supposedly engenders good karma for themselves! Is the problem that no one is left around him with the guts to bring anything untoward to the attention of the imperious, conceited Sathya Sai?

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Sathya Sai Baba and the Duke of Edinburgh Award

Posted by robertpriddy on July 7, 2007

Sathya Sai Baba boasts about ‘his’ mission and achievements more than any previous figure of the kind he wishes to be recognised as – holy and selfless. The wannabe Nobel Laureate is still also wishing to have his name associated with that of the Duke of Edinburgh! Any kind of association will do to draw the wool over his devotees’ eyes, it seems! His publicists (with Dr. G. Venkataraman as chief spin doctor) have claimed that he was awarded the Duke of Edinburgh Award – which is a blatant lie, even though a certificate was made out in his name by a youth in UK who partook in the award scheme (thousands are awarded this certificate anyhow). The matter was raised with the Duke of Edinburgh’s staff and they demanded that the Sathya Sai authorities removed this false publicity from their website. They did so, but have reintroduced it in publishing on their official website the edition of ‘Sanathana Sarathi’ containing announcement of the award to Sri Sathya Sai! They have to sneak in this way to make Sai Baba to appear to have won even such a commonly given youth award!  At an official dinner after the furore, the Duke of Edinburgh’s top executive assured our contact there that no such further mistake will ever be made! The issue of false representation was covered internationally in the press, after an article appeared in The Guardian (see here).

That the award is given most liberally to participants in the vast Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme is shown by the fact that there is now an official website called “Find old friends from The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award with Friends Reunited“. However, Sathya sai Baba has not been listed there – and we can safely say a registration on his behalf will not be accepted.

This is only another move in Sathya Sai Baba’s totally immodest attempts to become world famous and recognised by the high and mighty of this world. The materials proving this is very considerable – see here and here and here

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