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Transparent Sai Lies

Posted by robertpriddy on July 22, 2007



What is deceitfulness and duplicity?

It is to denounce people in public with an angry face, beating the lectern while so doing, and later to say: “There is no trace of anger or hatred in Me and hence everyone loves Me” (Sanathana Sarathi September 2002, page 257f) Well, “everyone” is extremely far from the truth! Does he really imagine in his intense, protected, narcissism those who have been deeply abused by him love him? Or the 5 billion-plus people who have heard nothing about him? (Date: 10-11-02)Sathya Sai in word and deed
Teachings and consequences: Sai Baba preaches that there must be unity between thought, word, and deed… also that thoughts must be good and words true. He repeatedly fails to measure up to this standard himself, as anyone who dares think a genuinely independent thought can discover. Just take, for example, his 2003 Guru Purnima discourse, as edited down in Sanathana Sarathi (August 2003, p. 229):-
“People are heroes in speech but zeroes in action. Today the world is being duped by such people. Those who have true love in their heart will not indulge in tall talk. They demonstrate their love in action. Today people speak a lot without translating their speech into action. Such people verily are thieves. They demonstrate their love in action. Today people speak a lot without translating their speech into action. Such people verily are thieves.”

Let’s take a closer look
“People are heroes in speech but zeroes in action.”
Sai Baba makes himself the ultimate hero in speech after speech. His own personal actions are observable, walking about, smiling,”, putting his hand on things and people. He does nothing one could really call hard work, he rather goes around accepting adulation.
“Today the world is being duped by such people”
Like faking “materialisations” of vibuthi through sleight of hand, and of cheap trinkets (claimed to be valuable) and imported watches etc. etc. Like telling many untruths (documented in these and many other web pages) and making self-contradictory statements galore.
“Those who have true love in their heart will not indulge in tall talk.”
Is not his having boasted that no one anywhere is doing even one thousandth of the work he does (Xmas 2000) talk tall? If not it must be low talk! His repeated self-praise is spread on thick in virtually all he says and does. Moreover, there are many forms of love, and many forms of action… many of Sai Baba’s “loving actions’ have been described by many young men on the Internet and in TV interviews.
“Today people speak a lot without translating their speech into action.”
How many hundreds of millions of words has Sai Baba poured forth… shelves buckle under books containing only a fraction of his discourses, and even they are but excerpts… while his followers do over 99% of all the actions he claims to his sole credit.
“Such people verily are thieves”
Those who collect donations under false pretences, using sleight of hand, pretend to create and give away genuine diamonds (when donations will be given in return) and many other such deceits are the thieves.
Then there is the continual ‘Me, Me, Me’ in all Sai Baba’s discourses. Just look and see in any volume… yet he tells us he is selfless, needs no praise and that speaking of one’s good deeds makes them as if valueless. He certainly provides a mountain of self-praise and talk about “My” work, achievements etc.! That anyone cannot see this deceit would be incredible, but for the tremendous, subtle brain-washing that people undergo and engaged in themselves without realising it.

Sathya Sai Baba’s actions most evidently no longer fit in with all that he says about himself as regards his total purity, human perfection, freedom from all lust etc., if they ever did. His fine words may apply to Divine Consciousness, but evidently not to the body and mind of Sai Baba which it supposedly inhabits. Baba always says ‘I am not the body’, which can also be taken as a denial of any connection with what he as ‘his body’ does. This is the nux of the split personality hypothesis, applicable to such psychically powerful figures… a kind of Rasputin syndrome. At all events, Sathya Sai Baba is the name of his physical form, that human being embodiment, as much as any that of super-conscious, transcendental entity.

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