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Visitors to Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on July 29, 2007



Sathya Sai Baba wants his followers to quash social contacts and reduce friendships. Why?

Sai Baba has spoken out frequently against developing social contacts or friendships at the ashrams, and especially intimate relationships (not surprisingly, considering his extremely traditional views on the relations between the sexes). But some normal contact is almost inevitable with both Indians and people from all other parts of the world. There are, it seems more and more likely, unspoken reasons for Sai Baba’s trying to reduce social contacts to a minimum and enforce silence whenever possible and repeatedly warn people against talking unless strictly necessary! There is a great deal which is covered up and it takes many years and chance discoveries for most people to begin to know the depth of the deceits practiced by Sai Baba and his officials,.

What kind of followers does Sai Baba have?

Since 1984 I met a number of sensible and good persons  in the Sai movement, some fairly prominent in their walks of life, and some  of them well educated… some were helpful, solicitous and generous minded,  but this was definitely not the case with the majority! Those persons named as ‘professors’ by  Sathya Sai, whether engaged at his educational institutions, whether Indian or from  abroad, have not in general impressed me in any way (I was already professionally acquainted  with too many unimpressive academic professors anyhow).  There are no well-known scientists or international educators among them, as far as I could discover. To give just one example, Sathya Sai himself  introduced me in 1986 to a history professor at his university, a Mr. Krishnamurthi, who turned out to be a highly impressionable man who believed some of  the Indian myths in the Mahabharata to be literal factual accounts and who had very simplistic ideas about European philosophy. All the teachers who work for Sai Baba believe in his supposed miracles, and often the most unlikely and absurd accounts too!

My friend V.K. Narasimhan, Sai Baba’s close servitor through two decades, rather shocked me when he told me that not one Sai student he knew (and he knew most of them) was capable of any independent thought, due to the system of learning-by-heart (not head!”).

I could not help but become aware through personal contacts that Sathya Sai certainly draws a disproportionate number of people of little spiritual understanding, both as regards knowledge and insight and also in so as far as their behaviour spoke. One may argue that it is necessary for Sathya Sai to attract a great many who need to be changed, or to change themselves, if the world is to become a better place. It is evident from his discourses, in which he repeatedly propounds moral values at a level and in a way suited to the understanding of those lacking in proper fellow-feeling, personal honesty and common decency. Some of these people are also given privileges and high positions by him, which many of us have also experienced happens in the selections of higher office-bearers in the Sai organisation by Sathya Sai.

Sai Baba selects as his favourites those who have blind faith in him, will believe everything he says, never question anything and actively partake in cover-up operations!

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Benefit of the doubt

Posted by robertpriddy on July 29, 2007

The Daily Mail of U.K. wrote an article in 2007 that I am informed has been removed- It “highlighted a number of allegations contained in the Particulars of Claim which were reportedly found to be untrue at Trial. So the article is selective in its allegations and does not make it clear they were not substantiated at trial. When this story was reported it took the information from the particulars of claim but did not have the sight of the other pleadings or for that matter of the Judgement that was finally delivered by the Judge at the end of the trial. After the trial, M*****’s solicitor wrote to the Daily Mail to tell them the claims in this article had been proven to be untrue at the Trial and therefore to remove the article from their website as it was misleading to the public.”

The original blog appearing here has therefore been deleted. 

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