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Janakiramiah, Sai Baba’s blackmailing younger brother

Posted by robertpriddy on July 31, 2007

Executed Sai servitors

My close friend and Sai Baba’s close servitor, V.K. Narasimhan (former top Indian journalist), gave me a straightforward account of what he knew about the events of June 6th 1993. Otherwise I would still have believed Sai Baba and his various accomplices in the ashram and the Central Trust to be innocent of involvement. But they were not! I guarantee on my honour that what follows is an accurate report from my notes made the same day. When in private I asked Narasimhan, in January 1996, what he thought had occurred because I had heard various highly conflicting accounts. He replied: “they did a terrible thing”, referring to Sai Baba’s henchmen and using those exact words. Top ashram officials and Central Trust members, and particularly Sai Baba’s younger brother, Janakiramiah, blackmailed the police, when they at long last arrived on the scene, into shooting the four intruders in cold blood, and to claim it was in self-defence.

Narasimhan repeated a conversation he had been present to later on when Jankiramaiah – Sai Baba’s younger brother – was talking about the incident with “a very high official in the Indian Government”, who was then the Indian Home Minister, S.B. Chavan. Janakiramiah always held and publicly announced via the press that the intruders into the temple who killed two attendants who tried to stop them gaining entry had really intended to assassinate Sathya Sai Baba! [Yet Sai Baba has denied this vehemently in public!]

V.K.N. told me in a lowered voice that S.B. Chavan had congratulated Janakiramiah on having had the four intruders shot by the police and one of them commented “Dead men tell no tales”, whereupon they actually laughed together. Narasimhan was very shocked. When one considers his position at that time, it is easy to see how powerless he was to stand up and announce what he knew. His life would almost certainly have been in danger.
VK Narasimhan, whose word I just cannot doubt on this, also told me how the ashram/Central Trust authorities were able to blackmail the police into executing by shooting the four youths who had knifed to death Baba’s two attendants… and they used it! Learning all this to be indisputable fact shook my view of everything around Sai Baba worse than anything before, but – due to my comittment to Sai Baba and his works then – I could not absorb it and fully accept the obvious implications for several years. Armed only with knives, the youths could have been disarmed or – at worst – shot to disable them, if they had actually threatened the police.

See ‘Shocking Revelations from V. K. Narasimhan’ Also see here

Janakiramiah was thereafter elevated by Sathya Sai to a position on the Sathya Sai Central Trust – even though he had for many years been banned even from entering the ashram by Sathya Sai. When Janakiramiah met his end, – having become a multi-millionaire through property speculation in Puttaparthi (and oft-reported as running the brothel opposite the main ashram entrance!), Sai Baba made a great fuss over the loss, and reportedly broke down in public, more or less.

See below some excerpts from a long e-mail originating from ‘Rita’ (Bruce?) which was forwarded to me [—–Original Message—– From: luis marquez []

“The body was soon brought to their village house (a few houses before the birthplace of Swami, the Siva temple) where pandemonium reigned. I didn’t go there, but I saw the events on the local TV channel: pathetic scenes of his poor wife falling on the body and crying, and of his son sobbing uncontrollably. The body was already alarmingly swollen and bloated. Hundreds of people then filed past the body.”
“Swami had cleverly organised a function to hold people’s attention! Swami came about 3:30 PM to the Darshan hall”. … “Swami indicated that He, too, wanted to speak!”

“First Swami sang the poem about the greatness of Indian women, ironically starting with the line about how Savitri brought her dead husband back to life! His voice faltered with emotion several times. Swami then began talking about the power of God that is in man, and how one such great Shakti was Janakiram! He said that although Janakiram may have had harsh speech, inside his heart was soft and calm. He repeated this several times.””Then He immediately started talking about how Rama felt when his beloved brother Lakshmana fainted on the battlefield. Rama said, “How can I ever find a brother like you? It is not possible!” Swami went on; several times His voice cracked and fathered, and two or three times He had to stop mid-sentence because He actually started to sob! It was a heart-rending moment, the closest Swami has ever come to outright, real crying.”

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