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India and Pakistan celebrate independence, still at stalemate

Posted by robertpriddy on August 15, 2007

India-Pakistan face-off

This absurd and demeaning charade where Indian and Pakistani soldiers must strut like adversarial fighting cocks formalises the impossible stalemate situation sustained throughout by the governments and backed respectively by Muslim and Hindu religious leaders – despite the horrific massacres of Partition, two wars and a most terrible regular death toll in Kashmir. The conflict has led to the ever-increasing militarization of both countries and even a nuclear arms race.

Religious strife was the key to Partition.
Religious differences remain the scourge of the Indian sub-continent. It is mainly a Hindu-Muslim issue, though Sikhs and other denominations are party to the issues. Pamela Mountbatten, daughter of Lord Mountbatten, interviewed on BBC World (Hard Talk) this week, was asked what her father would have thought of India since Partition. She expressed the opinion that he would have deplored two things above all else: the sheer betrayal of constitutional promises to the rajputs, maharajas and independent states by Indira Gandhi during the 1970s Emergency and the Hinduization of the Indian Government, contrary to both the letter and spirit of the Constitution. In short, India is only a secular state on paper, but is dominated almost totally by Hindus, who suppress all religious, tribal and other non-Hindu minorities in every way they see fit.

Sathya Sai Baba shows he is powerless to intervene
One may ask why has Sathya Sai Baba – who claims to be all-powerful and all-knowing – never visited Pakistan?  He has annexed to himself the name of the saint (Sai Baba) of Shirdi, who always made great efforts – often successful – to remove strife and create unity between Hindus and Muslims. Sathya Sai talks glibly of unity of faiths but is himself the epitome of a Hindu guru – claiming to be God Incarnate and an avatar. Sathya Sai Baba has often demonstrated his ignorance of the tenets of other world faiths, and he does so most grandly as to Islam. No orthodox Muslim can ever accept an avatar or God Incarnate, for it breaks with the most fundamental tenet of their faith – that Allah is beyond all forms and can never be incarnated or even represented in a human form. No wonder that Sai Baba has but a small handful of followers who (confusedly) claim to be Muslims. Yet the Indian Government embraces him and totes him to surrounding nations as their ‘national treasure’! Sathya Sai is worshipped as the embodiment of all the Hindu deities and is overwhelmingly surrounded by Hindus and Hindu ceremonials and cultural traditions. How can he ever have been so ill-advised as to claim he would rule the world one day?

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