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Sai Baba caught in cheating about the Christian Bible

Posted by robertpriddy on August 21, 2007

false claim about a Bible by Sai Baba    On-line offer of the little Bible

Sathya Sai Baba pretends that this is a very special tiny Bible – which he was claimed to have “materialized” during his Christmas Discourse in 1996 (but did not let anyone inspect it and it was seen no more after the discourse). Now the reason for its “disappearance” is obvious… for it is on sale in many shops, and can also be bought on-line as in the above capture of details from the website.In fact, this Bible contains nothing but a selection of texts from the Old and New Testaments, including all of the four gospels. >However, that is not at all what Sai Baba claimed it to be:  “a book compiled in Britain around 1530 A.D. containing all the information about Jesus gathered during the preceding centuries. The Russians condensed all the material in a small book [in which language?] which they preserved in a place on the Black Sea coast [not named].”  (Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol. XXIX, p.394). The official report continues: Svaami produced the little book by a circular wave of His hand and held it before the audience.] “This is the book. You can see the cross on the cover page. The book was designed to demonstrate the common features of all religions. What is contained in this book is not to be found even in the Bible. It contains an entirely new account of the life of Jesus.” [Bold type added].

This last claim is a complete and utter calculated lie, for it contains no such thing whatever! Someone had obtained a copy and given it to him, no doubt, and – assuming that his followers would automatically believe he had materialized it – he invented a cock-and-bull story about its origin. Did he not carry out this charade – this adharmic cheating – to try to attract more Christians to his sheepfold and give his lagging followers a bit of news, which they always crave?

The researcher Brian Steel writes: “Apart from Sai Baba’s three conflicting descriptions of the book’s contents, this is a most disturbing performance because on a video of the ‘materialisation’, Baba merely seems to pluck the miniature book (2 and a half centimetres by 3 and a quarter) from below the ledge of the table he is leaning on. Photographs of Baba holding up the tiny book were immediately circulated in Puttaparthi. One of these is on the cover of the Spanish edition of the January 1997 issue of Sanathana Sarathi Eterno Conductor) for that same month. However, the mysterious book appears to be nothing more than a copy of the “Good News” edition of the New Testament, freely and cheaply available in India, and overseas. (See Chapter 6)  [Of Sathya Sai Baba: God or Guru?]” ( Check Steels’ webpage)

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