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Sai Baba boasts of his gold churning ‘womb’

Posted by robertpriddy on August 25, 2007

Sai baba's golden womb

There is a lot here to figure out! God’s womb… well, we have been told that Sathya Sai Baba is a hermaphrodite, he has himself repeatedly claimed to be the female and male principles (Shakthi and Shiva) in one body. There is something unfathomably queer going on here… a vigorous churning process? And in his divine ‘womb’? But then how can we mere humans hope to understand it – or anything as it really is- as Sai Baba is ever telling us himself (since he says he knows all of it)?

Sai asks: “What is the significance of Lingodbhava?”
Ironic Reply: Ah! Sir, sir, does it represent the Creation of the Universe?
Sai said: ” Linga means a symbol or a sign.”
Ironic Reply: But what is a symbol or a sign OF, sir?
Sai states: “It symbolises the Formless Divinity”
Ironic Reply: You are the Creator of the Universe, as you have often told the crowds. So it churns and churns in your stomach then comes out on Shivarathri night – sometimes twice or even up to nine times in days gone by?
Sai explains: ” As you can see the Linga has no distinctive features like eyes, face etc. It has neither feet nor head.
Ironic Reply: Cor, really, is that so, sir?
Sai vouchsafes: “It can be turned in any manner. Where is its head and where are its feet?”
Ironic Reply: Search me, sir!

See Sathya Sai Baba’s fraudulent “production of the Linga through the mouth” here
[Video clips from
Baba cheating with lingam (1,91 MB, with sound)
Baba cheating with lingam (4 MB)
Baba cheating with lingam (5 MB, with sound)
A film clip of the ‘actual emergence’ has been posted on the internet by devotees. One can pause the video and examine each frame separately to analyse the movements. (The film clip appeared originally on Sai Baba vomited a spurt of liquid twice, only the last time filmed with the hankerchief trick). From before the alleged ’emergence’, Sai Baba is clearly seen to be holding something just about the size of the lingam inside the towel between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand! Now what on earth could that be, one wonders? After the vomit, he lets go of what he was holding in secret and fumbles to extract it with his right hand, taking the lingam from under the towel just where it was being held earlier, and we see a rather confused look of resignation cross his features.
View the most important fragment of the clip)

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