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Sai Baba’s failing health

Posted by robertpriddy on September 9, 2007

There are media reports (around 1800 GMT today – April 4) such as on NDTV that Sai Baba’s condition is critical. The grapevine from India conveys to me that his body is not responding to any treatment, and some say he is dead already. One source says he died during heart surgery. All this may well be rumours… but I have predicted that – as Sai officialdom always does – the facts have been glossed over by Dr. Safaya and all the other believers in Sai Baba’s omnipotent powers. Sai Baba’s condition has been critical and doctors have had to ‘fight to save his life’. Whether they are successful or not time will show, but it is a sign, perhaps, in that the vultures are gathering already: his nephew Ratnakara (TIMES OF INDIA) is reportedly trying to take control of the Sathya Sai Central Trust and even to ‘step into Sai Baba’s shoes’! The Sathya Sai Central Trust has also reportedly obtained signatures from at least two of Sai Baba’s relatives (Deccan Chronicle). (One usually well-informed contact we have reports that this was possibly under false pretenses. According to his information, they thought they were signing permission for doctors to operate, but the actual wording may also have involved their handing over any rights they may have had to dispose of Sai Baba’s massive financial empire. The truth of this report cannot be guaranteed, but it may help to stimulate any officials who could investigate the matter). A recent report from various Sai ‘authorities’ is that Sai Baba’s condition has stabilized again and that he is showing sings of some improvement. One must evaluate this on the background of the turmoil surrounding the doctors and officials who have even been attacked by suspicious and fanatical devotees trying forcibly to get immediate access to Sai Baba (who is in intensive care still on a respirator and continuous dialysis!).

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Sai Baba’s life on thread – battles over his wealth?


Sai Baba do-lally?

On this photo from around 2006, there was already a decidedly ga-ga look on Sai Baba’s face. Instead of the usual, where he cuts the ribbons, he is ‘assisted’ (he is actually holding onto the hand of his helper!). Likewise, videos also show him unable to cut his birthday cakes any longer.  Rumours that he is non compos mentis have become yet more persistent, having begun with accounts of his apparently senile behaviour already three years ago (including one from a recently-disaffected US resident in India who had been editing some of the Puttaparthi magazine ‘Sai Impressions’). He was heard to be giving instructions about events that were not scheduled and never took place, talking confusedly and sometimes garbling his words. It is Mrs. Geetha Reddu, the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Minister who is doing the honours of inaugurating the tourist complex in the above photo. No longer is Sai Baba against ‘spiritual tourism’ – as was so strongly formerly – and is even for out-and-out tourism and thus now also for his own direct involvement in Indian politics (see Sai Baba Sparks Political Furore) It is his powerful money and power instinct at work, no doubt! See this excerpt from an official Sai baba webpage which shows how Puttaparthi is being made a money earner through massive injection of public funds:-

Tourism Minister Geetha Reddy with Sai Baba

In the light of the likelihood that he is losing his marbles and may therefore be declared too unfit to give evidence, he may escape justice and having to face an Indian court for the allegations of child abuse, widespread sexual abuses, corruption and murder cover-up before his death. In any case, he has the full weight of the Indian government behind him, with devotees in Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and India’s President, Patil as the last in a long line of such luminaries who worship him. Among his most excessive aberrations from science and reason, Sai Baba believes in black magic (see here), spreads many fantastic rumours about his supposed miraculous powers (far exceeding anything heard of except from the Superman comics) and much else besides.


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