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Sai Baba’s political marionettes

Posted by robertpriddy on September 10, 2007

Prime Minister of India GOVERNOR OF A.P.

As you see from the above, Sathya Sai Baba manages to dress up India’s top politicians in his own resplendent ‘uniforms’ and parade them like marionettes around his ashrams. The ornate gowns are supposed to be some kind of honour, no doubt, but the end result is that Sai Baba achieves a visible proof of his power over these powerful men. It is suprising that they submit to this public humiliation – as it is in the eyes of foreign observers and almost anyone else who is not a devotee.

Sai Baba has said:
Excerpt Sandeha Nivarini by Sai baba
Sai Baba on ‘My Acts’

Sathya Sai has many times called all his followers – and all human beings – his puppets, marionettes, dolls… actors on a stage where he is the sole director and so on. Indian Prime Ministers and Presidents let themselves appear as such too… but in fact – apart from protecting him from the law – they hardly ever do what he advises them (as he has complained in private to various devotees,  including the IAS officer Mr. V. Ramnath and Mr. M.K. Kaw, the former Air Minister who installed the white elephant Sai airport using public funds).

Early on, Sai Baba wrote an absurd and very long  ‘song’ about the human puppet, telling his readership “The song will certainly turn your brain!” The song ends with the declaration “See the Leela grand of Sathya Sai Nath” (i.e. see the miracles of Lord Sathya Sai). If you can be bothered, it may be worth a laugh – see

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