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Posted by robertpriddy on September 14, 2007

Leo Gutter

Leonard Gutter – a psychologist businessman responsible for the Sai Baba Organization in Latin America – claimed on TV, “There are thousands and thousands of cases and proofs of the legitimacy of Sai Baba’s materializations”. This was on a TV programme Zona de Investigacion, Azul TV in Argentina, directed by Alejandro Agostinelli see here.

Comment: There are certainly not thousands and thousands of proofs, since no independent or scientific investigations have ever been carried out, since Sai Baba famously does not allow them. On the other hand, there are many videos showing sleight-of-hand and scores of accounts of this by former (and even current devotees).
Gutter claimed that Sai Baba’s powers violate the laws of physics. These are not the only laws he violates, as Gutter inadvertently gave the game away about Sai Baba’s false valuta. Here is a translated transcript of the Leonardo Gutter interview:-

Gutter: Some young men from Argentina went there with one way tickets. He told them to return to their country to live and study. The young men told him that they had no money for the return ticket and Sai Baba stretched his hand an what was amusing was that one kid had to give each a bill…The bills were stuck together, like a photo that has just been developed…and he would give one to each…when he finished distributing them…

Interviewer Cristina: Are these regular legal bills?

Gutter: Legal bills. When he finished distributing them, the one to whom he owed 300 dollars had 300 more than the other one.

Interviewer Cristina: How can you be sure that the money that Sai Baba materializes is legal?

Gutter: Well, the people who have received it, has used it and they have not had any problems. They’re legal …

Interviewer Cristina: But, money has a serial number?

Gutter: It is absolutely incomprehensible. They are absolutely normal…The only difference is that they look as if they had just been made. The investigator Basava Premanand took Sai Baba’ case to court years ago because of violation of the Gold Control Act that restricts the making, possession, sale and transfer of gold.

Cristina: But where do they come from? If you explain this at a bank, they are going to say that you are laundering money…

Gutter: It’s incomprehensible… Once, people from the government of India, from the tax department, came to see him because Sai Baba not only materializes money, but precious stones, necklaces, rosaries and then they came to question why Sai Baba makes gifts of these to many people who leave India. Sai Baba gave these two persons an audience. He stretched his hand and in front of them appeared a small mound of precious stones and when the inspectors saw this they fell at his feet and asked for forgiveness…” The Judge at the Court, Y.V. Anjaneyulu, a Sai devotee, rejected the case presented by Premanand because those articles “were materialized through spiritual powers”

( see Premanand and the Gold Control act here)
Comment: Leonardo Gutter must suffer from some cognitive disorder to make such blatant claims of thousands and thousands of proofs, especially since the exposure world-wide of Sai Baba’s hidden sexual proclivities and his undeniable murder cover-up involvement. As a psychologist, clearly, he is not using the least psychological insight when he naively accepts accounts from all quarters, including the sheer rumour of the tax inspectors. When I was a follower, I heard at least two other incompatible variations on that ‘story’. One was from IAS official, V. Ramnath, who told that Indira Gandhi had sent some of her people to question Sai Baba about the origin of the gold he was reportedly giving away. It was claimed that ‘Swami graciously admitted them and let them put their questions.’ In reply, Sai Baba allegedly said ‘Look out there’, pointing to the park outside the window (this was in Delhi). Indira Gandhi’s officials saw a mountain of pure gold in the park. They immediately did their pranams at his feet and apologised profusely.

This just shows again what a vast rumour mill surrounds Sai Baba [and he is the miller too – spreading the more fantastic ‘stories’ about his own miracles through ‘confidential’ private interviews]. That his top officials like Mr. Gutter must believe everything he claims is a required axiom of Sai faith – not one has ever dared to contradict Sai Baba either in private or in public on the smallest issue! To be a blind believer and totally obedient to his whims is the test Sai Baba sets before selecting his top officials! Doubtless that is why David Bailey – a great favourite of over 100 interviews – nonetheless never became a Sai official, for he had an independent mind and eventually exposed Sai Baba on a grand scale (see ‘The Findings’ ) and also here .

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