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Sathya Sai Baba’s Megalomania in full bloom

Posted by robertpriddy on October 2, 2007

Note that five Prime Ministers of India, including the present Manmohan Singh, have accepted Sathya Sai Baba and the Indian Government protects him militarily and the judiciary from any court cases against him! Also the past three Presidents of India! Are all these people living in a deranged wonderland? 

Excerpt from Dr. G. Venkataraman’s fabulating Radio Sai

“But Bhagavan had said He would go. And so, on the due date, He set forth with a few dignitaries to
East Godavari. When they approached the river it was in full spate. The district officials tried to dissuade the party from attempting to cross the bridge.

They insisted that Swami had to give a declaration that He is taking the journey at His own risk. Consider the irony of the situation where God had to assure them of what He does.

“Nothing Will Happen To Anyone Who Is With Me!”Bhagavan wrote there: “Nothing will happen to anyone who is with Me!” Who can give this assurance except the Lord of the Universe? And so, a small boat was arranged to ferry Bhagavan across to the other side. And it was in such a position that it had to go under the bridge to reach the far shore.The devotees gathered on either side of the river to see what would happen. By now the water level had risen so high that when the boat reached the bridge it was lashing the roof and there was absolutely no space for the boat to pass beneath it. The people waited eagerly and anxiously wondering what would happen.

Bhagavan instructed the people in the boat, “Close your eyes. Do not watch what will happen.” Then, in a fraction of a second, the boat suddenly disappeared and appeared on the other side! Imagine the roar of the devotees on both sides drowning out the roar of the river. The joy that surged through their hearts was greater even than the flood arising from the Godavari River. And as promised, Bhagavan reached the home at exactly 9:00 a.m. During a public meeting He said, “When I came as Rama, the ocean gave way; it had to give! When I came as Krishna , Yamuna gave way! When I came as Sai, what is Godavari?”

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