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Sai Baba Cult In Decline As Exposé Advances

Posted by robertpriddy on October 30, 2007

Recent events in Puttaparthi and the massive interest shown by visitors to this and other exposé web pages are yet another indicator of the failing impetus of Sathya Sai Baba. Over 10,000 hits on two blogs within just over one week underlines the impact that the reported ‘failed moon miracle performance’ has had. It is one of the biggest single PR blunders Sai Baba has committed so far (excluding the 1993 murders episode and his comments about it which fail to satisfy reason or public accountability).

The fall-off in interest in Sai Baba is seen not only among educated Westerners. They have left his following in very large numbers since the major exposure of him that began on the Internet in 2000. As well, the dive is seen also in India, which is confirmed, for example, by reports from former devotees that many foreign residents have virtually been driven out of his ashrams and lost their investment in an apartment there by discrimination and unfair treatment. Fewer non-Indian faces are visible in recent videos and photos from the ashrams, though [apparently to compensate] efforts are made to give maximum publicity to any foreigners who speak there nowadays.
All this occurs on the background of a constant and increasingly massive world-wide publicity campaign to promote Sathya Sai Baba – the self-proclaimed Saviour of Humanity from world disaster. See, Barry Pittard’s article The Decline of the Showman Empire. This decline or “Divine Downfall” (to use the title of author and journalist Mick Brown’s Telegraph article) continues despite hundreds of Sai-propaganda websites, constant world-wide radio broadcasts via Sai Global Harmony and WorldSpace International Satellite Radio Service. Intense damage control efforts can be seen not least in a major undercover campaign tacitly supported by Sai Baba’s officials and various semi-official websites. Examples include activities by those such as ‘unofficial’ but well organized, funded and officially very connected interests such as and which they support through links to a dirt campaign. Exposé evidence – which will readily be shown to responsible media or other investigators – shows how these forces malign, libel and stalk those well-respected former devotees who now continue to support and air the grievances of the many hundreds of declared ex-followers (obviously including the author of this blog).

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