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Sai Baba 82nd birthday – cakes and security

Posted by robertpriddy on November 25, 2007

Sathya Sai Baba in 2006

Newindpress have reported on the 82nd birthday, which has been played down greatly this year. “The fete was a low-key affair unlike which was used to be organised in a grand manner every year.”  So it was not up to the big tamasha smashes of yesteryear. A novelty is that “He came to Sai Kushwant Hall on an elephant, Saigeetha, amidst chanting of mantras by Satya Sai Educational Institutions’ students.” And they claim this is not a Hindu sect, but a universal ‘Sai religion’?
“He cut 82 cakes to mark his birthday and thousands of devotees across the world participated in the celebrations.” Having seen how incapable he was of cutting one cake even two years ago this sounds like a convenient ‘white porky’. Somehow it seems so childish, a self-proclaimed Incarnation of Vishnu cutting birthday cakes. Does he also blow out 82 candles, one wonders?


It would seem not, as heE was also unable to speak – something he used to grab every opportunity to do at great length and with incessant repetitions of the same old boring stuff, mythical stories and finger-pointing moralism. As Newindespress stated: “Every year he used to deliver a spiritual lecture but on Friday he refrained from it.” Reports by independent Indian journalists insisted that he speaks in a garbled manner. It is also known that his discourses make less and less coherent sense these days, and they have long had to be edited to remove factual errors and gaffes.

Elaborate arrangements have been made in Puttaparthi as a precautionary measure following a threat from extremists, while every nook and corner of the town was guarded by armed cops.” Sai Baba has repeatedly insisted that dharma is sufficient to protect anyone, especially himself… so what does the enormous security and armed guards tell us? Could it actually be that he is not “loved by the whole world” as he has stated he is?

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