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Spiritual reason why Sai Baba abuses sexually?

Posted by robertpriddy on December 9, 2007

Always something weird or “wonderful” to report on… this time the weirdo prevails. Perhaps it is of interest to know what the webmaster of one of the worst Quick Topic websites wrote on the UK Psychics webpages of the mercenary ‘psychic’, Craig Hamilton-Parker, to explain the alleged sex abuses of Sathya Sai Baba?
Or maybe not…  but it amounts to nothing less than a justification for the sex abuse of boys and young males! Here is the website logo and Mr. Freestone Wilson:-

UK Psychics logo and Freestone Wilson

However here one can see his perspicuous intellectual ‘spirituality’:-

“My take on this “sex-thing” of baba is…if that baba did this and lets this happen by HIS actions and choice! he wants to, in my opiion, to make very very SURE that no one loves his body-form!
“love, truth, goodness” have no form, shape, or any “thingness” at all, to them!
I believe that baba may even have “given” himself, before birth, the “traits” of this sex-interest, so that after people find out about it, baba will become unpopular and die alone…his ashram near empty of followers, his “name” ruined! millions of people will have had Spirit installed within their hearts, now the Kittens need to be weaned and the training wheels are to come off of the Bycycle!”

UK Psychics posting by Freestone Wilson
Click to enlarge and read the whole posting

Incidentally, it was brought to my attention some months ago that a certain female is writing drivelling and libelous answers (signed in as CO2000) on Freestone Wilson’s Quick Topic web discussion group, assuming or pretending without any proof that I have been posting replies to her under one or more bogus names.  It is not I, but some other person who apparently finds it convenient not to inform her that it is not me. She most likely knows this but it would suit her purpose to post my name – attributing others’ opinions and words to me – and so get Google results. Or else she is living deeper still in her private world of spiritual hallucinations and imagined ‘truths’.  I mailed Freestone Wilson and asked him, by checking my IP, to state that I am not the poster of the mails she attacks so vituperatively on his scurrilous Quick Topic pages, but he did not have the common decency to do so. Taking look at him and his opinions, it may not be so surprising after all!

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