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Long-awaited photo of Sai Baba in the moon

Posted by robertpriddy on December 11, 2007

The following comment was received on one of my blogs:kanikalai | | IP:

Hi folks, inspite of being a devotee did not believe at first when i came to know that swami appeared in the moon. But my brother took photos of the moon on 27′th oct morning at 6:00am. The photo was taken in our apartment terrace using sony digi cam dsc h9 model with 30 x zoom . Will try to upload the photo soon at kani Nov 9, 6:49 PM —

Having waited over 2 weeks for the said photo to appear, it seems there has been a slight hitch? However, maybe kani was affected somehow by my e-mail to him in which I suggested: “Suggest you send the photo to NASA for confirmation first… you don’t want to look like lunatics do you. Better to become world famous for discovering the unprecedented astronomical phenomenen, eh? Remember, the moon is under constant observation by hundreds of telescopes and thousands of serious suporting amateur astronomers. Be sure that your photo will most certainly be given the closest of attention.“

His reply to that was an e-mail without any content at all! One can but wonder why…

Sai Baba in the moon photo?

Congrats. to kani for uploading the long awaited photo, [fortunately I found his message in my spam folder]. See the full posting of his brother’s photo of Baba in the moon (?) below at

Congratulations for having a full-blown blind believer’s perceptive imagination too! So this is how Sai baba looks – when he is far away on the moon, is it? Personality cultists all have their idols – one might expect Jimi Hendrix followers to see him in the above as Sai Baba.Or a thousand others who wear an Afro-frizz…. Jimi Hendrix

there is also S. Tookie Williams – the famous serial murderer – see here:-

S. Tookie Williams

Here is another bit of ‘imagination’ – the profile bust of a Victorian-looking lady – almost like Britannia – can be discerned on the image.
dual photo of moon

By the way, the moon has had those dark areas as long as it has been seen from earth. Nothing new at all. People have been seeing a ‘man in the moon’ in many different guises through history. It’s all in the mind, not in the moon!

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