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Prophesy about Sai Baba both bogus and failed

Posted by robertpriddy on January 30, 2008

The Sai Baba propaganda and misinformation machine continues to make much of a prophesy said to be found “In an ancient Arabic book by name “Mehdi Moud” in which the prophesies made by Prophet Mohammed were recorded many centuries ago, it was mentioned that God Himself would descend on earth in human form…” (quoted from website)

See what the saibaba of india web site states on-line or read this excerpt:- “His hair will be profuse [etc. etc.. .]” and  “He will live for 95 years on earth. In the last twenty years of His life time He will be the king of the whole world but at that time (A.D. 2000) only two-thirds of the world will believe Him. Muslims will only recognise Him nine years before His passing away from the world”.

However, the said book is not known or shown to exist anywhere and the translation recognised by the Sai ashram (and quoted in the Chaitanya Jyothi Sai Baba Museum) is a faked translation of Persian prophetic texts as shown there!! Worse yet, the prophesy is ALREADY shown to be false, because Sathya Sai Baba has definitely NOT been recognised as “King of the World” since year 2000 and nobody except a lunatic believes that two-thirds of the world population believed in him from year 2000!

The fake Mohammed prophesy is but one of at least a dozen false or baseless statements constantly propagated by official Sai Baba cadres, and his Sathya Sai Organization and numerous pro-Sai web sites. These include repeated claims of anything from 60 million to 600 million followers and of a regeneration project for 6000 villages in India from 1984, which was a total fiasco and was never realised. But still these falsehoods are repeated by those who should know better. Much more excessive claims are made by Sai Baba himself, of course (see Sai Baba Pronouncements on himself). Utterly ridiculous self-enhancing megalomania surpassing that of any other would-be God Almighty since history began!

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Sai Baba’s tennis stadium another white elephant?

Posted by robertpriddy on January 23, 2008


Sathya Sai Indoor Sports StadiumPrashanthi International Sports stadium

The failing Sathya Sai Baba and his mini-imperium created yet another fiasco early in January (2008) by messing up the international tennis tournament between India and the Phillipines in the Puttaparthi Sathya Sai Tennis stadium (especially built to attract tourism and thereby doubtless to regenerate the failing cash flow in the coffers of the Sathya Sai Central Trust due to loss of overseas donations).
That Sathya Sai Baba is failing both in physical power and ‘spiritual’ attraction is shown by the new reliance on sports events to attract visitors. Strange indeed that the ashram authorities caused the cancellation of the tournament on the grounds that Sai Baba’s indisposition disabling him from blessing and inaugurating the event would be ‘inauspicious’. The loss of prestige and the investment of all parties involved was inauspicious for future attempts to attract tennis authorities to put Puttaparthi on their map (let alone the Olympic Committee, which close devotees actually believe will grant the 2020 Olympics to Puttaparthi!). Such is the nature of the ‘Sai faith’ that events in Sai Baba’s name cannot proceed without his Divine Blessing (and they also have to start at an ‘auspicious’ time – ‘Gulikala’ and NOT ‘Rahukala’ – because Sai Baba also always observes that ‘astrological’ superstition most strictly).
The very plush Olympic class stadium is thereby looking more like another white elephant, installed at great cost not far from the unsaleable Sathya Sai White Elephant Airport of Puttaparthi, which the Sathya Sai Central Trust cannot offload despite major ‘sweeteners’ in the form of a large extra tract of land to any potential buyer.

The Hindustan Times report on the aborted Sai Baba-sponsored tennis tournament between India and the Phillippines

Click to see screenshot of the report
Hindustan Times report on Sai Baba tennis tournament cancellation


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Is Sai Baba’s Followership Increasing?

Posted by robertpriddy on January 20, 2008

The travel writer, William McKay Aitken (aka ‘Bill’ Aitken) refers to the chagrin of the “international apostate detractors” of Sai Baba, as being added to by “the ongoing booming growth of his mission”. He even implies a causal link between criticism and success:
” The more they rail against the saint, the greater, it seems, is the number of people who flock to have his darshan.” (see his text here)

This is patently ridiculous on several counts. Firstly, Sai Baba does not consider himself a saint, nor do his followers, for he claims to be an utterly infallible, omnipotent God, and one who is utterly pure and cannot ever speak untruth!  Aitken is clearly too uncomfortable with that fact to proclaim it himself… reducing Sai Baba to the level of a mere ‘saint’. Aitken also wrote: “I have been forced to revise my opinion and accept that this person does not say he is divine to the exclusion of others. What he says is that every one of us has divinity within ourselves. he, however, unlike the rest of us, is fully aware of this truth.” However, Aitken conveniently overlooks Sai Baba’s many repeated claims to be absolute all-transcending Godhood, the Deity whom all deities worship, he at whose feet all prayers arrive eventually, to whichever god they are offered (see Sai Baba’s published Pronouncements about himself and his mission). Aitken is clearly far too uncomfortable to associate himself with Sai Baba’s many and megalomaniacal claims, preferring to ignore all that does not fit his own speculative view of this supposed ‘saint’.

Secondly, it is very doubtful whether the numbers of followers are swelling. At least Aitken qualifies his claim with “it seems”. Indeed, one cannot judge the reality by the number of tourists who visit the increasingly worldly festivals and events (Harlem Globetrotters, Cricket Cups, festival days with much dance, music and blues-rock etc.). Tourists and local peasant holidaymakers are mostly surely not spiritual followers. This is also confirmed by Sai Baba’s famous statements about the vast majority who come to him do so because they want something worldly from him… that explains a great deal, now that he is so well known, is surrounded by such riches (always a magnet for poor Indians) and not least because he puts on so much ‘bread and circus’. Sai Baba has said that only a small minority of visitors are genuine spiritual seekers and he has often said that not one of his visitors qualifies fully to be a true devotee.

As shown by the frequent claims that Sai Baba has anything from 6 million to 60 million or even 600 million followers, no one knows how many or few genuine devotees there really are. One Indian source recently estimated only “several lakhs” (several hundred thousand). One may also note that at his latest birthday celebration the numbers of visitors were very considerably reduced from normal birthday celebrations and ‘spiritual’ festivals have been low key and less well attended as in former days.  Further, most of the Westerners who were resident at the ashrams between 1980 and 2000 have departed or been pushed out, and they have never had any legal rights to ownership or anything else there, despite paying huge sums into the coffers of the corrupt Sathya Sai Central Trust.

It is further known to all now that the number of non-Indian foreign devotees has sunk drastically since 2000 and the donated funds – once so plentiful and on the increase – have been drying up, while there are many signs of cash flow problems. As an antidote to this, the powers-that-be (i.e. the Sathya Sai Central Trust which is in control of the vast wealth and property accumulated) is involving itself more and more in out-and-out business ventures. They benefit from massive funding from Andhra Pradesh and national tourist authorities (i.e. much improved roads, a railway connection with station, which has brought a flow of peasants and middle class people to the ashram at Puttaparthi). The Sathya Sai airport was built on the order of a Sai devotee – former transport Minister Mr. Kaw – at huge expense to the government. Now it is a white elephant which the Sai authorities are trying to sell along with a big sweetener of huge tracts of land for building etc. , and the huge new stadium built with a view to hosting international sports events (and reportedly even setting sights on the Olympic Games in 2020!!). This is not spiritual attraction, it is the draw of money, power and the desire for name and fame to increase wealth by all those aboard the Sai Baba gravy train. Decidedly, Aitken has got a lot of things wrong.

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Major sabotage by Sai college teacher averted, including murder threats against Basava Premanand

Posted by robertpriddy on January 16, 2008

A former Sai college student, who subsequently became a teacher at the Sai College in Puttaparthi – Murali Krishna Yachendra – carried out an extensive major sabotage attempt against critics of Sathya Sai Baba. He started with an entry submitted to the International Sai Petition claiming he was a sex abuse victim. This was investigated, firstly by e-mail questions – and he followed-up with mails about sex abuses and much more. He was asked by the current Sai petition administration to contact Barry Pittard and Basava Premanand with his ‘information’… which led to a very long set of e-mails in which he compounded his lies to such an extraordinary extent over many months, involving a number of other (fictitious) sexually abused students from different e-mail addresses and IPs.

He claimed knowledge of massive sex exploits, murder plans and embezzlements by Sai Baba and his institutions or hired assassains, promising documentation in full. NB! Sai Baba offered huge cash payment to anyone who would murder Premanand? M.K. Yachendra stated in an e-mail (sent 3.1.2005): “in March 1998 before one of my students very eyes Sathya Sai Baba offered someone Rs. 10,00,OOO/- to eliminate Mr. Premanand”. (Thereupon he was promptly reported to the police by Premanand). Also M.K. claimed that he himself had survived three murder attempts by Sai Baba goondas,and that his uncle had photos of Sai Baba sexually abusing males at his palace in Venkatagiri. (Of course, it was all a lies – a monstrous scam to try to lure Premanand into speaking out about it and so discredit all critics of Sai Baba. But instead he was reported to the police by Premanand. However, the exSaiBaba group members played up to his pretences so as to discover and – if possible – expose the massive lies involved sabotage on behalf of Sai Baba and his officials. This Murali Krishna is a member of the Venkatagiri family – extremely well-known early devotees of Sathya Sai Baba having always had the closest of connections with Sai Baba and not least to Sai officials and, of course, college teachers and other VIPs in Puttaparthi. Murali Krishna Yachendra developed his lies further and further, using all kinds of deceits to try to cover up his mistakes. In order to find out as much about him as possible, he was kept in the belief that he was being taken seriously. In this he was drawn out and the depth of his cunning and deceit showed itself up to the full.

Here is the evidence:-1) The emails and actions based on them were very many, and a summary of it all (here below) is from the book with full information on the sabotage campaign: ‘Sabotage by Murali Krishna Yachendra’ by Basava Premanand (available for US$10.- with airmal fee included – from 11/7 Chettipalayam Road, Podnadur – 641 023. Tamilnadu, India)
2) One can see a scan of the first contacts made by Murali Krishna with the Sai Petition here
3) A further selection of excerpts from the hundreds of e-mails he sent to Premanand and Pittard are found here 

When M.K. Yachendra became so confused under questioning that he could no longer keep up the many pretences he began to present himself on Sai baba bulletin boards as a full-blown believer in Sai Baba once again. Thereby he admitted he had been lying.

He was aided and abetted by a person who has for years been contantly been representing the interests of Sai Baba and the International Sai Organization on the Internet, including sabotage attempts, stalking and character assassination of all outspoken critics. Though informed by Premanand about Murali Krishna Yachendra’s massive campaign of lies, this obssesive denier of all documented evidence still defends and promotes Murali Krishna Yachedra as a genuine, honest person!

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Sai Baba’s Service Projects (Seva) and Bill Aitken

Posted by robertpriddy on January 12, 2008

Sathya Sai Baba says one should not do service to impress (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 28, p. 341) and he deplores “the egoism and poisons the Seva of even veterans in the field, who go about extolling themselves as founders and promoters” (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 1, p.97). Yet he is ever extolling himself as a founder and promoter of service projects.  In his booklet Jnana Vahini, Sai Baba criticises “self-aggrandisement; when self holds sway over the heart, no deed worthy to be styled Service can emanate.” (p.34). So what about Sai Baba’s self-aggrandisement? Some of the documentation of his words and actions and those of his organization are summarized in the following web pages:-

Sathya Sai_and_His_Service ;
Sai Baba on His Public Service ;
Sai_Baba’s_Service_Projects_and_Publicity ;
Sathya Sai Organization malpractices overview

The travel writer and Sai-devotee Bill Aitken has tried to throw mud
against those who document the above kind of sound and undeniable evidence. He wrote:- “The strategy of the critics seems to be that if sufficient mud is thrown, some might stick. This hit and run behaviour suggests a neurotic concern to damn by any possible means.”  (see here) The raison d’être of the exposé is the public need to counteract the vast propaganda networks using all the media (funded by millions of dollars), all possible political connections, major promotions by renting major costly venues in attempts to induct people to join the Sai Baba cult, using disinformation and cover-up.Aitken also wrote: “Nothing Baba can say or do meets their approval. If he provides drinking water to thirsty villagers they scent a scam but if he doesn’t provide drinking water he is anti-poor.” Documentation is no hit-and-run tactic. We stand firm and will face down any attempt to silence us. We point out the lies about the projects involved – projects to which many of us have contribted considerable funds in the past. Sai Baba has claimed that there is never the slightest waste (which is totally untrue in the case of the Water Projects where entrepreneur and financial scams were considerable) and that the Sathya Sai Central Trust is impeccable (which is definitely untrue, as V.K. Narasimhan alone has dared to tell people).The means by which Sathya Sai Baba damns himself are simply exposed to the full, which upsets Aitken in his cosy belief – probably his deep-seated cognitive-neurotic concern to preserve his own faith however much denial it requires of him. Aitken’s book reminds of what most devotees are ever saying “you are so privileged and blessed to be close at the feet of God Almighty”. This status is treasured so much that no objectivity is possible for those most dependent on this apparent affirmation.
Aitken wrote further: “Certain foreign evangelical missions invest in these hate campaigns as a godly task while in international forums, pressure on voting patterns is discreetly applied by lobbyists of rival religions, to further their own cause.” Here Aitken abandons all pretense at neutral “comparative religion” and steps into dangerous territory, for he cannot prove this. The reason is that it is simply not true in the case of anyone involved the numerous whistle-blowing websites and their backers which I have listed above. The claim that critics were being paid to lie was itself a lie – one spread brazenly by Sathya Sai Baba himself in his infamous Christmas Discourse of 2000 – the epitome of unchristian behaviour on such a day, if ever there was one!


Note: William McKay Aitken (also ‘Bill’ Aitken) was born a Scot, studied comparative theology at Leeds University to Masters level and WAS thereafter what he called ‘a spiritual nomad’, hitch-hiked to India in 1959, moterbiked around a lot, lived in Himalayan ashrams – all the qualifications of the so-called 1960s ‘dharma bum’. He got involved with a widowed Maharani (a Sathya Sai Baba devotee) and subsequently became a naturalised Indian. He regularly spends time at Sathya Sai’s ashrams, which makes him sectarian rather than any reliable and objective ‘expert in comparative religion’, as he has claimed for himself.

Please go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya (or Satya) Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization


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The Sathya Sai Vibuthi-Abishek showpiece mere fakery?

Posted by robertpriddy on January 10, 2008

Vibuti abishek by Sathya Sai Baba
Sathya Sai performs ‘vibuthiabishek’ in the 1970s, aided by Kasturi

William ‘Bill’ Aitken, the Sathya Sai hagiographic writer wrote about exposé writers saying: “They will claim that all of Sathya Sai Baba’s materialisations are phoney. However, this cannot stick either, because millions have witnessed the outpouring of vibhuti at Shivaratri.”

Far from all former devotees claim that all Sai Baba’s materializations are mere fraud.  I still have an open mind on the matter myself since I obviously cannot prove the fraudulence of all of the reported events, though I am utterly convinced from many testimonies, reports from friends, film and other materials that massive fraudulence has been done by Sai Baba. I am also aware of the truly ‘hypnotic’ power of suggestion, as has been demonstrated amazingly by Derren Brown, for one. The much-filmed ‘Shivarathri miracles’ showpiece of former days – a stream of ash (‘vibuthi materialisations’) for a minute or so, falling for about a minute when Sai Baba freed it with his hand inside an upturned wooden pot is suspect. How can Aitken possibly know these alleged ‘vibuthi materialisations’ were not fraudulent? (the Sai site webmaster soon removed their own video evidence as damage-limitation – dead links: video 1 video 2 ). Note in the video how Sai Baba constantly jiggles the hand he has up in the pot… as if to loosen vibuti already congealed within. Why should it only fall when he joggles his hand inside the pot? The desire to believe and take a face value part these ‘miracles’ evidently motivated him to visit the ashram.

The pot reportedly packed with compressed vibuthi beforehand

Well, I received a detailed report from a former leading Malaysian devotee who investigated the sexual allegations thoroughly. He was told by a student he was helping had managed to walk backstage through the Poornachandra before the so-called ‘abishekam’ and found – to his great disappointment – that the wooden vessel later used was already packed inside with hardened, dried vibuthi! In view of the repeated sleight-of-hand revealed on film and video, and the reports of bogus ‘materializations’ of objects donated or cheap trinkets bought locally, that is the most likely explanation of the ‘vibuti-abishek’.

Aitken was not allowed close to see what went on. Prof. N. Kasturi held the pot some of the time but his saying that the abishek was genuine is as suspect as his cover-up of many negative facts about Sai Baba and also his great fear of contradicting him. Meanwhile, another yet closer servitor at the time, Colonel Joga Rao, is well known to Indian ashram residents and other  for not believing in any Sai miracles!. He was present to nearly all the reported ‘materialization miracles’.  It is much reported how the audience were all doubtless gaping with excitement and – having come there to see this often from afar – were unsuspecting of any fraud, the overwhelming majority being devotees already.

Unsubstiantiated by any neutral observer or scientific analysis

No scientist has EVER been allowed to study Sai Baba’s supposed ‘materialisations’, which is a telling fact in the pool of evidence for fraudulence. However, it must also be said that far from all critics assert that all these events were fraudulent, (which proves Aitken wrong again). Though I once fully believed in the manfestations, I came to see more and more evidence of fraud. Then I had the ‘green diamond ring’ given by Sathya Sai assayed and found to be a cheap synthetic sapphire.

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William ‘Bill’ McKay Aitken’s dishonesty in full bloom

Posted by robertpriddy on January 9, 2008

Bill Aitken, Sai baba hagiographer

The hagiographic author of Sri Sathya Sai Baba (2004), William McKay Aitken, writes of the alleged sexually abused and other exposé writers:“Probably because of the intensity of their hate, when it comes to a serious, forensic examination of their allegations, they resort to bluster and evasion instead of hard facts. Smearing sexual innuendo is a traditional ploy but on failing to substantiate their charges, the critics switch to another unrelated subject.”

This is one of the most tendentious presentations ever of what critics of Sai Baba are claiming. It is simply not based on fact but fantasy. We who expose Sathya Sai Baba – having been deceived and our trust exploited by him to a huge degree – may despise and even loathe him, but without intense hate. Our work is for protecting a vulnerable public from the same dangers and in the interests of bringing forth the facts and the truth about them.  Besides, there cannot be any serious forensic examination either of the murders issue or the sexual allegations, because all attempts have been blocked and terminated by authorities right up to the Prime Ministers and Presidents of India. Aitken falsely insinuates that there is no proof about Sai Baba’s sexual abuses, referring to the charges as ‘sexual innuendo’. Tell that to the BBC team who researched the matter across the globe and presented facts – invulnerable to all legal refutation, though Dr. M. Goldstein’s lawyers tried hard to stop the BBC, just as they have threatened other major media, which have refused to cave in.  An extensive overview of the sexual allegations against Sai Baba, stretching back decades is found here, confounding Aitken’s false claim that we do not substantiate the charges we forward.

Of course, Aitken has steered very clear of subject of the knife killings and the subsequent horrific execution of four intruders – devotees – in Sai Baba’s bedroom, and the subsequent cover-up by Sai Baba himself and all his supporters right up to the Home Minister and Prime Minister of India!  Why does Aitken not study the considerable evidence of fraud – including calling ‘genuine diamonds’ what prove to be cheap synthetic gemstones, which he pretends to produce from thin air, like many other small, cheap objects he gives away (lingams, rosaries, bracelets, earrings)? For example, a number of watches donated by UK devotees for Sai students were later seen by the UK donors being ‘produced’ by Sai Baba’s sleight-of-hand. Leading devotees have testified to seeing stores of trinkets, rings, necklaces etc. in the seat of his chair in the interview room, including several Central Coordinators (who later left him) and a number of students and even some of his remaining devotees like the unscrupulous American apologist, Bon Giovanni! The list of such evidence, including videos, is long indeed.

If he were honest about the truth, Aitken would read Conny Larsson’s searingly honest book (and a second here) about how he was sexually abused by Sai Baba under the pretense that he was ‘healing’ him, where two of the unstable youths in Larsson’s care who he took to Sai Baba for help were also allegedly abused (very credible circumstantial evidence of this), whereupon both took their own lives not long afterward! That was no ‘innuendo’. What of the four devotee young men who were murdered for trying to confront Sai Baba in his bedroom apartment with abuses… cold-blooded police executions on the orders of Sai Baba’s younger brother for which no one was ever charged or brought to justice!

Aitken shows his true colours when he blames the BBC1s much-lauded documentary “The Secret Swami” (see UK newspaper reviews – all 100% positive) on  the following absurd grounds:-

“The latest in these so-called exposes is the BBC documentary whose agenda was so predetermined to denigrate Baba that it stooped to the unethical use of a spy camera. In a last farcical gesture, the producer hired some roadside entertainers to attempt to simulate Baba’s chamatkar [materialisations]. The result is so ludicrous that it leaves the viewer wondering as to who is funding this bizarre display of hostile reporting. The BBC is ultimately governed by the Anglican establishment, and churches in the west are losing out financially to the appeal of the Sai Baba movement.”

Comment: The “spy camera” was used to expose the duplicity and immorality of Dr. Michael Goldstein, International Chairman of the Sathya Sai Organization. who tried to play a double game with the BBC. The result is most revealing and proves the necessity of the ploy. No “unethical stooping” other than by Goldstein! William Mackay Aitken – who has never held any academic tenured post but has proclaimed himself as a professional religious historian, is evidently not aware that “street performers” include a professor of the Indian Skeptics, led by Basava Premanand, who won a Presidential Award for his tireless work in raising the Indian populace out of superstitious ignorance. Why does Aitken not comment on the ignominiously failed lingam production at Shivarathri and Sai Baba’s collapse plus the subsequent claim that it came out in private and weighed “three tonnes”. He avoids the former AP Home Minister Nair’s statement that the four young men were murdered in Sai Baba’s bedroom in cold blood! He avoids the convincing and legally backed testimony of two young men who tell how they were sexually abused in the coarsest manner by Sathya Sai Baba. Aitken continues;-

“As a commercial broadcaster, the BBC’s opting for sleaze would have the dual advantage of discrediting a rival as well as getting a good audience rating. The Church of England can have no objection to programmes that weaken perceived threats – like the Papacy or Hindu holy men – to its declining influence in the world. Posing as a lion in Asia, the BBC is a mouse in Britain. It dare not criticize public icons like the Queen, who happens to be the supreme of the Anglican Church.”

Comment: Does Aitken not know that the BBC is a national television company, hardly a “commercial broadcaster”? Of course he does… but he tries to make the BBC seem as “a mouse in Britain” and some kind of “Anglican” propagandist. The BBC is much more agnostic than that for certain! It has ever been and still is the most trusted world broadcaster, so Aitken’s outburst shows his blindly fanatical approach. See short clips and transcripts of the main parts of “The Secret Swami” and judge for yourself.

See also Bill Aitken and Sathya Sai Baba. A Writer’s Dilemma

Brian Steel    December 2007

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William Bill Aitken’s base attacks on serious critics

Posted by robertpriddy on January 7, 2008

The Sathya Sai apologist William McKay Aitken (Bill Aitken) excelled himself with patronising wisdom in ‘This Week’ when he wrote:
“…no amount of reasoning is going to take you nearer to the meaning of life and understanding of the pre-eminence of love. We are born to find this liberating truth in ourselves. (Finding fault in others is not so urgent!)”.

Let us consider the last part here [on urgency in exposing faults]. It would seem that Aitken wants to put down those who have truly found many faults in Sai Baba. Evidently, he does not think it ‘urgent’ that he finds fault in Sai Baba, even though it is the simplest matter to do so if one is an open-minded researcher. But then – as if in the same breath – Bill Aitken hastens to write plenty about the faults of others who do  with many excellent reasons find fault in Sai Baba. One can view Aitken’s lengthy fault-finding rant here

The self-imposed suppression of facts in self interest

Aitken would seem not to find any fault in Sai Baba or anything around him, which he surely does, judging by comments about scepticism he has made in the past and knowing what any long-term observer finds it impossible to avoid or rationalise away. This lapse is easily explainable… he would soon find he would no longer be able to visit the ashrams (where he no doubt has VIP status, having written his hagiography). No criticism whatever is tolerated by Sai officials, and absolutely not by Sathya Sai Baba himself. So Aitken has to compromise his integrity and toe the line through self-censorship, which is part of the doctrine too and soon becomes an ingrained attitude (i.e. ignore everything about Sai Baba which is not fully affirmative). For him wilfully to remain insulated from the grave facts which have emerged since 2000 is pitiful!

Aitken propagates provable untruths about the detractors of Sathya Sai Baba He calls the detractors of Sathya Sai Baba “a violently vociferous lobby” and emphasises that some paint him as the ‘Anti-Christ’. This is all in Aitken’s fervid and wilfully wild imagination… there is not a violently vociferous lobby, for those who are activists against Sathya Sai Baba represent a very wide range of positions. Those who consider Sai Baba as an ‘Anti-Christ’ are few and wholly peripheral to the main body of the disaffected. Such people are mostly found on disreputable bulletin boards and are given very short shrift by the main websites which present the massed evidence and extensive documentation against Sathya Sai Baba as follows:-;;;;

To demonstrate the lies and massive abuses of faith by a self-proclaimed Creator of the Universe and God above all gods from his own plethora of published discourses and writings is not to “vilify” Sai Baba, as Aitken calls it. He who calls others ‘vilifiers’ should look into himself! It is natural for those – like myself – who have been deceived so thoroughly by such cunning deceits and claims which proved empty and void due to the very actions of Sathya Sai Baba, to write about all these negative facts and display their hypocrisy and the criminal involvements alleged by so many people. The enormity of Sathya Sai Baba’s abuse of faith deserves the soundest and most thorough of refutations, and he has indeed brought this down upon himself.
More on Bill Aitken’s dishonesty to follow….

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William McKay (Bill) Aitken’s academic shortcomings

Posted by robertpriddy on January 2, 2008

William Aitken was presented as “an expert in comparative religion” in a pro-Sai Baba propaganda article in ‘The Week’ (27 November, 2005). However, since he has no papers or books within the academic discipline to his name, the claim is very hollow.  An expert would have to refer to a person fully immersed as a career in the discipline in universities or research institutes who has published monographs or at least published research articles on the subject. This he certainly has not done for, instead, he chose the path of a free-lance writer of travel books about India and ‘spirituality’ based on his experiences of the Hindu culture.Comparative religion, however, is not the discipline for promoting variants of ‘spirituality’, especially not those untestable and very doubtful claims by gurus, yet in his book on Sathya Sai Baba Aitken does just this. Brian Steel points out how Aitken gives a “passionate endorsement” of Sathya Sai Baba. For example, Aitken  uncritically accepts that Sathya is the second of three Sai Baba incarnations (highly controversial), the third of which (Prema Sai) will be Sathya’s next incarnation, for which he has nothing but the word of the claimant himself!

The book is not poorly written (stylistically) and does show knowledge of Hindu and local customs, but it wanders off topic a lot and is also very misleading and muddled. Though he does question a few of Sai Baba’s faulty claims, he avoids mention of hundreds of Sai Baba’s more excessive assertions and ignores virtually all the vital issues they raise, including the widespread evidence of fraudulence and sexual molestations. Since writing his book, Aitken’s articles since have been even more unquestioningly apologist and he attacks all the critics of Sai Baba. This kind of subjectivity – and the many other glaring shortcomings in his presentation of Sathya Sai clearly disqualified Aitken entirely as a serious researcher and marks him as a hagiographer. He has clearly been a great admirer of Sathya Sai Baba since meeting him in 1972 and visiting his ashram regularly for long periods each year. In short, Bill Aitken is far from being merely a ‘sympathetic outsider’ as he originally claimed to be, while his partner was already a devotee when he met her. His strong praise of Sathya Sai Baba also demonstrates his current deep involvement with this guru.


Aitken is reported thus:Sai Baba’s message, he reveals, can be summed up in one word: love. It is as simple as it is profound…” If it can be summed up thus, the message is hardly profound, nor – of course – is it in any way original. Think of crooners like Bing, or the Beatles or a thousand other proponents of love, not least the hippies. No, Aitken is advised to examine much more closely the phenomenon of projection in modern psychology. Any love he feels is generated by himself through his own beliefs, but not directly by the guru. Where a mostly distant and much sought after guru is concerned, feelings of ‘love’ are almost entirely generated through internalising all kinds of stories of his holiness, miraculousness and this seems confirmed when he finally sees you and takes some notice of you. This is psychological projection. What Sathya Sai Baba actually gives is invariably very little indeed (a cheap bauble at most, a ‘blessing’ which costs so little and so on) and all the rest is construed, imagined, interpreted on the basis of his indoctrination to that end… he never takes, only serves (which instead leads on to donate and serve – yet he has almost no time or thought for you). When a charismatic figure gains a following, the process of generating a sense of blessedness, love and whatever is much easier… it is overwhelmingly done at second or third remove through the group.

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Sai Baba appearances on the moon

Posted by robertpriddy on January 2, 2008

Someone wrote a comment to me saying that Sai Baba never said he would appear on the moon. This is a typical symptom of denial and disinformation. It is an attempt to explain away the undeniable facts of the matter so as to retain faith in this deceiving guru and self-declared incarnation of all Divine entities rolled into one!

What does Sathya Sai Baba say about it now?

Nothing!! Nowhere can one discover that he has denied it or mentioned it at all. As all who have been close to him know, he only lets people know what he wants them to believe. He answers only those questions he wishes, and ignored most questions. His officials are remarkably silent about the entire issue. Even were they to make an announcement, one could be almost certain it will be a deception. They are notorious for twisting the facts about him (particularly when he repeatedly has broken his hip, his arm, lost an eye etc. some claiming he is in full vigour and perfect health (though anyone can discover how decrepit and senile he is, besides not being able to speak clearly and so not hold any more boring discourses). With the former huge sums of donated money falling off, every effort is made by the ashram and the Sathya Sai Organization (through internal circulars) to keep devotees in the dark.

Back to the Moon

Strange indeed that so many devotees claim to have seen this (here)? Even the semi-official websiteclaims this. Strange that he went to the airport where Anil Kumar told everyone to go for the moon darshan (according to numerous news reports shortly thereafter such as Sai-affiliated here) and strange he got stuck in his car in the crown of 20,000 for a long time until he had to go back. Strange that the sky was clouded over too? >Now the Shirdi Sai movement has discovered Shirdi Sai Baba is visible on the moon. See the video clip here. One has to marvel and have a good laugh! The man in the moon has many faces – a regular ‘vishvarupa’ phenomenon? Some idolaters can see Jimi Hendrix, some see anyone with an Afro frizz, but others can see just about anything or anyone there – it’s very nearly just a matter of looking hard enough or wanting to see something badly enough.The number of Sathya Sai followers who have claimed on the internet that Sai Baba gave darshan on the face of the moon is considerable, and rising. The number of interested Sai devotees is in the tens of thousands, as the continuing number of hits on this blog about the moon issue shows, as well as comments from diverse observers (see here)

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