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Sai Baba appearances on the moon

Posted by robertpriddy on January 2, 2008

Someone wrote a comment to me saying that Sai Baba never said he would appear on the moon. This is a typical symptom of denial and disinformation. It is an attempt to explain away the undeniable facts of the matter so as to retain faith in this deceiving guru and self-declared incarnation of all Divine entities rolled into one!

What does Sathya Sai Baba say about it now?

Nothing!! Nowhere can one discover that he has denied it or mentioned it at all. As all who have been close to him know, he only lets people know what he wants them to believe. He answers only those questions he wishes, and ignored most questions. His officials are remarkably silent about the entire issue. Even were they to make an announcement, one could be almost certain it will be a deception. They are notorious for twisting the facts about him (particularly when he repeatedly has broken his hip, his arm, lost an eye etc. some claiming he is in full vigour and perfect health (though anyone can discover how decrepit and senile he is, besides not being able to speak clearly and so not hold any more boring discourses). With the former huge sums of donated money falling off, every effort is made by the ashram and the Sathya Sai Organization (through internal circulars) to keep devotees in the dark.

Back to the Moon

Strange indeed that so many devotees claim to have seen this (here)? Even the semi-official websiteclaims this. Strange that he went to the airport where Anil Kumar told everyone to go for the moon darshan (according to numerous news reports shortly thereafter such as Sai-affiliated here) and strange he got stuck in his car in the crown of 20,000 for a long time until he had to go back. Strange that the sky was clouded over too? >Now the Shirdi Sai movement has discovered Shirdi Sai Baba is visible on the moon. See the video clip here. One has to marvel and have a good laugh! The man in the moon has many faces – a regular ‘vishvarupa’ phenomenon? Some idolaters can see Jimi Hendrix, some see anyone with an Afro frizz, but others can see just about anything or anyone there – it’s very nearly just a matter of looking hard enough or wanting to see something badly enough.The number of Sathya Sai followers who have claimed on the internet that Sai Baba gave darshan on the face of the moon is considerable, and rising. The number of interested Sai devotees is in the tens of thousands, as the continuing number of hits on this blog about the moon issue shows, as well as comments from diverse observers (see here)

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