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The Sathya Sai Vibuthi-Abishek showpiece mere fakery?

Posted by robertpriddy on January 10, 2008

Vibuti abishek by Sathya Sai Baba
Sathya Sai performs ‘vibuthiabishek’ in the 1970s, aided by Kasturi

William ‘Bill’ Aitken, the Sathya Sai hagiographic writer wrote about exposé writers saying: “They will claim that all of Sathya Sai Baba’s materialisations are phoney. However, this cannot stick either, because millions have witnessed the outpouring of vibhuti at Shivaratri.”

Far from all former devotees claim that all Sai Baba’s materializations are mere fraud.  I still have an open mind on the matter myself since I obviously cannot prove the fraudulence of all of the reported events, though I am utterly convinced from many testimonies, reports from friends, film and other materials that massive fraudulence has been done by Sai Baba. I am also aware of the truly ‘hypnotic’ power of suggestion, as has been demonstrated amazingly by Derren Brown, for one. The much-filmed ‘Shivarathri miracles’ showpiece of former days – a stream of ash (‘vibuthi materialisations’) for a minute or so, falling for about a minute when Sai Baba freed it with his hand inside an upturned wooden pot is suspect. How can Aitken possibly know these alleged ‘vibuthi materialisations’ were not fraudulent? (the Sai site webmaster soon removed their own video evidence as damage-limitation – dead links: video 1 video 2 ). Note in the video how Sai Baba constantly jiggles the hand he has up in the pot… as if to loosen vibuti already congealed within. Why should it only fall when he joggles his hand inside the pot? The desire to believe and take a face value part these ‘miracles’ evidently motivated him to visit the ashram.

The pot reportedly packed with compressed vibuthi beforehand

Well, I received a detailed report from a former leading Malaysian devotee who investigated the sexual allegations thoroughly. He was told by a student he was helping had managed to walk backstage through the Poornachandra before the so-called ‘abishekam’ and found – to his great disappointment – that the wooden vessel later used was already packed inside with hardened, dried vibuthi! In view of the repeated sleight-of-hand revealed on film and video, and the reports of bogus ‘materializations’ of objects donated or cheap trinkets bought locally, that is the most likely explanation of the ‘vibuti-abishek’.

Aitken was not allowed close to see what went on. Prof. N. Kasturi held the pot some of the time but his saying that the abishek was genuine is as suspect as his cover-up of many negative facts about Sai Baba and also his great fear of contradicting him. Meanwhile, another yet closer servitor at the time, Colonel Joga Rao, is well known to Indian ashram residents and other  for not believing in any Sai miracles!. He was present to nearly all the reported ‘materialization miracles’.  It is much reported how the audience were all doubtless gaping with excitement and – having come there to see this often from afar – were unsuspecting of any fraud, the overwhelming majority being devotees already.

Unsubstiantiated by any neutral observer or scientific analysis

No scientist has EVER been allowed to study Sai Baba’s supposed ‘materialisations’, which is a telling fact in the pool of evidence for fraudulence. However, it must also be said that far from all critics assert that all these events were fraudulent, (which proves Aitken wrong again). Though I once fully believed in the manfestations, I came to see more and more evidence of fraud. Then I had the ‘green diamond ring’ given by Sathya Sai assayed and found to be a cheap synthetic sapphire.

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