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Sai Baba’s philosophy sandbox – from the pompous to the asinine

Posted by robertpriddy on February 10, 2008

Trying to be deep and appear to be wise, Sathya Sai Baba has pronounced:-“Whatever is not in man cannot be anywhere outside him. Whatever is visible outside him is but a rough reflection of what really is in him.”
(Sathya Sai Vahini – paragraph ii)

COMMENT: Therefore, one can never know anyone else, only oneself. That this can only be false is evident, because it means that, in the case of every individual, ‘only I exist, all else is only my false imagination’. It is absurd that only one individual exists.

And also, in Sathya Sai Speaks we read: “…the world is but a mental image of the individual.” ( Vol.9. p.168 )
and:- “the world is a structure raised on one strong pillar, ‘I’. For, when this ‘I’ is dormant during deep sleep, there is no world as far as you are concerned.” (Vol. IV Ch. 48).
Further on the same lines:-
“Good and ill seen in others is only one’s own reflection and What is outside is a rough reflection of what is within”.

COMMENT: So the world does not exist, except as a mental image of one person! And so that person must be the greatest narcissist imaginable! And Sai Baba fits the bill of a full narcissistic personality! This is extreme advaitic otherworldliness gone completely askew! And this is about the worst philosophy on record, the idea being refuted by every major mind the world has known since Socrates onwards.

Sai Baba also has often insisted that:-
1) no one can understand him or his mystery, not if all humanity combines in the effort for thousands of years.
2) that God can be know by anyone who practices sadhana and attains self-realisation, because God is in the heart and everyone is God.

COMMENT: Both 1) and 2) cannot be true together, only one could possibly be true – but both could be and are most likely false! In either case, Sai Baba contradicts himself and therefore states untruths!
Besides, Sathya Sai Baba’s ‘mystery’ could not protect him from being ‘outed’ by many young men, nor from what others have demonstrated from his own words his countless deceptions and untruths, and reported of the baseless rumours he has spread privately.
SUMMARY COMMENT: Untrained minds with too little knowledge and lacking frankness and honesty – like Sathya Sai Baba’s – are dangerous playthings.
Read more on this complex issue ‘Is Sathya Sai only as we imagine him to be? – the Mirror delusion’

plus a deeper analysis of the philosophical fallacies in Sathya Sai Baba Spiritual Search, subjectivism and solipsism

2 Responses to “Sai Baba’s philosophy sandbox – from the pompous to the asinine”

  1. I find that the sutras do not, in my opinion obtained after lifelong studies and practice, provide effective knowledge of how to attain high states of awareness. I have been there (non-duality) since long ago and partially several times. I am now convinced that is a result of alterations in the brain, not because of any sadhana, mantras or yoga (though these may eventually affect the brain in the same way, as meditation can do in very few, exceptional cases where all the conditions are right). I recommend “The Blissful Brain – Neuroscience and proof of the power of meditation” by Dr. Shanida Natarau.. it is a good enough introduction to the issues here, by a very experienced researcher at University College, London, and John Hopkins School of Medicine. It pays to keep abreast of neuroscience, neuropsychology and neurophilosophy where all these matters are being penetrated step by step and much has already been discovered about supposed ‘unusual’ states of mind and or consciousness.

    Check out the experiences of John Wren Lewis, which shows that so-called sat-chit-ananda need in no way be religiously related for achievement… he was poisoned and survived, finding himself in a blissful condition almost permanently. His quest to understand his condition took him to various ‘masters’ but he rejected their ideas as not necessary to the goal. I doubt whether his totally fearless condition and seeing everything as perfect, however, is advisable… it is so removed from the human reality and the requirements of a world society.

    A most illumining is the account by the US neurologist who had a one-sided stroke and went into the bliss-awareness mode, Jill Bolte Taylor (see YouTube video). As an expert she understood what had happened and describes the process professionally… after 7 years she recovered the use of the other side of the brain, the functions of which had been blocked almost totally.
    There is far more in the world that the old shastris and yogis could imagine (or they would have told us all mankind has learned since, which is at least 95% of the whole of present knowledge).

  2. Study the Siva Sutras with commentary by Kshemaraja and you will have a better understanding of the true nature of non-duality.

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