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The Sai Organization’s ritual ‘interaction’ revealed

Posted by robertpriddy on March 31, 2008

The Sathya Sai Organization conducts exercises according to strict plans at their various conferences, calls ‘interactive panels’. Questions are fielded on forms handed out to participants. They are “sorted and ordered” in the interests of avoidance of sensitive issues, to suppress any reference to the many damaging facts about Sai Baba and his selected (non-elected) true-believer VIPs. Their often pre-formatted answers are “parrot speak” consisting in well-known side-issues to avert criticism about being loving etc. Not least that one should rather question oneself, ones motives in seeing problems or putting question – which is mainly how the Sai leadership understands “self examination” and “self inquiry”. The boneless Sathya Sai Organization conferences are repetitive to a high degree and devoid of any responses to the grass roots, who are never allowed to express themselves freely. The elliptical or pro forma answers have long been practiced by the ageing authoritarians who are still the top leaders after decades. Any question that gets too near the knuckle is put down by the ‘cast the mote from your own eye’ technique. There is also the threat of falling into disfavour and exclusion from membership without the right to putting one’s case.The inspiration in all these techniques and all the non-answers is Sathya Sai Baba himself, the master of manipulation of an audience, the most clever dodger of issues with his a psychopathic personality, one who cannot admit to his own many repeatedly reported sexual proclivities and actions, including major cover up of crimes in his own bedroom!
See a satirical but genuine analysis of one such ‘interactive panel’ non-debate here.

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