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Sathya Sai Baba’s Unique Avatarhood Hi-jacked

Posted by robertpriddy on April 30, 2008

New Amma/s book claimed to be authenticated by Sathya Sai BabaMiracles will never cease – for now we read about the book of yet another Avatar entitled ‘SWAMI AND AMMA -TRAVEL IN THE OCEAN OF TRUTH’ at the following claim:-

“This book was joyfully blessed for release by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on Sunday March 25th 2007. Baba was seated in His chair inside the mandir, at Puttaparthi, India, before a gathering of students at the time of His blessing. ”

I have already commented on these claims in an earlier blog.  This new avatar – calling herself simply ‘Amma’ now (i.e. Mother) has the name Bhagavati Srimad Sai is in fact an unshapely, unseemly middle-aged woman, looking utterly ridiculous in her orange and other attire and being yet more obviously bogus in her various posings, such as in front of a life size Sai Baba photograph (to give the illusion they actually appeared together?) or in her photograph with an umbrella is placed beside one of Sathya Sai with an umbrella… wonder why? 


Did Sathya Sai Baba actually bless her book, one wonders? How could one know? Perhaps he is too far gone Amma in all her divine glory?to realise what he put his hand on? One might expect a denunciation of her claims by Sai officials, since other self-proclaimed ‘ammas’ who have written books about how Sathya Sai ‘wrote’ through them – one of whom claimed she was his real ‘spiritual’ mother – were denounced in the journal Sanathana Sarathi. But probably this latest ‘amma’ is not considered a significant threat to his repute or finances, as she is apparently quite a nobody on the scene – so far.

Things are proceeding nicely… from the ridiculous to the yet more ridiculous, for it was claimed by this new Amma’s website:- “The same Shiva/Shakti Avatar is before us now – Shiva being Sri Sri Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Shakti being Bhagavati Srimad Sai. “

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Dr. Jack Hawley – another Sai Baba cover-up man

Posted by robertpriddy on April 18, 2008

Dr. Jack Hawley, business consultant and Sathya Sai baba apologist and indoctrinator
Dr. Jack Hawley – defender of the indefensible (a bogus claimant to being Creator and Ruler of the Universe), whose dealings with the truth leave a lot to be desired – a business consultant turned religious cult indoctrinator and amateur proselytizer through a few pseudo-religious books. He also wrote in a tract of denial of the accusations against Sathya Sai Baba, stating:- 

“How one fares in this crisis depends on one’s “capacity” (an important spiritual term for the strength of one’s faith and love).”

Hawley relies on “the strength of his faith and love” (in and for Sathya Sai Baba, don’t you know) to survive the ‘crisis’ that the allegations brought against him caused… the documentation of which are forever inscribed for those who wish to seek the true facts (see for example here).

Hawley continues: “The big question, of course, is “is it true?” And the truth is that we (all of us) don’t know! Many think they know, but they don’t really know. But I do – at least I know some things (as I’m sure many others do also). I will not talk about all I know, but I can say this: It is NOT what some minds have leaped to.”

Thus, the fully indoctrinated, mind-boggled Jack Hawley answers the big question so knowingly without actually knowing the answer… his mind leaping sublimely to transcendental conclusions, without doubt no doubt – while others of us investigated long and with much circumspection until we were unable (despite our desire that they may only have been concocted) to deny the validity and substance of the many witnesses of Sathya Sai sexual abuses we have contacted or previously known.

Dr, Jack cobbled together a book about business management  (See here and read more here about Hawley’s unsupportable words and actions)- after endless waiting, much agonising and humble begging for guidance from Sathya Sai Baba in hundreds of ashram darshans, – called The Spirit of Work. See my critique of this book – the product of a pampered VIP who spends six months of each year as an ashram layabout… that is, doing no other ‘service to mankind’ than waiting and waiting, walking to the top of the food queues, reeling off an occasional parrot ‘lecture’ to Westerners about Sai Baba’s love (i.e., the ‘intangible’ kind, not the very tangible sort behind closed doors)! Hawley’s so-called “walkthrough” of the Bhagavad Gita is another book in the Gita-thumping tradition… all regurgitated Sai Baba indoctrination (the greatest ‘wisdom’ of the ages and the true Truth of the meaning of life made simple for every Joe Lunchbucket, no less!).

After 2000, when many facts began to become public due to the Internet, anyone who continued to believe in Sathya Sai Baba’s purity and truthfulness was nothing but a dupe, an ostrich in denial – or an outright cover-up agent and false propagandist.

Incidentally, no amount of searching can pull up the slightest notice by any indologists or other scholars of the Hawley book in which he invites to a “walkthrough” of the Bhagavad Gita – other than that of V.K. Narasimhan – not himself a Gita scholar – who was clearly virtually unable to avoid writing something (having to meet Hawley daily for 6 months of each year).

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More sexual abuse evidence emerges against Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on April 17, 2008

Muz Murray is a world renowned mystic and mantra yoga master of 40 years’ experience. Although endowed with the saffron robe and spiritual name of “Ramana Baba” in India, he sees himself neither as a ‘Swami’ nor a ‘New Age’ teacher, inclining rather to the notion of a ‘No Age’ seeking the teachings suitable for any age of the world. Muz Murray signed the Public Sai Petition, stating that he had been warned by Swami Muktananda of Ganeshpuri over thirty years ago never to get into a private darshan with Sai Baba, since he had just returned from Puttaparthi adjudicating in a court case regarding Sai Baba’s molestation of the son of two of Muktananda’s disciples. Also an Arab friend of Muz Murray was penetrated by Sai Baba many years later, he states.

This kind of information has been flowing in – mostly since 1999 when the Internet made it possible for victims, otherwise isolated, to confer and stand forth with their testimonies. Muz Murray further criticises Sathya Sai Baba for excessive claims as to his much-publicised service projects, such as his hospitals (where a kidney theft took place – see updated info here) and the flawed Rayalaseema water project. (Read more of Muz Murray’s statements on this here)

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The British Press on the BBC’s ‘The Secret Swami’ film

Posted by robertpriddy on April 12, 2008

The British newspapers and media were completely unanimous in praising the BBC’s one-hour documentary about Sathya Sai Baba entitled ‘The Secret Swami’ (a fitting title too). The following are brief excerpts which highlight the issue, with some amusing asides:-

Millions have fallen for the twaddle peddled by the Indian guru who is more than content to be recognised as a living god. (The Herald (UK)

Frankly, in my view, anyone who seriously claims they are God is either a charlatan or a cheating South American footballer. And anyone who magics up gold rings and necklaces out of thin air is much more likely to be Paul Daniels than the Almighty.
So it is hard to imagine why people are so keen to fall at the feet of Sai Baba, an unlikely-looking guru who is scarcely five feet tall and sports a hairstyle which might have been created by sticking his toe in an electric socket. (Evening Standard UK)

If it is true that each age gets the god it deserves, and, furthermore, if Sai Baba, a self-declared living god, is really the one this age deserves, then we are clearly in worse shape than we thought. For all the manifest sincerity of their quest for spiritual enlightenment, in fact partly because of this sincerity and the openness that renders them utterly gullible, there is something faintly comical about westerners arriving in India and accepting spiritual guidance from the first dark-skinned person who declares him or herself to be divinely inspired. Were it not for the horrendous crimes of which he stands accused, Sai Baba would be a perfect example of this laughable phenomenon. (Financial Times UK)

This charismatic `Teflon god’ is worshipped by Indian prime ministers and peasants. …former devotees suggest the `Godman’ is all too human. One recalls: `I remember him saying, if you don’t do what I say, your life will be filled with pain and suffering.’ Strange words from a guru of peace and love. (Daily Mail UK)

His magic tricks are hailed as miracles by the crowds who flock to see him and now the 78-year-old pervert one of the most revered figures in Indian religion…. If his acolytes happen to be impressionable young boys, all he asks is that they drop their pants, allow him to rub oil in their genitals while kissing them hard on the mouth. (Daily Mirror UK)

India’s biggest spiritual guru, Sai Baba, looks like a cross between Liz Taylor on her way to rehab and a superannuated member of an acid rock band. And if you think that’s being rude, you should hear what Sai Baba allegedly gets up to with some of his younger male disciples. (The Independent UK)

Sai Baba, an Indian mystic with 30 million followers worldwide, claims to be a living god. It is now alleged that he has been involved in the systematic sexual abuse of his disciples for years. According to a former follower: “The being which I called Sai Baba – the living god that I had taken into my heart – had been truly abusing my son for so long. I felt completely betrayed.” (The Times, UK)

‘Do as I say or your life will be full of pain and suffering’. No, not Big Brother to the housemates, Sven in the dressing room at 4.45pm on Thursday or even the delightful pig farmer, Jimmy Doherty (of BBC2’s equally delightful Jimmy’s Farm) to his ‘gay’ boar, Blaze, but, allegedly, the not-so-sage advice of the Indian avatar, Sai Baba, to one of his (good-looking, teenage, American) male followers after an inappropriately intimate one-on-one.
… Predictably, his followers and, more alarmingly, the Indian government, brush off such allegations angrily – so untouchable is Sai Baba that the gunning-down of four intruders in his rooms was swept under the carpet. (The Observer UK)

Young men who claimed to have been sexually abused by Sai Baba related hair-raising stories of “private interviews” in which the not-so-holy man pulled his skirt over his head and invited them to get down and dirty. Hilariously, one Hindu scholar reminded us that this is a practice sanctioned by neither scripture nor tradition. “Worship of the linga does not include doing the blow-job.” (The Guardian UK)

The Secret Swami might have veered towards the amusing – in an “Oh my God, how gullible can you be?” kind of way – had it not been for the repeated allegations of sex abuse. Sai Baba, the swami in question, had started off looking like some old bloke with an ego as big as his bank account. There he sat, in his opulent ashram at Puttaparthi, near Bangalore, dressed in blinding canary-yellow and sporting a head of what looked like jet-black pubic hair – a mane of Leo Sayer proportions; as if he had poked his tongue into a light socket. Count your blessings – he didn’t sing. (The Scotsman UK)

Baba, with funding from Isaac Tigrett, the hippy-entrepreneur who founded the Hard Rock Café, built a 500-room hospital that provides free heart and kidney surgery. Assistant producer David Saville sums up the ethical conundrum thus: “The question is, do you let him get away with it for the greater good?’
As for Tigrett, some of his candid responses disarm, while others chill to the core. When asked whether he’d still admire Baba even if the charges of paedophilia were proven beyond doubt, he laughs before calmly explaining, `He could go out and murder someone tomorrow – it’s not going to stop my evolution…Absolutely, I believe there is truth to the rumours.’ (Time Out UK)

Some Useful Resources
The Secret Swami ‘(BBC Television) full film streaming viewing or download (80 MB, Broadband). The Secret Swami (23.3 MB, Modem) (180 MB) Here is a small version for modem users: (23,3 MB)
You can also choose to download it packed in zip file (22 MB), click here.

The BBC’s ‘The Secret Swami’ – A Revision

Exposure of Sathya Sai Baba. Media Source List

The Secret Swami. BBC Docu. Review. Condensed


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Banking on Heaven – the sectarian snare

Posted by robertpriddy on April 9, 2008

Banking on Heaven is what many religious followers do, if not all to the same extent. However, those sects which make ‘salvation’, ‘nirvana’ and ‘liberation from rebirth’ the key motivation for their followers, are liable to be able to indoctrinate them into acceptance of much else. As is increasingly evident, leaders of sects and cults use such levers to exercise power over followers and to make them accept, hide and cover up a variety of sexual abuses and other crimes, even to the extent of covering-up murders in which their leaders have been involved (usually claiming to be prophets, saints or God Himself). The more geographically isolated a sect is, the less chance of followers being able to avoid virtual ‘brainwashing (i.e. in this case that the particular charismatic figure is the ONLY way to reach heaven (or whatever other panacea is offered). Those entrapped within this social-mental-emotional web become very fearful of leaving and so losing their chance of ‘heaven’. In yet another of an endless stream of revelations about such sects, that oft of the Mormon-inspired polygamist Warren Steed Jeffs, has been exposed:-

“The largest known organized community of polygamists in the USA is the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, headed by Jeffs, has about 8,000 members, broke from the Mormon church, which disavowed polygamy a century ago.The 1,900-acre YFZ Ranch near Eldorado in Texas where members are confined was built by followers of imprisoned polygamist “prophet” Warren Steed Jeffs. Girls deemed by adult sect members to be of “child-bearing age” were forced to submit to sex and have babies. An affadavit to this effect by a victim provided the legal basis for authorities to remove the children and place them in state custody. The allegations prompted police and social workers to remove hundreds of children from the Texas ranch. One teenage bride said she was in an abusive “spiritual” marriage to an older sect member, the documents stated. She reported that she was the man’s seventh wife and had been beaten and choked. She said she had been hospitalized in the past with cracked ribs and hoped to escape the abuse by faking a medical condition.”

Video Watch a former plural wife describe her escape »

See also Polygamy Practiced More Widely than Ever Before – Los Angeles Times

A parallel case of banking on heaven – the Sathya Sai Baba sect
While the polygamy is not a part of the Sathya Sai Baba teaching, he does have a prediliction, according to reliable witnesses, for underage sexual partners (boys). His movement also shares other strong cultist features with the sect described above. Practically all followers of Sathya Sai Baba are banking on heaven in that he preaches the overriding and indeed sole aim of human life is ‘liberation from the wheel of life’ (Moksha). The Sathya Sai Baba movement is geographically widespread, but despite that most of its members soon come to live in a kind of mental-emotional and consequently social isolation, spending much of their time with other followers and consequently not thinking outside the box within which their minds have become closed off through indoctrination from other social and intellectual influences. Further, many key followers of this self-appointed God Incarnate live in geographical isolation in Sai Baba ashrams or are confined to Sai Baba colleges, where homosexual abuses by Sai Baba and other staff members – including some of his former victims – have been reported on a considerable scale by many persons, and where four devotees who were students were murdered in cold blood in Sai Baba’s own bedroom while he stood by. In these ashrams it is unthinkable to utter a single word of criticism against Sai Baba, and blackballing follows discovery of suchlike.

These ashrams are the hub from which of the world-wide Sathya Sai Organizations is actually directed and controlled, its members being strictly censored against expression of any criticisms or doubts. They face exclusion from the organisation and ashrams – plus total ostracism from all Sai contacts – if they even discuss the many and very substantial allegations of sexual abuse and murder complicity against Sathya Sai Baba. The only reason why Sai Baba has not been brought to book for the many alleged crimes is the huge influence of Sathya Sai Baba and his many prominent followers in India – including a long list of Indian Prime Minister and Presidents – up to an including the present incumbents.

Yet other strong similarities exist between the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the Sathya Sai Baba sect. One such is chauvinistic male domination, which ensures that the entire organisation is put together by men and benefits men in favour of women. Sathya Sai Baba is well known for his great preference for men over women, spending most of his day exclusively with male servitors and giving very much more attention to men than women during his former ‘walkarounds’ in the ashram. (‘Former’ since he can no longer walk). Women are segregated from men within the ashrams, but men are given pride of place on all occasion (except partly on one day, so-called Ladies Day). See how the Sai Organization defends all this here.

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Will India clean up its Augean police and political stables?

Posted by robertpriddy on April 2, 2008

Mrs MacKeown

The infamous case of Mrs. MacKeown’s daughter Scarlett’s murder in India, is yet another in a long list of police cover-ups by notorious corrupt police forces and politicians in that country. Doubtless it was only the very brave persistence of Scarlett’s mother against massive harassment from crooks, police and governmental authorities and the subsequent international outrage caused the Indian Home Minister, Mr. Shivraj Patel, to allow Mrs. MacKeown’s appeal for an audience. He is a long-term devotee of Sathya Sai Baba, the self-proclaimed God Incarnate and Father of Jesus set an example for top level governmental cover-up in 1993 after four youths were executed by the Puttaparthi police in cold blood in the Godman’s bedroom while he stood by. The present Home Minister’s considerable initial reluctance to help Mrs. MacKeown reminds of the Sai baba cover-up. The entire matter – involving blackmail of the police into executing four devotees by rifle which was led by Sai Baba’s younger brother Janakiramiah – was buried without any completed investigation or court process! The Government (led by Sai devotees Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao and then Home Minister S.B. Chavan) stopped a CBI investigation.
British Government Authorities Fail their Citizens Abroad at will. The kind of corruption up against which Mrs. MacKeown has had a huge struggle without any active support by Britain>’s Foreign and Commonwealth office. That it washed its hands of the matter shows a most disgusting failure of the UK Government. They appease Indian authorities on any such issue of justice due to their desire to keep India friendly for economic and other reasons. (A classic example being the suspension of Metropolitan Police investigations of Sathya Sai Baba when contracts for Hawker jets were to be signed by the Indian PM Vajpayee, as Sai devotee who defended his Baba on every such occasion. See this article. Scarlett’s case was clearly suppressed by Indian authorities on economic grounds, the bad publicity it would have caused for Goan and other Indian tourism. The whole issue has backfired on them because they cannot treat foreigners in the same way they do many of their own citizens who are denied their legal rights and cannot defend their human rights. Here is a transcript of Mrs. MacKeown’ words on Sky News – UK 2 April 08)

  1. INTERVIEWER: Sky News Centre Presenter: “Alex Crawford said you found some very high level contacts, even with the Gandhi family?
  2. MRS.MACKEOWN: Yeah, the National Congress of Women came down – very powerful women. They took a letter from me back up to Sonia Gandhi. I think that helped enormously to put pressure on the government to finally OK this. They were sort of dragging their feet over it a little but I was a bit sceptical because the Home Minister himself had to put his signature on the paperwork. I think he had no choice in the end really.
  3. INTERVIEWER: You were getting a fairly rough ride in some places and some criticism saying, well, that you shouldn’t have left Scarlett on her own.
  4. MRS. MACKEOWN: Yeah, I think that was the government that kept repeating that message because – as far as I was concerned – I’d answered all the questions about how I left her – and she wasn’t actually left and she certainly wasn’t on her own. I think the government were just putting negative messages out there to try and take the point away, really, from the fact that she was murdered and that the police horrifically had tried to cover it up.
  5. INTERVIEWER: You must think an awful lot about the events of that time and how it might have been different?
  6. MRS. MACKEOWN: Yeah, I do. This is why we pushed for the CBI inquiry because I want the policemen that covered it up prosecuted as criminals because of what they put me through. It was already horrific enough event despite having to deal with the things I had to deal with because of them.

Comment on the above interview: Mrs MacKeown’s complaint against the Home Minister (who is the top representative of the Indian Government in criminal matters) is stated mildly. The harassment that these officials exercise over people when they believe they can rule high-handedly is known to everyone who has had to deal with them. Take as a classic example of ministerial conceit and aggressiveness the former Minister of Education M.M. Joshi when interviewed by the BBC about Sai Baba (a classic example – see transcript and video clip! )

Manohar Joshi - Home Minister Tanya Datta Home Minister Shivraj Patel

That the Home Minister spread moralising slanders about Mrs MacKeown shows how it works. The Indian Government were doubtless worried what admission of such a horrendous kind of murder might to do its tourist trade (and doubtless the considerable rake offs for permits and official paperwork their officials take, a practice which is standard (illegal) practice in India, but which is kept as far as possible hidden from foreigners). Further details on the case are found at:
The pathologist who carried out the first, disputed, post-mortem on British teenager Scarlett Keeling has been suspended.

It was only the determination of Mrs MacKeown a mother-of-nine, to prove Scarlett had been murdered – and not drowned, as police claimed – that led to a second post mortem examination which found she had been raped and killed. It showed her body was covered in bruises and there was insufficient water in her lungs to have drowned. Tourism minister Francisco Pacheco said: “This is a clear case of murder and it has gone out of proportion because the police tried to cover it up.

Ms MacKeown, 43, said she had been threatened. Police have agreed to protection. She has accused police and Goan officials of covering up the true nature of her daughter’s death and has moved to a secret location on the advice of her lawyer. Ms MacKeown said locals told her to “get out of here” during her high profile campaign to unearth the truth. “It’s very easy for people to get at you around here,” she said.
“We’ve heard that some people aren’t very happy with us. The beach is deserted, half the shacks have been closed, a lot of people are losing business.

From ‘The Times of India’
PANAJI: The National Commission for Women has held that
Goa police investigations into the rape and murder of British teenager Scarlett Keeling were “completely misleading”.
In its preliminary report on the teenager’s death, Commission member Nirmala Venkatesh said “police are trying to hide the facts of the case and close it. We will never allow this to happen.”
Venkatesh claimed that Scarlett was injected with morphine. “She was raped by four to five persons by gagging her mouth. There are nail marks on the body and several marks which indicate that more than one person was involved in sexually assaulting her,” she said.
“Police investigation in this case was completely misleading and evidence in this case was destroyed by police themselves,” she said.
The NCW member said that they will continue to fight for justice and will brief Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and United Progressive Alliance chairperson Sonia Gandhi on the police attitude in this case.
From the BBC:
Ms MacKeown has alleged that links between police officials, politicians and the drugs mafia are hampering the probe into her daughter’s death. After visiting
Goa, India‘s National Commission for Women accused the local police of destroying evidence. The beach bar where Scarlett was before she was murdered has been pulled down. The commission also said there had been a delay in producing a medical report that could mean evidence of rape had been lost. It also repeated the allegation that Goa‘s police were trying to protect someone involved in Scarlett’s murder.

From BBC1: Kishan Kumar, the senior Goa Police officer leading the investigation into Scarlett’s murder, told BBC News it was almost complete. He said: “To keep the Goa Police clear and say that we have nothing to hide, we have recommended that the Central Bureau of Investigation [CBI] take over the probe. “I had admitted to initial lapses in investigation, and we have suspended one policeman already. But now our investigation is on the right track and we have nothing to hide.”
A spokesman for the CBI said it had not yet received a request from Goa‘s state government.

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