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Sai Baba’s teachings and education in total academic isolation

Posted by robertpriddy on May 30, 2008

Much was made by Sathya Sai Baba and his followers of those of his supporters who are ‘scientists’ and ‘educationalists’, and not a few of them – especially the Indians who predominate among them. However, what can one say of the standard of an educational system which exists in TOTAL isolation from the world research community. Very few of those once chosen by Sathya Sai Baba for top offices in his organisation and institutions (for all the academic titles they flaunt) show themselves to be progressively intellectual or up-to-date in modern knowledge. Not a single one of them seems to have published a major serious work of impact on peers or the informed public in science, philosophy or other comparable serious literature, yet many are at the same time hagiographic writers about Sathya Sai Baba. Sai Baba himself is more or less unknown to – and unmentioned by – any major world thinker of high achievement. Incidentally, nor is he quoted or referred to by any important world religious leaders.

Why is there a total absence of international peer review or scientific or pedagogic discussion at anything approaching a world professional standard in any of the publications by these known followers of Sathya Sai Baba? The primary reason is that the whole Sathya Sai Baba undertaking is clinically isolated from the wider world of non-believers and his university, though now recognised as such through his political pull, is way below the standards of the best Indian education, science and research. This is a shame, really, for at least it does provide an education to many in a state where there are so many illiterates.

Further, why are there virtually no names of educationalists involved with Sathya Sai Baba’s institutions who are genuinely well-known outside the circle of Sai Baba devotees? There is a total absence of internationally-recognised scientists and researchers and no discussion with such through any known professional or public media either. Not one Nobel laureate (there have been well over a thousand of them) has proclaimed to be a follower of Sathya Sai Baba, as far as can be discovered. [One former Nobel Laureate from Texas was inducted into viewing the hospital in Puttaparthi and thanks Sai Baba for it, but he is otherwise not declaring himself as a follower.] It is not possible for a mature scholar to work in an environment such as that at the Sathya Sai University, because the methods of learning are far too traditional and – according to the famous editor V.K. Narasimhan, who knew most of the students there – those who graduate were very largely as yet incapable of any intellectual discussion outside the parameters of their textbook learning. Add to this the constant indoctrination about the Chancelleor (Sathya Sai Baba) being omniscient and infallible, and the scene is set for a torpid mentality and stagnating research.

Dr. S. Bhagavantam
One name brandished as a ‘great scientist’ by Sai followers was a Dr. S. Bhagavantam, because he was a developer of the Indian atomic bomb who successfully copied US nuclear technology(good in physics but what about non-violent values?). He was a noted figure in Indian (but not world) science. Well before his death, Dr. Bhagavantam resigned from the Sathya Sai Central Trust and the World Council of the Sathya Sai Organization and left Sathya Sai Baba of his own accord around 1983, it having taken him 20 years to see through enough of his excessive claims and even his constant proven sleight of hand.

Dr. G. Venkataraman with Sathya Sai Baba
The only other remotely known physicist around Sathya Sai Baba was Dr. G. Venkataraman, who firmly believes Sathya Sai Baba to be the creator of the universe, despite him knowing full well that Sai Baba’s ‘knowledge’ of physics, astronomy, geophysics and related scientific issues has been shown to be outright ignorant and laughable! Venkataraman should know better than to support this charlatan! He publishes web pages which present standard accounts of physics and astronomy in complete contradiction to what Sathya Sai Baba has proclaimed in many discourses but never pointys out that SB’s accounts are totally bogus! Not one head of any independent University can be found who has endorsed Sathya Sai Baba’s educational programmes like Education in Human Values or Educare, and – as is well known – a branch of UNESCO withdrew from a planned educational conference under the auspices of Sai Baba once they had investigated what this involved. Since then no UN body has been willing to enter into any kind of cooperation in education or other projects with Sathya Sai Baba or his institutions.

One should not be misled by the titles and long and near-incomprehensible strings of letters graduates and others around Sai Baba attach after their names (a must-have in status-conscious India). There are many millions of graduates in the world, and some countries have educational systems using unpedagogical methods, especially India – though the top universities are reportedly state-of-the-art and their graduates are most successful internationally. Unfortunately, here in Norway at the University of Oslo, the standard of 90% of applicants from India I was involved in assessing (all supposedly having already some kind of higher educational graduation from India) was such that they needed quite elementary training before they could hope to enter for the obligatory philosophy and logic-semantic preliminary examination. I know from my academic contacts that much the same applies in UK and other West European countries. The Indian authorities are really trying to modernise the low-standard educational system of Lord Macaulay with its learning-by-rote to create nothing but clerks, not scientists, as left by the British. Admirably, they struggle to make it more egalitarian with quotas for Dalits, because since Independence it was virtually the birthright of higher caste Indians to receive – not only an education – but also a degree, whatever their academic standard. Many newspapers used to report on repeated disturbances where students would demonstrate violently and threatened professors until granted their degrees. In fact, many of supposed graduates of Indian universities who applied to the board on which I sat proved to have counterfeit degrees.

It is noteworthy that, since the death of Sathya Sai Baba, his much-trumpeted ‘University’ has lost its status and has reverted to a ‘deemed university’.

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Some new postings

Posted by robertpriddy on May 30, 2008

Joseph. Early Sathya Sai Baba Whistleblower When devotees of Sathya Sai Baba finally bite the bullet and understand that the sex abuse allegtions are true, they begin to recall incidents which shocked them at the time but which their powerful faith enabled them to rationalise or even simply push aside. Such is the case of Joseph, who Barry knew – a very shocking treatment by Sai Baba’s ‘Seva Dal’ acting as true goondas to suppress a whistle-blower.

Inescapable and undeniable recorded facts in the documentary by the BBC Though there are some small inaccuracies in the 1 hour film (which one fanatical, obsessive defender of Sai Baba – even while believing him to be a sexual abuser – disingenuously claims are major flaws!), they are of absolutely minimal importance compared to the overriding facts that are simply recorded for all to see and hear.

Conny Larsson is interviewed in ‘Cyprus Today’ He is a best-selling author in Sweden and tells about sex abuse by Sathya Sai Baba, and about his new book about to be published ‘Flower Power,The Beatles, Maharishi and I”. See also Conny Larsson interviewed in ‘Cyprus Times’ where he recounted his extraordinary life story in brief.

Sathya Sai Baba: Questionable Stories and Claims. Part 2 Blatantly incorrect, capricious, misleading, based on erroneous beliefs and unfettered imagination are some of the characteristics of the stories told by Sathya Sai Baba as if they were factual truth about his authorship – and his new book about to be published ‘Flower power,The Beatles, Maharishi and I’.

Sai Baba Researchers’ Debt To Scholar Brian D. Steel By winnowing this enormous mass of varied documentation currently available about the guru Sathya Sai Baba, his 60-year spiritual Mission and his organisation, the former follower and author of a major Sai Baba bibliography – Brian Steel – makes it possible for anyone more readily able to separate fact from fantasy and research from propaganda in the interests of a fair evaluation of the complex Sathya Sai Baba story.

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The Dalai Lama and Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on May 27, 2008

The Dalai Lama

Please consider the following list of questions as a little quiz.
If the answers are not immediately evident to you for one reason or another, they are listed at the bottom of the list. The fuller reasons and further documentation for the correct answers can be found in the article here

1) Which of the two – Sathya Sai Baba or the Dalai Lama is always humble and treats others as equals

2) Which of the two is open to questions and never makes fun at the expense of his questioners?

3) Which of the two is open to genuine dialogue with his critics and is respectful of them.

4) Which of the two seeks publicity only for the cause of a suppressed people and culture, not for any personal praise or self interest?

5) Which of the two actively practices non-violence and has never been involved in covering up murders on his own premises?

6) Which of the two revels in pomp and tinsel, is constantly sitting on silver thrones, golden chariots?

7 ) Which of the two constantly emphasises his service to others, his self-sacrifice and that no one is doing one thousandth of the service he is doing?

8 ) Which of the two lays claim to total spiritual and moral superiority over all living persons on earth and in every other realm?

9) Which of the two blessed golden statues of himself, and allows donations to go to build costly ‘museums’ and other buildings glorifying himself with blazoned images of himself and his sayings?

10) Which of the two is subject to the abuse and libel of a powerful state which employs torture and killing of his supporters?

11) Which of the two is protected by security guards at all times and cannot be approached by anyone except his servitors without body searches and the use of metal detectors?

12) Which of the two is never patronising and never harangues people for being impure and under the sway of inhuman and demonic forces?

13) Which of the two avoids the press or replying to them in any form unless vetted in advance and also descries investigative press writings about himself as ‘false flights of the imagination’ and demonises journalists who question him as spreading slander?

14) Which of the two is known to associate with criminals, such as the brutal dictator Idi Amin or the corrupt embezzling exile Bettino Craxi?

15) Which of the two has been accused in substantial and detailed testimonies of sexual abuses of a large number of Indian and foreign boys and young men?

16) Which of the two is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, while the other was put forward for the same honour by India’s government but whose candidacy was mentioned only by a few supporters?

[[Should there be a shadow of a doubt as to the correct the answers, they are:

1) Dalai Lama 2) Dalai Lama 3) Dalai Lama 3) Dalai Lama 4) Dalai Lama 5) Dalai Lama 6) Sathya Sai Baba
7) Sathya Sai Baba 8 ) Sathya Sai Baba 9) Sathya Sai Baba 10) Sathya Sai Baba 11) Sathya Sai Baba 12) Dalai Lama 13) Sathya Sai Baba 14) Sathya Sai Baba 15) Sathya Sai Baba 16) Dalai Lama!]]

And, once again, the fuller reasons and further documentation of the correct answers can be found in the article here

Sathya Sai Baba claims that he, as Full Avatar of God, has sixteen special qualities. The above 16 questions make for a fitting comment on his ‘special qualities’.

[Don’t be ‘the weakest link’]
see also

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The Sathya Sai Organization’s Damage-limitation efforts

Posted by robertpriddy on May 26, 2008

Sai Baba in cloud cuckoo landOne of the mostly unofficial policies of the Sathya Sai Organization – especially in Western countries where there are high standards of education – is to avoid alienating possible future converts to the movement by speaking or writing about the many miraculous claims of Sathya Sai Baba or by his devotees. The Scandinavian countries were instructed by Thorbjørn Meyer to play down all the kind of proclamations that “people would not easily understand”, including the miracles and Sathya Sai Baba’s many claims of being the Divine Avatar come to save humanity and his many other documented ‘fantastic’ statements (read a cross-section of these).

Despite all this, the Sathya Sai Organisation requires all its members to accept that Sathya Sai Baba is God, this being stated clearly in the paper which, in many countries, new members must sign according to the Charter of the Sathya Sai Organization (which is not a published document, but is kept with the circle of the faithful!). Those who will not accept this condition are either not allowed to become members or – if already so – are excluded from the Organisation. Though the Official Sathya Sai Baba website (), however, does promote four Sai Baba discourses as important ones, in which he makes claims of divinity and miracles, it has in its printed propaganda materials in Western countries increasingly edited this material in such a way as to reduce the claims For documentation and a more thorough examination of this deceit by the Sathya Sai Organisation, see Downgrading Divinity’ by Brian Steel

Of course, the official Sathya Sai Organization is unable to control the many websites of zealous true believer devotees of Sathya Sai Baba – or unwilling to try to do so – for, after all, most of Sathya Sai Baba’s attraction to the curious is the many fantastic claims about him. It is a kind of balancing act – a Janus-faced operation designed to attract more serious people by emphasising the social service projects in the name of Sai Baba and the values he promotes (in word if not in deed) yet not to alienate those who consider Sathya Sai Baba’s miracles to be the be-all-and-end-all of his supposed ‘mission to save humanity’.

After the BBC’s documentary on Sathya Sai Baba – The Secret Swami – was aired (despite legal efforts by Dr. Michael Goldstein and other Sai Organization leaders to stop it being aired), he wrote a circular in an attempt to rein in all devotees from anything but officially condoned or vetted contact with the media!

E-MAIL PUBLISHED ON AN INTERNET BULLETIN BOARD (error by an undisciplined devotee)Sathya Sai Baba\'s Dr. Goldstein

From: “Laura” <>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 09:37:47 -0800
Subject: [saibabanews] Fwd: Message from head of U.S. Sai Organization
Procedure to handle requests for filming interviews with devotees or officers at Sai centers or regional events by Media Companies Please carefully review the following letter from Dr. Goldstein on this subject:
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Sai Ram!
Recently there have been several media companies who have expressed an interest in making a program or documentary on Swami, His Works, the Sai Organization. We have advised these parties that we do not wish to participate in their documentaries or take part in personal or group interviews. Specifically, the BBC is contemplating production of a video which would be controversial in nature. We have informed them that the Sri Sathya Sai Organizations do not wish to
participate in their project.
Therefore, should you be approached by any of these companies, or should they appear at any Sai Centers or Events with cameras, recorders, reporters, etc, please advise them respectfully that we do not wish to participate and politely ask them to leave the premises. If they do not comply with your polite request, then the appropriate authorities should be invoked, such as the person(s) responsible for the premises and/or the appropriate authorities.
Michael Goldstein
If a Media Company approaches you concerning filming at your center, please follow the procedure outlined above and as soon as practical, please inform me by phone at 831-457-1983. This is very important.

More about this issue is found here

Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization
View ex-follower signatures

(Spanish version

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The Dark Side of very prominent Hindu gurus

Posted by robertpriddy on May 24, 2008

While there are still Indian swamis and religious spiritual preachers and teachers who are not accused or convicted of crimes, those who have been caught out in nefarious activities are many. As soon as followings grow large, they attract people who are looking for advantages – both supposedly spiritual ones, but also not least financial and social gains. Organization becomes a necessity and, led by a charismatic figurehead whose word is taken as unquestionable divine truth, those who become part of their fiefdoms willingly carry out his or her orders, for which they are rewarded. This scenario is one chief way in which a guru cult begins. This is by no means only an Indian phenomenon, of course, as there are also some very well-known major cults in U.S.A., Italy, South Korea… and, of course, many sexually abusing priests in Christian churches and sects, and there have been many revelations concerning the Catholic Church in many countries, which has had to face vast sums in payouts following lawsuits.  A retired banker in Bangalore named Ravi Ghatge told Indian media: “Most god-men [gurus] are self-proclaimed, and they are being increasingly outed as hypocrites and fakes. Then everybody finds out that there is not an iota of spirituality in any of them.”

Religious gurus are among the big money-earners in India, so it is hardly surprising that these cults are able to buy police and yet higher protection. Despite this, in an increasing number of instances, so-called “spiritual” gurus have been successfully prosecuted by Indian authorities for crimes ranging from sexual abuse to cynical murder. India, being such a religious cauldron seems to have the lions’ share. Indian gurus either convicted or widely accused of crimes, including major fraud, include:-

1) Sathya Sai Baba (deceased 2011) is most likely the most influential guru in India and abroad – self-proclaimed God Sai Baba in 2008Incarnate, Deity of Deities, the Vishnu Avatar of the Age etc. – who has obtained protection from attempts to convict him for murder complicity ( and serial sex abuse ( by his devotees among Indian Prime Ministers, Presidents and Supreme or High Court judges. This is itself an indictment of the Indian State’s ongoing corruption – a kind of protection that typifies a de facto despotism (though possible only while in office) rather than the exercise of democratic and legal principles. Of course, his fraudulent ‘materializations’ and many false statements and predictions are also very well documented or reported by disaffected followers.

2) The well-known ‘all singing all dancing’ Indian-based Hare Krishna sect (ISKCON) has had many and major convictions against them in the USA. See here, and here

3) Indicted for many felonies, but not convicted, was Rajneesh-Osho (who fled the USA with over 100 indictments against him). A most thorough critical article is by Kevin R-D- Shepherd here sums up the movement.  See other documentation here.

4) Swami Premananda (deceased)- convicted for murder and 13 rapes – double life sentence. The case went right to the Supreme Court of India, which confirmed the conviction, based on DNA evidence. See also Deccan Herald April 5 and April 6, 2005. Premananda’s alleged vibuthi materializations were investigated for fraud by Erlendur Haraldsson and Richard Wiseman See larger photo no. (No. 42) here– and read their most critical report (1995) Investigating Macro-PK in India: Swami Premananda. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 60(839) 193-202t

5) Swami Rama (Deceased – Author of ‘Living Among the Himalayan Masters’) who escaped likely conviction for sexual abuses by dying before the case could be concluded. See evidence here. Also here

6) Gayatri Swami, whose influence in South India was very considerable was thoroughly exposed by Gytri Swami (Gayatri Swami) Professor Erlendur Haraldsson and Richard Wiseman. He was found to be pretending to materialize objects within fruits, but had a silk thread attached to them! Likewise, his ‘materialization’ of right-handed conches (extremely rare in India as ‘Sri Lakshmi conches’) the ‘left-handed type’ are the only indigenous sort), Haraldsson traced his imports of them from California, where they are indigenous! (See larger photo here photo no. 17). Erlendur Haraldsson & Joop M. Houtkooper (1994). Report of an Indian swami claiming to materialize objects: The value and limitations of field observations. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 8(3), 381-397. (Full text).

7) Gowrishankara Swami; Hindu monk gets 10 years RI for sodomy.’‘The Hindu’ Bangalore, Feb. 3 2004 (PTI): “The Karnataka High Court today sentenced a Hindu monk to 10 years’ rigorous imprisonment and awarded a fine of Rs 25 lakhs after holding him guilty of sodomy. In default of payment of fine, the court sentenced the Gowrishankara Swami, the previous junior pontiff of Sri Siddaganga Mutt at Kyatasandra in Tumkur District, to undergo rigorous imprisonment for a further period of one year.” The Hindu March 26, 2008, also reported: “Allowing an appeal from the swami against the High Court judgment, a Bench of Justice S.B. Sinha and Justice H.S. Bedi directed that he be set free.In the case, the FIR was filed on August 29, 1986, though the incident was alleged to have taken place in July 1986. The trial court recorded a judgment of acquittal. On an appeal from the State, the HC reversed the judgment of acquittal and held him guilty.”

Swami Shyam of Kulu

Swami Shyam of Kulu

8) Swami Shyam , a current ‘advaita’ guru, popular with Westerners (particularily Canadians and Northern Europeans), many of whom have bought expensive residences at Kullu in the Himalayas, where he has his ashram. He considers himself a reincarnation of Krishna! He is under attack for seducing the wives of his followers. He has recently been exposed by Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper here. Another exposé source is found here. A book has recently been published which exposes him – Himalayan Hoedown. Also see a web site exposing him called ‘Shyam -shadows

9) Swami Amritachaitanya  A spiritual guru known as “Swami Amritachaitanya” held in Kerla for charges of rape, fraud, possession of narcotic drugs . Swami Amritachaitanya, whose real name is Santosh Madhavan, was arrested by Interpol on criminal charges in a police raid at his 16-suite ashram in Kochi, India following multiple police complaints against him. Indians living in Bahrain came forward and filed a case against Madhavan in India on allegations of fraudulent practices related to his supposed charity activities. Twenty Indians living in Bahrain filed a case against 35-year old Madhavan. They claim they were victims of a scam after Madhavan convinced them to invest in a charitable organization and tourist resort, but allegedly kept the money for himself. Madhavan arrived in Bahrain in 2005.

10) The Palghat (of Kerala) born Bala Sai Baba (the child Sai Baba), who at 35 years of age is a bit overgrown for his name. He claims to be the real Sai avatar, set up an ashram in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh and purposely copies Satya Sai Baba trait for trait in amazing detail. A clearly fraudulent attempt to hi-jack the Sathya Sai Baba ‘phenomenon’. He is the most ‘lookalike’ of a series of imitators of Sathya Sai Baba,a few of whom can be seen here.

11) Swami Balyogi Premvarni. (‘Yogant Foundation’) of Rishikesk, where he has an ashram. He also has Bala yogi Premvarnivarious branches abroad. He has been exposed as a serial womaniser, especially convincingly in Mary Garden’s book ‘The Serpent Rising’ which she bases on her experiences in India in the 1970s. See the book here. And read a review by David Mainwaring here

12) Swami Nithyananda The scandal of his sexual activities broke early in 2010 with a video of him and a well-known actress (he originally claimed to be celibate!), later documents came to light showing how tantrik sexual perversions were practiced and partakers were sworn to secrecy by signatures. An overview can be obtained here: Swami Nityananda chargesheet: rape and unnatural sex In April 2012 he was appointed 293rd head of Madurai Adheenam. In October 2012 removed as head. See “Condoms, drugs and secret contracts… the story of why Nithyananda is in trouble”. India Today. 2012-06-13. Further, see  “TN Police Books Nityananda For ‘Serving Drug-laced Holy Water to Devotees”. International Business Times. 23 June 2012.

Cutting from Indian newspaper

Cutting from Indian newspaper

13) Swami Rameshwaranand Giriji Maharaj – who has a large following in India and abroad – was arrested in September ’95 as a party to the murder of his lover’s husband. The 26-year old Manoj Girothra, husband of Savita, who was having an affair with the ‘godman’, was murdered on December 3rd, 1994, some two months after his marriage. Two professional hitmen had been hired by the ‘godman’.

14) Bhagavan Kalki See Severe Problems with ” Deeksha Oneness Movement also note what dissident voices have to say:- I’m not going to beat around the bush. Kalki is saying that he wants everything disbanded because he doesn’t want it to become a cult. Well, it is a cult. He’s saying he’s an avatar, I am God, and I’m going to decide when you pray, if you get the job you’re praying for or not. So if somebody … is saying that I am God, that’s delusion. There is only God, equally everywhere. Just because there’s realisation doesn’t mean there’s more god, or that the persona has changed into a go. You know, one doesn’t become a god.” transcript of part of Kalki fraud exposed and Exposed on Indian TV here

15) Kripalu Maharaj – 88 years old –  It is reported that There are thousands of people who are trapped in his ashrams from around the world living a life of horrible mental abuse in his ashram under disguise to serve him as god. A CBI inquiry has been demanded because ca. 170 bodies are untraceable.The guru himself has absconded. He had faced charges of indecent assault and rape in 1997 in Nagpur. Millions of dollars of money was taken from people in America. See the strong article Hindus Speak out against Kripalu Maharaj. See Another godman mired in controversy – Hindustan Times He passed away on November 15, 2013.

16) Sri Sri Ravichandran, dressed like Jesus, has amassed immense wealth. His field of operation is in the West. He knows that wealthy westerners are depressed and he promises mental happiness by introducing a course called, “The Art of Living.’ As a matter of fact this title, ‘The Art of Living,’ was plagiarized from the project originally started by Norman Vincent Peale. Peale started a radio program, “The Art of Living,” in 1935, which lasted for 54 years. (See comment to this blog)

17Prakashanand Saraswati led one of the top Hindu temples in the United States until a jury convicted him of molesting children and he took off for Mexico, reports Ben Crair of ‘The Daily Beast’ (June 20, 2011). He led the premier Hindu temple in Texas and, perhaps, the whole United States. Barsana Dham sat like the Taj Mahal in the hillsides south of Austin. When PBS made its 2004 Many Voices documentary project about American congregations, producers chose Barsana Dham as their exemplar of the Hindu faith. Barsana Dham was “very much an ecumenical mainstream Hindu organization,” says Robert King, a former professor of Asian studies and dean at the University of Texas. And yet there was Saraswati, ordered to trade in the saffron robes for an orange jumpsuit. The charges were serious—20 counts of indecency with a child. See also San Marcos Mercury uses public records law to get $ details of bond deal for Hindu guru/convicted child molester

18) Swamiji Maharaj of Dwarka, Gujurat rapist and criminal … see scan on rightswamji-maharaj

19) Asaram Bapu has many reported dark sides and has a strong claim to be India’s worst male chauvinist guru (See Times of India). He stands charged for sexual assault  and has a history of illegal and entirely unspiritual actions and involvements. He stated at a rally in 2013 that the gang-raped and murdered young lady on a Delhi bus, Nirbhaya, was equally to blame for the rape and added, “Mistake is never from one side alone.” Considering the utterly horrendous treatment she received, this put him among the very worst of ignorant and unscrupulous male chauvinist gurus alive. He was on January 10, 2014 charged by the police with sexual assault, illegal confinement and criminal conspiracy, and his son Narayan Sai was charged with sexual assault.

20) Sri Sri Ravichandran, dressed like Jesus, has amassed immense wealth. His field of operation is in the West. He knows that wealthy westerners are depressed and he promises mental happiness by introducing a course called, “The Art of Living.’ As a matter of fact this title, ‘The Art of Living,’ was plagiarized from the project originally started by Norman Vincent Peale. Peale started a radio program, “The Art of Living,” in 1935, which lasted for 54 years. (See comment to this blog)

21) Sant Rampal (Satguru Rampal Ji Mahara)
Hindustan Times (July 23, 2015) reports: Amidst heavy police deployment, controversial sect leader Rampal Dass was produced in the court of additional sessions judge Ashwani Kumar Goel in a murder case registered against him in 2006 on Thursday. Rampal was arrested again after a clash between the police and his supporters in November last year and he was booked in 35 new cases, including murder, rioting and illegal confinement.
Rampal claims to be an incarnation of the 15th-century mystic poet Kabir.   He rose from being a junior engineer at the Haryana irrigation department in 2000, but was sacked. Since then he accumulated a huge fan following, 12 acre ashram a fleet of top-priced cars. Rampal supporters fought pitched battles with security forces throwing stones and bricks, also opening fire when police tried to raid his ashram. He was caught and jailed (2014). His properties have been reported as worth over 100,000 crores of rupees!
Human sacrifice case against Sant Rampal (See also more  here and here. Also This Is How Sant Rampal Made A Private Army Of Commandos Out Of Ex-Army Men And Cops

22) Sarathi Baba Bhubaneswar: reported August 8 2015
Controversial self-styled ‘godman’ Sarathi Baba was on Saturday arrested by Odisha police on cheating and other charges following violent protests demanding action against him for his alleged escapades. The arrest came after over 10 hours of intense grilling at his ashram at Barimula in Kendrapara district since yesterday and later at crime branch headquarters at Cuttack.
Sarathi has been booked under various section of IPC including 420 (cheating), 120(B) criminal conspiracy and 341 (wrongful restraint) as well under the Arms Act and SC/ST Act.
The self-styled ‘godman’ has been at the centre of a controversy after a TV channel showed pictures alleging that he had spent two days with a woman, who posed as his wife, at a Hyderabad hotel. Sarathi, however, denied the charge and threatened to take legal action against the TV channel. Protests against Sarathi rocked Kendrapara town yesterday with people involved in pitched battles with police.
See also 
The Times of India report Aug. 8, 2015:- (arrested by Odisha police on cheating and other charges following violent protests demanding action against him for his alleged escapades.)
The Indian Express stated the Baba was “sent to jail on charge of cheating and dishonesty following a state-wide hue and cry over his alleged escapades.” also “Protests had broken out in the town and other parts of the state after reports surfaced about alleged misdeeds of the self-styled ‘godman’. ”

23) Ram Bahadur Bomjon, also known as the Little Buddha or Boy Buddha. Born 9/4/1990, previously known as Palden Dorje (his monastic name). Bomjon has been accused of a series of sexual exploitations, rape, false imprisonment and other violent acts in his ashrams by victims and witnesses, see the Ram Bahadur Bomjon page on Wikipedia. See also Police raid controversial ascetic Bomjan’s ashram in Sindhupalchok

The Hindustan Times has exposed a number of very rich gurus.  Blind faith: bizarre babas and their followers with a summary page ‘States of Superstition’ showing ten such, their backgrounds, wealth and so forth: Click here to see image

See The Laws are unholy for India’s holy men! by Sanal Edamaruku  

Other Hindu and Muslim gurus with a dark past of widespread accusations and charges of sexual assault/rape and/or financial fraud and other major crimes have escaped prosecution/imprisonment due to total laxity of the judiciary in India. These include:-

Swami Muktananda (16 May 1908 – 2 October 1982). Known for his alleged ‘shaktipat’ (transfer of consciousness) but also for having secret spy holes to observe his female followers, whom he was alleged to have seduced on a regular basis.

Sudhanshu Maharaj  (charged with manipulating financial accounts, harassing patients and much more).

Swami Ramdev – known for his virtually taking over Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption in the Indian government is himself being accused of undue opulence and ill-gotten assets.
“The national spokesperson of the Akhada Parishad, Baba Hat Yogi, said: ” A decade ago, Ramdev used to move on a bicycle. He even had to struggle to find money to fix his punctured cycle. Now he flies on a chopper. We demand an inquiry into the income and assets of the Ramdev ashram.” Hat Yogi wasn’t alone; a demand for a probe into the baba’s assets also came from Trivender Panwar, president of the Uttarakhand Kranti Dal that recently withdrew support from the Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank government in Uttarakhand.” ( Ramdev has compromised himself by his endorsement of the sex abuser Sathya Sai Baba, whose funds he offered to manage after the guru’s death (without any response). He offers cures to all ills, including AIDS, which should be a criminal offence. See documentation here

Swami Amritachaitanya (alias Ram Rahim Singh and aka Santosh Madhavan)  arrested by Interpol for rape, drug possession, financial fraud.  Santosh Madhavan exposed in Kerala “wanted by Interpol since 2004 for fraud committed in the United Arab Emirates. Interpol has issued a red alert against the godman Santosh Madhavan 35 years old & Saifudeen Alikanu 47 years old after the Dubai government issued an arrest warrant against the duo in a fraud case.” Santhosh’s former wife told police in her statement that he was in constant touch with Nazar, a close aide of Dawood, via phone. She also said that she divorced her husband when he tried to sell her to underworld kings & prostitute centres in Dubai.

Baba Gurmeet Singhcharged with murder of journalist Ram Chandra Chatapati  and sexual exploitation of women after sting op. by Tehelka and India TV.

Swami Gnvanachaitanya Arrested for sexually abusing women followers as charged by his ‘wife’ Amanda Williams.

Swami Sadachariarrested in Delhi for running a brothel. Had mingled with PMs and Presidents of India.

Shiv Murat Dwivedialias Ichchadhari Sant Swami Bhimanandji Maharaj Chitrakootwale. Arrested twice in 1997 and 8 for involvement in theft and prostitution racket. Started a Sai Baba temple for the flesh trade racket. Built own temple later.

Bhimanand Ji Maharaj Chitrakootwale of New Delhi was revealed to have run a massive prostitution ring comprising more than 1,000 girls, who “serviced” many politicians and big businessmen.

A further short list of some gurus East and West, including facts about some of the criminals among them is seen here (
See also Swamis and Scandals, Indian Express
and Super-Rich Spiritual Gurus of India

and a photo gallery of gurus caught and uncaught from Guruphiliac

The ‘apex body’ of Hindu sages – Akhara Parishad – has in December 2017 published a second list of “fake babas” taking the overall number of fake sages and self-styled godmen to 17, listed as follows:-.

Virendra Dev Dixit – Sachidanand Saraswati – Trikal Bhawant – Asaram Bapu – Radhe Maa – Sachchidanand Giri – Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh – Swami Omji
Nirmal Baba – Ichchadhari Bhimanand – Swami Aseemanand – Narayan Sai – RampalAcharya Kushmuni – Brahaspati Giri – Om Namah Shivay Baba – Malkhan Singh

The Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad is a council of akharas, which are monastic orders drawing their spiritual lineage from 8th-century seer Adi Shankara, who is said to have established orders of martial monks with the aim of defending the Hindu Dharma.  (from

NOTE! This body of Hindu priests which requires that self-styled gurus should have a clear spiritual lineage through gurus in the Adi Shankara tradition has remarkably NEVER criticised many major gurus/godmen/godwomen as fake (as far as can be discovered). Many are listed above, however, and most notably these include major abusers without any spiritual lineage such as Sathya Sai Baba, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Rajneesh (Osho), Swami Prenananda and many more. In addition, the lineage of major profiteers from their false teachings and cult organisations Sri Ravi Shankar and Amma (the Hugging Mother Mātā Amṛtānandamayī Devī) have never been established back to Shankara.


This blog is written and updated only by Robert Priddy and copies found on diverse Asian websites are illegal.
 Please also note: (following addition 19/10/2013) The Indian owner of a website based in California  at  calling himself Edwin John of  1: 6/50E, Shanti Path, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021., copied this blog and claimed via DMCA Automattic to own the copyright. He wrote “This came to our knowledge that some unknown people who are using your free blogs are copying our content and publishing it on your free blogs under their name without my permission. They are copying our content and we are the copyright owner of the above mentioned articles.” This was a blatant lie and the blog, though taken down temporarily by, has been reinstated because my counter-accusation to DMCA was not challenged in court by semi-literate Edwin John (of course!). My blog of 2000 is dated May 24 2008, while his copy is dated  5/10/2008!  I have just stuck it to the top of the blogsite so all can easily be informed about this attack. He copied it months afterwards!  His copy also contains all the same links to my website and blogs which I made! Moreover he has posted the entire blog which contained up-dated materials from later years, additions about events which had not occurred back in 2008, so he  effectively claimed that he had posted material in 2008 about events which did not happen until years afterwards! What kind of a crook is this, one may ask? He uses a cloaked IP for his website and is unaccountable and uses dirty tricks against my comment, adding me as a ‘newbie’ but not posting my comment! This is Indian corruption and untruth as per all too usual!

In an important announcement by wordpress on this kind of scam, they announce they are taking legal steps against offenders. WordPress users who follow the news there will better know what steps to take in future.


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‘The Times’ reports on gurus, sex, money, power

Posted by robertpriddy on May 22, 2008

A so-called ‘Pakistan think-tank’ has a website ( at <;) which has copied two of my blogs entitled ‘The Dark Side of Very Prominent Hindu gurus’. It seems the think tank is empty, as that website has nothing other than my thoughts! The link to this blog, but NOT to the blogs which they copied. One wonders why they bother with such deceptions… do they want to seem more intelligent than they are by posting articles they never could have researched or written in proper English? See my original web logs here: 



The Times has reported on Indian gurus tarnished by sex and money (See scan on right). The occasion is that the Kerala government reportedly plans to hold a detailed inter-departmental inquiry into the wealth of the godmen from all religious communities in Kerala (see

The Times states “…the latest cases have exposed the seamier side of many gurus, some of whom claim millions of followers — including top politicians — and become hugely rich from donations. ” This is not least a thinly-veiled reference to such figures as Sathya Sai Baba, who was exposed on BBC World by the documentary ‘The Secret Swami’ and also in an article by Dominic Kennedy of The Times And a second article here’s report continues with: “…two self-styled godmen came into the police net last week at Kochi.” and “An official in state Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s office told IANS that the minister is in Delhi and there is every likelihood for an inter-departmental probe into these godmen operating in the state.”

The first saffron-robed man to hit the headlines was Santhosh Madhavan alias Swami Amritachaithanya, arrested May 13 and charged with the rape of a teenage girl and possession of ‘ganja’ (marijuana). A tiger skin and a large number of pornographic films were also recovered from his house in Kochi.

The second godman, whose threats to shoot himself inside a police station in Aluva were beamed across television sets Saturday, is Himaval Maheswara Bhadranandaji, popularly known as ‘Ernakulam Swami’.

See also Dominic Kennedy’s article in The Times (of London) here

Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization
View ex-follower signatures

(Spanish version

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Sai Baba – mankind to blame for every natural disaster

Posted by robertpriddy on May 21, 2008

scan of quotation on calamities by Sathya Sai Baba
Sathya Sai Baba claims that ‘the Lord’ (i.e. as he has often proclaimed himself to be – here to save humanity) tests mankind through sufferings and tribulations, which the Burma cyclone and the China earthquake most certainly are.tsunamicalamity

“Many natural calamities are entirely due to man’s behaviour. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wars, floods and famines and other calamities are the result of grave disorders in Nature. These disorders are traceable to man’s conduct.” (p. 290, Sanathana Sarathi, December -1992 & p. 375 – Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol. 25)

However, as is his habit, Sai Baba virtually contradicts himself, implying that calamities are acts of the Lord’s Grace (i.e his grace!): “Do not be upset by calamities; take them as acts of Grace.” (p. 27 Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. VI) for he also states: “Be assured that the Lord has come to save the world from calamity.” in Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol. 2, p. 117, in which volume he of course time and again states that he is that Lord – the Vishnu avatar returned. Fat lot of good his ‘promise’ was to the countless thousands who were trapped under ruins or starved to death and so on!

In Whitefield (13-4-1964) the self-professed all-knowing Sai Baba said “Calamities must deepen your courage, enlarge your faith, your spiritual practice must be intensified when the weather is inclement..” and more such futile ‘consolation’ to those affected by disasters. (see Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol. 4 p. 86.)

“…man, out of utter selfishness, is robbing the mother Earth of her resources like coal, petroleum, iron, etc. As a result, we find earthquakes, floods and such other devastating natural calamities.” (Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 33 237)

“The Tsunami is the result of human behaviour. It has nothing to do with God. All this is because of what man has made of man and not because of what God has made of man. Man’s thoughts are responsible for all this. We must not consider it as God’s Prasadam.” (Divine Discourse “Do not exploit Nature without seeking the Grace of God.” Summer Course in Spirituality and Indian Culture – May 1973, Brindavan)

“Suffering and misery are the inescapable acts of the cosmic drama. God does not decree these calamities but man invites them by way of retribution for his own evil deeds. This is corrective punishment which induces mankind to give up the wrong path and return to the right path”(Sathya Sai Baba in 1976, recorded by Samuel Sandweiss in Spirit and the Mind. San Diego: Birth Day Publishing Co., 1985, p. 237)

Thus he absolves himself – or God – from all responsibility for any catastrophes or anything else bad. It is all our own fault! This is truly primitive God propaganda, devoid of all scientific knowledge.

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Burma cyclone and China earthquake – Sai Baba’s views

Posted by robertpriddy on May 21, 2008


What is Sathya Sai Baba’s view on the huge current natural catastrophes in China and Burma, one may ask?
The answer is to be found in a large number of statements by him on the cause of earthquakes and calamities. Though his translator sometimes calls them ‘natural calamities’, Sai Baba is definitive that they are the result of human actions! 
 See some quotes here:-

scan of quotation on calamities by Sathya Sai Baba   Scan of quotation by Sathya Sai Baba about man causing all natural disasters!

Amazingly (to anyone with a smattering of scientific knowledge) he says this specifically of earthquakes and the 2004 tsunamiOne should recall that top Indian politicians – PMs and Presidents – worship Sai Baba and thus accept his claim to be the omniscient, omnipotent avatar of Lord Vishnu come to save humanity. Amazing as this may seem since the worldwide exposure since 1999 of his decades of carefully-hidden frauds and many known and demonstrated abuses, they visit him for his blessings and ostensibly to advance his aims.

Sathya Sai Baba photo

How can they even remotely quietly condone such ignorance and religious superstition as the claims that ALL natural catastrophes (eg. cyclones, earthquakes and tsunamis) are caused by “spiritual lapses of mankind” the man’s bad conduct?  They cannot worship him and at the same time reject central parts of his doctrine. The fact is, his popularity in Andhra Pradesh, not least among millions of Indian villagers, and the huge wealth he has attracted from abroad are not the only reasons they visit him. Indian PMs and Presidents have knelt before him and protected him from any prosecution. His influence over the judiciary and many prominent Indians is such that politicians do not dare to take him on, as would be only right and proper. See some of the main culprit India bigwigs here.

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Dangers to the lives of critics of Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on May 18, 2008

BBC on Basava Premanand

That it is too dangerous for opponents of Sathya Sai Baba to enter India, considering his control of much of the government, judiciary, local police etc. is underlined by the number of murders, fatal accidents and disappearances registered through the years. It is hardly inviting to any sensible citizen to go to this place when one knows about the murder attempts on Basava Premanand and the burglaries at his house in which data materials on Sai Baba and important photos were stolen etc. (reported by the BBC) or about the mysterious death of his son in a Bangalore hospital which he suspects was murder, but which he was unable to get investigated properly). There have also reportedly been at least two (failed) goonda attacks on the life of the webmaster of the former critical website ‘‘, Mr. Hari Sampath in India because of his opposition to Sathya Sai Baba.

The most concerted attempt to infiltrate and sabotage the work of Sathya Sai Baba critics was made by Murali Krishna Yachendra, a former student and teacher at the Sathya Sai College in Puttaparthi (Read about this criminal activity here). This shows that the Sathya Sai officials will stop at nothing to support and protect an individual who used underhand methods and hundreds of outright lies in a failed attempt to deceive critics into posting his extreme and totally bogus allegations and attacks on Sai Baba – thus to smear and ridicule the genuine and wholly truthful exposé of Sathya Sai Baba’s many cover-ups and alleged serial sexual abuse and other crimes, not least complicity in the execution of four devotees in his own bedroom!

The unaccountable Sathya Sai institutions, official websites, the Sathya Sai organization and the ruling body – the Prashanthi Council – do not even condemn these clandestine methods by those who defend them. See here.

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Posted by robertpriddy on May 16, 2008

Sathya Sai Baba in 2008

It has of course not gone unnoticed in India that Sathya Sai Baba has been most widely accused of sexual molestations and major abuses by many of his followers – over 30 of whom have stood forth bravely and given their accounts, despite the fact that four former students of his were executed in his bedroom in 1993 and the matter was hushed up and suppressed by Sai Baba’s powerful connections to the top of the Indian government and judiciary. See here and here) Here follows the text of an article from Tehelka-com which remarks on the similaries between various Andhra Pradesh godmen and how they are protected from prosecution.


(Tehelka article at
Nothing seemed to hurt Madugula Nagaphani Sharma until NRIs raised a hue and cry. The sorry episode highlights the more unsavoury aspects of Andhra Pradesh’s love affair with godmen and others of their ilk
B. Sujata Hyderabad

OVERVIEW Avadhani Madugula Nagaphani Sharma enjoyed the status of a man of letters in the state. A Telugu woman from Los Angeles filed a complaint of sexual harrasment and molestation against him in July this year. Following the complaint several NRI women came forward to narrate their experience with Sharma. Senior police officers say he leveraged the corridors of power in Delhi and Hyderabad to ensure he was not arrested on arrival from the US.

This is not the first case of such abuse by ‘men of letters’ or godmen in Andhra Pradesh.
Also, a large number of people are reported missing after they spend time in the ashrams as devotees or disciples. Such disappearances have been reported from the Sathya Sai Baba Ashram in Puttaparthi, the Kalki Ashram in Chittoor and smaller ashrams of godmen in Rajahmundry, Tirupati and Vijayawada, Vishakhapatnam and Hyderabad. Invariably these missing people are ones with property and good bank balances who are exploited by godmen and disposed of by the guru’s minions.

A senior Hyderabad Police officer says, “We cannot establish anything and in almost all cases they remain unsolved. The godmen’s clout is so strong that investigations are always stalled at the preliminary stage itself.”


In the year 2000, when the sex and other allegations broke on a large scale on the Internet, the following was published

Tehelka article on Sathya Sai Baba 2000Ashram Mandiram: fortress of solitude  

The Sathya Sai Baba is ringed with two concentric circles of Israel trained and armed security, the Indian devotees play second fiddle to the foreign – and he’s been a recluse since the 1993 assassination attempt, says M Seetha Shailaja Hyderabad, November 29

Beneath the cloying bonhomie, high-flown moral discourses and stampeding praja darshans, the Sathya Sai Baba is ringed by beady-eyed security personnel, close-circuit television, wireless communications and selected Israel-trained volunteers with Uzis slung on their shoulders.

The 100-metre perimeter around Mandiram, the Sai Baba’s residence within the ashram, is guarded by two concentric circles of guards – volunteers as well as armed personnel – 24 hours a day. No devotee – except a few personally told by the Baba to hang around – is allowed to stay in the ashram for longer than a day. Foreigners, though, can stay for three nights at a stretch, but most them prefer to stay more comfortably at Whitefield.

The Sai Baba is living in a reclusive, people-sanitised universe after the 1993 attack on his life by a group of ashram volunteers. “The Volunteer Corps, which normally operates for a stretch of three to six months, is now allowed to operate for only 30 days,” says Rajan, chief public relations officer of the Sathya Sai Central Trust.

The 100-metre perimeter around Mandiram, the Sai Baba’s residence within the ashram, is guarded by two concentric circles of guards – volunteers as well as armed guards – 24 hours a day.

When he is at Whitefield ashram near Bangalore, the Sai Baba does not give audience to Indian devotees. Indians can meet him only at Puttaparthi (see Sathya Sai Central Trust: grab as grab can). The Whitefield ashram has a well-developed infrastructure catering to foreign devotees, with a continental canteen and other amenities to fit with the posh guesthouses.

Only foreign devotees who have been screened to their bones by his overseas branches are routed through to him. Most foreign devotees arrive with their families, unlike the Indian devotees, many of who have renounced family and friends. Does it fit some sort of demographic imperative that even when Indian families visit Puttaparthi or Whitefield, they do not stay on in the ashram?

Ever since the assassination attempt in 1993, the Sai Baba has compacted his sessions with both disciples and devotees. Excepting the two hours of sarva darshan (common audience), he has stopped giving daily audience to people. Some VVIPs have been known to wait for days to meet him. He has also stopped teaching yoga or preaching Vedanta, a trademark ritual he had earlier never failed to perform twice a week (see Is the Sai Baba’s empire beginning to disintegrate?).

Information on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization
See also Devotee attacks on the Sai petition and petitioners

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Photos of Sathya Sai Baba – Shirdi Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on May 14, 2008

Pictures of Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba and Sri Shirdi Sai Baba

Photos of Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba and Sri Shirdi Sai Baba reflect the comparative spirituality of the two, whereby one is seen to be a renunciant, the other revels in opulence and his own glory. No wonder that Sathya Sai Baba tried to usurp the respected name of Sai Baba from the saint of Shirdi. His bogus claims are contested by the Shirdi Baba Samasthan (click here) and by various independent scholars, including Dr. Marianne Warren (read her analysis and review of her work here).

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Sathya Sai Baba ‘Materialization’ photos

Posted by robertpriddy on May 14, 2008

Sathya Sai Baba appears to materialize a ring

Sathya Sai Baba appears to materialize a ring for an expectant devotee. See here for a detailed close-up of his hand and the ring and a discussion of this and other materialization photos (of vibuthi production).

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Sai Baba prediction of his death

Posted by robertpriddy on May 11, 2008

Sathya Narayana Raju (later Sathya Sai Baba) is reported by several devotee writers as having said he will die at the age 95 and/or 96 (in some places in India a person who is 95, yet is in-the 96th year, is said to be 96 years old.) On various occasions Baba has reportedly said in private that his life would last 96 years [eg by S. Balu, ‘Living Divinity’ London: Sawbridge Enterprises, 1981, p. 29] which age he finally confirmed in a discourse in 2000. Yet, contradictorily, in two early discourses in 1960 and 1961 respectively, he gave the length of his remaining life as 58 and 59 years (see scan of one instance below). This adds up to a life-span of only either 92 (or 93 years if one reckons SB is at 58, in his 59th year, as commonly done in India). However, Mr. Ratan Lal, who was one of the closest associates of Sathya Sai Baba for many years, reported in a lecture at the ashram that  Sai Baba had repeated the prediction of 96 years personally to him, telling this to a friend of ours who edited his books for him (Anne-Irene). Sai Baba later confirmed he would die at 96 in a public discourse. Moreover, Sai Baba had also told Ratan Lal that was no-one’s business when he would leave the body – he could even prolong his life if he deemed necessary! It certainly seems he was covering himself for whenever it actually happens.

Mr. and Mrs. Ratan Lal lived in the Prashanthi Nilayam ashram as very close servitors to Sathya Sai Baba for decades. They knew a great deal about what went on and partook in the cover-up of the sexual abuse facts and all untoward incidents, as all residents must do, or lose their apartments and, in many cases, face destitution (as did the long-devoted resident families of some of the four students who were executed in 1993).

According to Mr. Ratan Lala (a former businessman, now deceased), Sathya Sai Baba confirmed the long-reported statement that he would live until he is 96 years old. However, he also told Ratan Lala that it was nobody’s business when he would die and he could alter the date at will, according to his plan. It seems very clear that Sai Baba is hedging his bets, not least since he pronounced twice during the 1960s that he would live until the age of 92 or 93! This can be seen in two of his published discourses – one which is as follows:-

Sai Baba predicts (in 1960)  how long he will live

Then in 2003 Sai Baba amade anotyher prediction of his age at death:-

It’s evidently a case of which of the two contradicting prophecies do you prefer? Which age will it be? Ninety-two, Ninety-three, Ninety-six? Or whenever he sees fit? It is interesting too that no Indian astrologer who has made predictions about Sathya Sai Baba has given the date of his death… though most of them do this with great confidence for anyone who wants! It can’ t be both (UPDATE: and in fact it turned out to be neither! He died aged 84 in April, 2011)NOTE PARTICULARLY SAI BABA’S WORDS:

“My Word will never fail…”

Read more about the Ratan Lals here.

Sathya Sai Baba and death

Information on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization
See also Devotee attacks on the Sai petition and petitioners

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Top people protected from prosecution in India

Posted by robertpriddy on May 5, 2008

THE MURDER COVER-UP CONTINUES DESPITE INTERNATIONAL FOCUS,,30000-1314979,00.htmlSky News report on Goa murder

This tragic case has at least come to international notice due to the courage of Mrs. MacKeown, whose daughter’s kidneys and other inner organs were removed from the corpse without her consent, which she is still trying to recover but without success so far! Where is the British Consulate in all this with their pathetic, spineless responses, one may rightly ask? It is likely that it was under instructions not to offend the Indian Government for all the wider political and trade issues with which we are so familiar, and which caused Tony Blair to stop U.K. Metropolitan Police investigation into Sathya Sai Baba and his Organization.

This case, however, is remarkable only because of the publicity it has managed to achieve – otherwise such events are not at all uncommon in India. The recent huge kidney racket which was able to continue uncovered after TEN years illustrates the situation. Need I add that the same applies to the kidney theft at the Sathya Sai Super-Speciality Hospital, the murders of ex-students in 1993 in the ashram bedroom of Sathya Sai Baba and the alleged murder of the son of a major critic of Sathya Sai Baba, namely the Basava Premanand – famous from National Geographic and Discovery exposé and the editor of the Indian Skeptic, who writes in the latest issue:-

Basava Premanand and the Indian kidney racket

See also
Major sabotage by Sai college teacher averted, including murder threats against Basava Premanand

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Lunatic Devotee claims he is Prema Sai

Posted by robertpriddy on May 4, 2008


The lunatic and fanatical supporter fringe around Sathya Sai Baba is not only large, but sadly it also throws up some of the most comical nutters anywhere on the web. An associate who monitors the gutter billboard at Yahoo groups entitled ‘sathyasaibbaba2′ sent me the posting reproduced below in black text (I have not visited any fanatics’ bulletin boards, websites or blogs myself for years now). Sathya Sai Baba has often pronounced that he will return in a new incarnation after this one as Prema Sai Baba. However, this new ‘personality’ has already been usurped – if one is to believe any of this whole farce – by a semi-literate Prema Sai – a surfer who, as he claims, has reappeared on the scene after about 6 years absence (I am informed). Why was Prema Sai off-line for so long, one wonder?


Halagappa is Shirdi Sai and is Prophet Mohommed

Hala Gap Pa is none other than Shirdi Sai who is the one having
incarnated as Prophet Mohommed.. and was born again a differnt form.
in Sriranagaptna

Incidentally, Halagappa, who I met and who told me his long ‘story’ personally (photographed by me as above), is a former baggage thief caught out by Sai Baba – and still a thief of major donated funds from unsuspecting and gullible Sai Baba followers who believe in the miracles he shows – and without questioning or properly investigating them. He was taken to see Shirdi Sai Baba as a child by an uncle and was slapped hard on the face by Shirdi Sai Baba (supposed by him to be some form of ‘healing’). His orphanage is remarkable for the extremely ragged and poor state of the children compared to the opulent marble temple he has built within it since 1986 (and his second wife, taken after he threw out his first one, took to wearing various golden ornaments). Sathya Sai Baba has warned against visiting that place or donating to him numerous times, publishing these warnings in his journal Sanathana Sarathi. But crowds of gaping visitors who do not get what they expect from Sai Baba flock there (aided by a fleet of taxi drivers which promote the place and earn large sums from foreigners who have no idea of the going price).

The supposed ‘miracles’ at Halagappa’s ‘Thief’s Temple’ in Srirangapatman are described and examined here.

View ex-follower signatures

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