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Sathya Sai Baba Miracles – with photos

Posted by robertpriddy on June 6, 2008

Sai Baba in the sky

One of the much publicised mahimas (i.e. ‘major miracles’) is one where Sathya Sai Baba supposedly appeared in the sky in the late 1980s to save an airliner over the South Atlantic ocean.

This ‘miracle’ – though shown long since to be a contrived report without basis – was reported on widely and is still publicised on diverse Sathya Sai promotional websites (see for example and spool down one page length). There one also finds reproduced the report on this alleged ‘miracle’ from Peggy Mason’s highly uncritical writings about Sai Baba.

“In 1985 a passenger plane was flying over the coast of South America when the engine suddenly failed. The pilot knew that a Venezuelan stewardess on board was a devotee of Sai Baba and shouted, “Pray to your guru to save us from disaster!” No sooner had the stewardess shouted for Baba than He appeared in the sky outside the cockpit. Meanwhile the engine began to function. Babas’ image remained in the sky outside for about 20 minutes, during which time the stewardess took this photograph of Him.” (Courtesy of Peggy Mason’s Sathya Sai Baba Quarterly Magazine)

The incident is claimed to have happened while crossing the coast, above the Atlantic ocean. One can clearly see a leafy tree (bottom left) and apparent palm tree tops beside Sathya Sai Baba’s hand. However the photo was not taken then, the account states, but later during the 20 minutes Sai Baba was visible. The aircraft would have gained height as soon as the motors worked, so the trees which are seen very close by would no longer have been visible.
It is virtually incontrovertible that the photo is a superimposition which blends two images – and is therefore an attempt to mislead or a mere hoax. The clouds which appear in place of Sai Baba’s hand and hair give the game away – it must have been manipulated. Worried by these things and hoping to save Sai Baba from ridicule, I asked the representative of the South American Sathya Sai Organization, Dr. Leonardo Gutter, about it. He replied by e-mail that – despite his thorough investigation – the aircraft and air hostess were completely unknown by any airline operating there in the period in question. Nor had he or his associates been able to trace anyone among followers in Venezuela or elsewhere in his region who had been on such a flight, nor who took the photo or even who first circulated the account and the photo. Furthermore, there are several variants of the account, which conflict in details. See a further analysis here

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