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Sathya Sai miracle of transformation of India?

Posted by robertpriddy on July 10, 2008

Quotation of [prediction made by Sathya Sai Baba to John HislopSathya Sai Baba has proclaimed that he will clean up India’s problems before tackling those of the rest of the world. What has he achieved in that respect? There are still vast problems of social inequality, racial discrimination, poverty, health, child labour, child prostitution, debt slavery, violent religious conflict and ecological deprivation. There is low public unaccountability and constant major failures in law enforcement. Above all corruption is still virtually systemic in India. The rise in the Indian economy has only benefit ted the 800 million agricultural population and city slum dwellers peripherally at best. (as one example, half of Mumbai’s more than 17-million population are slum dwellers).

Sathya Sai Baba, HIV and AIDS
One of the many crucial problems India has is HIV-AIDS and its consequences, such as loss of breadwinners in a family and orphaning of children. However, Sathya Sai Baba has a view which is more puritanically Catholic than both the former and the present Pope, and he has influenced India’s leaders who are his devotees into concentrating on telling people to abstain from sex as a policy against HIV and AIDS – in short, a totally unrealistic and traditional head-in-the-sand ignorance.

In India the population of actual AIDS sufferers in India some years ago was estimated incorrectly as over 5 million persons. However, the current estimate is 2.5 million, almost 50% of that figure. The reduced figure is due to improved methodology in assessing who suffers from AIDS (not due to cures, while a reduction can have partly be influenced by the great numbers of deaths from AIDS). The problem of establishing the numbers of AIDS sufferers and predictions of future developments are considerable for various reasons, including prurience (see here)

The authorities in power, many of whom worship Sai Baba, argue that it would be offensive to speak to people about sex and AIDS, condoms etc., but experience by independent organisations show this to be wrong. Leaders are simply out of touch with the population, from whom the live as far as possible in physical and social isolation.

That Sai Baba cannot touch on sex discussion is revealing! It strongly suggests that his real views would awaken astonishment and would cause many to fall away from his movement and might also draw more attention to his own very widely testified sexual proclivities and preferences. He lists lust as one of the seven or cardinal sins, without explaining what kind of lust even, though he always claims to have no bodily desires. However, many factual and convincing accounts by a wide variety of young men indicate clearly that Sathya Sai Baba has tried to change them into homosexuals for his own gratification. In India, the government researchers – together with Save the Children and UNICEF – have revealed the huge extent of sexual physical abuses in a prestigious study the extent of sexual abuse of girls and boys in India

Sathya Sai Baba never speaks up on India’s worst sufferings: One of mankind’s most basic needs and drives is virtually unmentionable by the supposed ‘world universal teacher’! Avoiding subjects like condoms, AIDS and other sex-related issues like a pestilence (except in the privacy of the inner interview room with young men or with his very closest confidantes), he has one or twice spoken in public that the best for everyone is abstention from sexual behaviour (and of course ‘Love, love, love!!). His real views, if more widely known, would awaken astonishment and most people would have to leave his movement (unless they were to act as hypocrites). He does not want to draw ANY attention to himself where sex – especially gay sex – is involved. He lists lust as one of the seven sins, without explaining what kind of lust! He always claims to have no bodily desires, so how does he force himself to eat, sleep or whatever else he does? However, many factual and convincing accounts by a wide variety of young men indicate clearly that he has tried to change young men into homosexuals and for his own gratification!

What a parody of “spiritual guidance to mankind”! What is ‘spiritual’ about totally avoiding the issues connected with sexuality? Usually it is prurience. very often caused by guilty secrets! In contrast to Sathya Sai Baba shyness in addressing sexuality strongly suggests guilt and shame feelings about sexuality. The great Sufi mystic and famous poet, Rumi, regarded sexual desires in youth as ‘letting one’s feathers grow out’, without which dangerous problems can be caused later. (The Essential Rumi, p. 64). This is enlightened attitude is favoured by an increasing majority in most modern countries nowadays, especially young people. As for Sathya Sai Baba’s deranged and megalomaniac claim that the whole world will be in his organisation, it seems the most unlikely future scenario possible.

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