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Experiences of Sathya Sai Baba devotees

Posted by robertpriddy on August 5, 2008

Experiences of Devotees: from

It is interesting to see what the average Sathya Sai devotee believes, hopes and wants… this can be seen in postings on numerous web groups. Here are some examples which give a reasonable reflection of the thinking of Sai Baba devotees:-

It is near about 5 years from now I started worshiping Baba. I always feel his presence within myself. Whenever I call him from help, he is ever alert to help me. I have completed my MCA in 2002 but still now; I am struggling to get a job in Software Company. Baba has helped me in every matter but in case of job break, I am not able to get his blessings. I have younger sister who is studying her graduation final year she is also staunch devotee of Sai Baba as my parents. We are trying to find alliance for her but till now nothing has been done. My father is a private employee with one year service left so within this one year we have arrange alliance for my sister and I have settle my life with good job so that I can serve my parents who are every thing for me. Even I am without job for past 2.5 years they still support me. So, I pray Baba to shower his blessings on my parents and family members so that our problems get solved. Baba has always helped the devotees who were in need of help and I am sure that is surely going to shower his blessing on my family members and me.

Comment: One can always hope… but many have been disappointed. Why a devotee sees the need to post his pitiful prayers like this is perplexing. Now for another example:-

Dear Sai baba, I really do not know how I should write my innermost feelings, my state of mind. You know everything Baba, nothing is hidden from you. All the time I am praying to you for my daughter’s happiness. For me it has taken a lot of courage to send my prayers via this column. It seems you are guiding me to share my faith in you with everyone and as if this is how you are going to listen to my prayers and strengthen my faith in you. Baba we all come to you, ask you one thing or the other. Sometimes it is for us, sometimes for our parents, for siblings and all the time for our children. Whenever I read devotees prayers, I say to myself, “of course Sai listens to everyone’s plea and being the merciful He will shower His blessings to everyone”. Baba you have bestowed your grace on me and my family at every step of our lives and I have faith, you will listen to my daily prayers and help us to fulfill our duties. I have seen your greatest miracle, when we visited three years ago and you saved us from a terrible car-accident. So may be you are teaching me to have patience before you answer my prayers for my daughter. Baba I lay my head at your lotus feet and accept whatever you have in store. Baba always be with us and forgive me for everything I have done wrong intentionally or unintentionally.

Comment: Why expend so much courage on posting the above? The poor soul’s belief that Baba has bestowed his grace on him and his family “at every step of their lives” is gross and just shows how everything is a matter of what one wants to believe, not what actually happens. One can certainly doubt that Sathya Sai Baba saved them from a terrible car accident… it is only because one believes in Sai baba that one arrives at such conclusions, for many people are constantly being lucky and avoiding accidents – but those who are not so lucky and die do not post their faith in Sathya Sai Baba, such as the US billionaire James Sinclair’s wife!

I don’t know how to express my gratitude towards Sai who is there for me at all times. Whatever I am enjoying today and who the person I am now, all is because of His blessings. Today I experienced another Sai miracle. For the first time I bought myself a diamond nose ring 4 days back and in my mind I have this dilema whether I can wear a diamond or not because I heard that everybody can’t wear a diamond. My day starts at 7 am dropping my husband at his work (30 min on freeway) and my son at his school bus stop and I have to reach my work at 8.45, so I am almost on my feet running in the mornings. Today morning at my son’s bus stop , one of the other moms pointed that my nose ring is missing. I couldn’t believe that I lost it and went home to search for it in possible places. But in my mind I know that it is highly impossible to find such a small thing. I just said to myself that Sai knows what is best for me so I made up my mind that it’s gone forever and went to bathroom to wash my hands and to my surprise I found it there in the sink. I was so happy. I realised that normally I start or do new things on Thursdays but this time I wore the nose ring in the shop itself on Saturday and today I almost lost and found back on Thursday. I know this is a small material thing, but we don’t know what Baba wants to teach us so I request please can anybody tell me whether I continue to wear it, what Baba wants me to do. Once again I am profoundly grateful to Baba for everything in my life.

Comment: “Whatever I am enjoying today and who the person I am now, all is because of His blessings.” Really. This shows that Sathya Sai Baba is only in the mind of the person, but not there in any other way. Losing a nose ring and then finding it in the sink is nothing remarkable, but it is made into a miracle by this credulous believer. That it was Thursday is the clinching argument… such superstitious nonsense. The confusion of this person is obvious… “we don’t know what Baba wants to teach us” (well, that is perhaps not so strange since he has spouted out millions of words of teachings, a vast hodge-podge of every kind of moralism possible, often self-conflicting).


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