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Sai promoter, Malaysian cover-up man, J. Jegathesan

Posted by robertpriddy on September 30, 2008

Jega Jegathesan of Malaysia - books on Sathya Sai BabaAn overview of the books by Jega Jegathesan has been posted as
Journey to God?

Here are some quotes which show Datuk J. Jegathesan’s core belief mentality

“Let us remember nothing happens or moves without His wish. Everything that happens is for good, provided we are conscious of our Duty and personal efforts that should follow.”

Comment: This shows how totally blindly believing Jegathesan is – and all his interpretations and misinterpretations of events are connected with it.

“Devotees who have had so many “interviews”, those who have received Baba’s divine manifestations (rings, pendants, etc) have dropped out and so our jaws drop in amazement!”

Comment: Yet numerous film clips show how Sai Baba is using sleight-of-hand and many have come to see that Sai Baba is only pretending to materialize – such as Jegathesan’s former friend, the former UK Central Coordinator Aime Levy did in the last dozen or so of his interviews! Many others have reported that they have seen this, including Conny Larsson, former head of the Swedish Sathya Sai Organization, Terry Gallagher, former head of the Australian Sathya Sai Organization, Gary Purcell, even devotee Bon Giovanni…

“Only a little intelligence is required to ascertain the TRUTH.”

Comment: I would say that this illustrates well what a naïve, credulous person Jegathesan really is.

“In the Greek legend, Ulysses had to plug his ears and that of his fellow shipmates, so that the false and tempting voices of the “sirens” would not lead them to disaster, as they searched for the golden fleece! Now in our voyage for the “golden age”, the voices of modern sirens are tempting devotees away from Faith, Belief, Goodness and Love, to hate and negativity!”

Comment: Not so, the temptation is to examine the testimonies and the countless other facts proving deceptions by Sathya Sai Baba so as to uphold truth! Little can better demonstrate how these people are unconscionable and fanatical believers who dare not examine anything but what they want to believe in!

Jegathesan – key leaders of the Sathya Sai Organization –  knows that many former devotees have integrity and are not ‘vicious’ and do not spread ‘calumny’, as he claims, but are principled and honest. He publicised a letter in which he most crassly (and heartlessly) referred  to the testimonies of young men who claim in credible detail (to those who know the circumstances in the ashram well) as making “faeces on the ground”!

Quotes from letter by Jegathesan above found at

Sathya Sai official Jegathesan’s son’s suicide – part 1 with full text of e-mail circulated widely by Jegathesan
One of the sons of long-term Sathya Sai official and devotee J. Jegathesan jumped from a 5-storey building to his death, though he was a ‘favourite’ of Sathya Sai Baba. Read the pathetic account circulated by Jegadeeshan.

The suicide of Sathya Sai devotee Jegathesans’ son – part 2

Dato J. Jegathesan, a ‘Secret Swami’ cult top leader-roving ambassador

Sathya Sai Baba reported as shedding tears daily!

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