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Sathya Sai Baba proclaims himself unique avatar – again!

Posted by robertpriddy on October 16, 2008

Today we are provided with more light relief from the unique universal joker:-

“Sathyanarayana is a unique Avatar, though He appears to be an ordinary human being…”

Sathya Sai Baba admits that he appears to be an ordinary human being. On that – his human failings – everyone should be able to agree! His uniqueness as an avatar – which he says no one can fathom – is therefore not worth discussing. Nowadays his uniqueness would seem to lie more and more in the absurdity and self-contradictoriness of much of the advice he propounds, as in a recent discourse, as quoted here:-

“Truth is often times construed as giving expression to one’s own thoughts. It is not as simple as that; it is much more: putting them into action. Truth is perfect accord between one’s thoughts, words, and deeds.”

In English, accord between thoughts, words and deeds is called ‘integrity’ or the like, but not truth. But evil thoughts, words and deeds never constitute integrity, but – according to Sai Baba’s simplictic recipe, they can qualify as Truth? That Sathya Sai Baba’s words and deeds are very often at odds has been shown beyond the slightest figment of reasonable doubt. (One small example among many is here)

Sai Baba sits up and takes note of criticisms – but won’t/can’t answer a single one

“The students…  …wonder how Swami is able to put up such a smiling countenance in the midst of great criticism and how Swami could put up such great patience! For Me, all are one!”



Comment: Great patience? No more than most of us have. Yet the exposé, we may presume, has had a considerable impact if his students – and he – consider the criticism of him as ‘great’ and requiring him to “put up” a smiling countenance. [He looks mostly dour nowadays despite himself].  Why does he even mention criticism, when he has insisted that he is ever totally unmoved by all praise and blame? What – in his own image – are mere fleas on an elephant?

” …people say Swami forgets things. No; there is no truth at all in this statement.”

If this holy white elephant never forgets, then he will recall how many of his critics worked selflessly for him for decades until they twigged him – and many of us had also donated large sums (which he largely wasted on self-promotion, needless opulence, failed projects and through embezzlement by his staff)?

“I have not given any discourse during the last ten days. Why? People attributed different reasons for this, according to their imagination. But one thing is true. I am sitting before the microphone today to reveal the truth”

Comment: He goes on to repeat some of his all-surpassing claims – now again about his supreme purity and love, which he has crowed about so many times before.

“My love is supreme and pure. I love those who love Me. I love even those who develop hatred toward Me. I also extend My love to those who are demonic and who try to put Me to great inconvenience.”

Comment; I naturally wonder of he considers a person [yours truly] of whom he has said twice “Good, good, very good!” is now demonic? If so, how come his omniscience did not warn him in advance? But then who in their right mind cares what he believes anyhow?
Yes, it would indeed be a great inconvenience to him to have to answer questions about the murders and his own sexual proclivities, especially in a court – where he will not appear because he is protected by the real Indian powers-that-be, the politicians. Doubtless he dare not either. His only way of responding to his critics seems to be to smear them as “demonic” and “Judases”!

Talk, talk… countless millions of words by Sai Baba



“There is no one in this world whom I do not love.”

Comment: This self-styled ‘All-powerful Being’ defies the ‘Truth’ with words, for he can no longer hardly act at all. Is his subjective love for everyone expressed in actions towards each of those individuals? You be the judge! But this is talk, unless there is action towards every single person in the world?  For the overwhelming majority, and especially the majority in India itself – Sathya Sai Baba’s words are not backed up by loving actions. Even what good things are done in his name these are really the action of others… those who are deluded into thinking it is him acting through them!

Never forget that many who tell in detail how they have had his loving attentions too closely in private wrote that they did not appreciate in the least the physical form his ‘love’ took towards them.

Boys phoning girls are a big problem!

Comment: While the entire world is buying mobile phones as fast as possible, Sathya Sai Baba has a dire warning about them… but not the usual concern (high frequency radiation), mark you…

“One more thing I wish to mention in this context. I see several boys keeping cell phones in their pockets. They think that they are keeping cell phones for their convenience and easy communication. They do not realise the ill effects of these instruments. Cell phones are often misused for undesirable purposes, like establishing contacts between boys and girls. They develop bad thoughts and bad connections between them. In order that bad thoughts do not enter our mind, avoid such connections altogether.”

Comment: What can such a pure being as Sathya Sai Baba possibly know of these “bad thoughts” he so condemns? Could his thoughts be polluted and his talk about “bad connections” have to do with love making, perhaps? The utmost Puritan moralist, he wants everyone to stop bad thoughts before they even enter the mind. Hmmm… that would be some feat! How does one recognise a bad thought in advance or even know that one is coming? Such advice is typical Sai Baba empty babble, which cannot help anyone. His solution is to cut down strictly on social contacts. Why doesn’t he practise his own advice on that either?

“I will be approaching 83 years of age shortly. I have not made use of a telephone till now. Several people want to make calls to Me expressing their sorrow and seeking solace. Come what may; I do not use the phone.”

Comment: Follow the leader come what may and never use a phone, for is not his Life his message! Hard luck on the “several” who want to phone him, but don’t they know he says he is already saving humanity through his wisdom and love?

How to get rid of a cell phone

“If possible, dump your cell phones in a well. You will be happy and peaceful. Better you don’t acquire them at all!”

Comment: The villager Sathya Narayana Raju reverting to form – chuck rubbish down wells? But cell phones are recognised to contain very dangerous pollutants, so – if you made the mistake of getting one – fling it down some well?  Then drink your own health?

“Even if you acquire one, establish contact and connection with only those with whom it is desirable. Do not develop unnecessary and undesirable contacts with others. By developing such contacts, you gather news from all and sundry and pass it on to others. Ultimately, you will end up as Narada, poking your nose in all sorts of things. You will not only spoil your mind with unwanted things but spoil the minds of others too! “

Comment: Or you might be in danger of learning facts you otherwise would do your utmost to avoid, even finding out the real and very worldly truth about Sathya Sai Baba and his little boys and young men, or about his murder cover-up, or about all his absurdities, self-contradictions, false statements, ignorance of science and history, failed prophesies, deceits, broken promise, lies…

The above Sathya Sai Baba quotations are taken from his recent discourse ‘Dasara, 9 October 2008 at:

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