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Healing by Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on December 22, 2008

Healer Heal Thyself? This is what Sathya Sai Baba has said of healers in general. He claims to have healed himself only once, saying that he is not so selfish as to heal himself when so many millions are suffering, not least among his devotees. Still, despite that (a fact he most likely forgot)  he did claim to have healed himself and in a very grand public fashion on July 6 1963. Whether he actually did this is highly controversial, of course.

According to the Sathya Sai Baba mythology, he cured himself of a series of seizures affecting the brain and the supposedly resulting paralysis of the left side of his body by a “miracle”. He did the apparent cure by taking water with his right hand and sprinkling it over his left side. He did this after a dramatic build-up of a week, during which he convinced his servitors he was suffering a massive brain hemorrhage, he arranged to appear staggering and to sit before the crowd gathered for Guru Purima (the auspicious day of the guru in Hindu religion). The audience consisted in a large number of Indians, very largely uneducated local villagers – hardly any foreigners.

Those who do not believe in self-healing miracle men would say that the scenario was set up by him most cleverly. Seeing how accomplished an actor he was reported as always having been, he could also doubtless have carried off a faked  serious condition for a week that he was semi-paralysed and suffering dreadfully. That he could convince those with him of this depended on the fact that they were all devotees who already believe him to be God Almighty Incarnate – even the doctors who looked at him, but whose services he refused (he would have had to do that!). He was surely able to take the risk of such a deceit, knowing how easily he had already managed to convince countless people that he was capable of miracles of manifestation (but not without his cynical helper, Colonel Joga Rao, who did not believe in his miracles but who worked for him because of the social improvements his whole ‘mission’ promised).

In his book ‘Modern Miracles’, the para-psychologist Erlendur Haraldsson reports on how he tried to investigate healings by Sathya Sai Baba, but without definitive results, no positive cases, but rather a fair amount of negative evidence… i.e. absence of healing when promised most forcefully by Sathya Sai Baba. This included the claimed ‘resurrection from the dead’ of Walter Cowan, which Haraldsson investigated most thoroughly and discovered from the doctors involved that Hislop never died, nor was any death certificate ever issued there. Haraldsson lists several other incidents of non-healing at length, not least of the repeatedly-promised cure of a seriously disabled child of close followers Mr. and Mrs. Hanumantha Rao (who eventually left him as a result of Sai Baba not healing the child) and several others at that time around 1952-3.

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Neeti Kamath: a glaring example of total credulity about Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on December 22, 2008

The head-in-sand denial and total credulousness combined with the most fleeting relation to documented facts of some Sai devotees who contact me by e-mail and comments etc. is well demonstrated by comments which I post now and again:-
Neeti Kamath.jpg

Here I reproduce a classic example, a comment by the undiscerning woman, Neeti Kamath, who posted on the web that Sathya Sai Baba has one billion devotees! She has decided to  remove her super exaggeration because it “may” be wrong. The world would  always consider such to be disasterous exaggerations. However,  she (neethi) now compounds her foolishness by claiming that I “distort every fact“- and that “there is no truth in any single post of yours”  (my underlining). Further she asks “is it your right,to question thousands of people[devotees of baba] and their experiences” To this I answer, indeed I have the right  to question, there is such a thing as free speech. I have further earned the right because I firstly questioned and analysed in depth my own considerable experiences of the same or similar kinds to many devotees (as detailed partly in my book ‘Source of the Dream’). I broke the cultist taboo on thinking critically about Sathya Sai Baba and – largely due to much information from Sai baba close assistant an editor o his journal, V.K. Narasimhan – gradually came to entirely new perspectives and discoveries about the entire gamut of Sathya Sai Baba and his doings. I discovered at a hitherto unperceived levels many extremely subtle ways in which the human mind works to generate experiences and then maintain it’s cherished beliefs and hopes, even when crushing evidence against them is available, even when staring one in the face. I question experiences because that is the only way to develop and understand oneself and the world.

That there are many who have had experiences which they attribute to Sathya Sai Baba does not itself validate the experiences as giving objective knowledge. Many, many people have had experiences of all manner of weird and wonderful things, which nevertheless have been based on mind control. self-programming, belief, over-interpreted perceptions and systematic head-in-the-sand denial of anything that disturbs those dreams and visions, however bad the effects are for those who undeniably suffered at the hands of Sathya Sai Baba – and very literally so. Many persons can be deluded much of the time (egs. – without necessarily implying other negative comparisons – those who believed Roman emperors, Djengis Khan, various King-dictators  were Gods Incarnate, and not forgetting those who believed the same of Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung were good, and who very many also believe were Saviours and even God)

Here is her comment, as posted  under:- ‘One Response to “Sai’s ‘billion’ devotees
(Confronted by such amazing delusions and sloppy writing as neeti performs below, what can one say but ‘poor soul’?)

  1. neetikamath Says:December 20, 2008 at 11:12 am ehi,
    neeti kamath here.I would like to ask you to remove this post since google doesnt do anything of the sort,questioning the search term that you have mentioned.I may be wrong about the number of devotees and I have removed the same from many of my blogs. moreover, I strongly object to your using this site to start and maintain such a blog,where you are distorting every fact,and defaming bhagawan sri sathya sai baba to such an extent,one post after the other.there is no truth in any single post of yours.the sathya sai organisations all over the world,are doing social work par excellence.devotees in these organisations and else where in the world are not blind or stupid to believe in bhagawan baba without reason.we have experiences that have showed us that baba is the ultimate incarnation of God.the work you are doing might even be diverting the attention of sincere seekers of God everywhere to reading and believing your false you want to question our experiences?is it your right,to question thousands of people[devotees of baba] and their experiences which come due to their own faith and evolution on the spiritual path? kindly remove this blog as your intentions are wholly wrong,and you have no right to go on and on,posting such ridiculous messages.neeti.

To see how vulgarly Neeti Kamath replied to this in another posting, See here see here

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