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Sai Baba as ‘Love, Bliss and Wisdom Personified’

Posted by robertpriddy on December 14, 2008

The  prophecies about Sathya Sai Baba (as listed on the saibabaofindia website claimed to be from the Suka Nadi palm leaves) also include the following;-

· He will be PREMASWAROOPA, ANANDASWAROOPA, AND JNANASWAROOPA. (Personification of Love, Bliss and Wisdom)

COMMENT: That he is no personification of pure love is seen in his lectern-thumping, hate-packed and directly untruthful Christmas Discourse, 2000 and, of course, in the profuse allegations of sexual abuse, child abuse and proof of murder cover-up. As to Bliss, he has become stone-faced and morose-looking most of the time, except occasionally when he smiles for the cameras. Students reported on the Convocation address 22-10-2008, as follows:-
“Swami made it clear that He has no enemies. Every one loves Him. Many people may have some misunderstandings about Me but it is only their IMAGINATION.. I have no enemies.. I love all. I am always smiling. Many people think how can I keep smiling? I don’t like castoroil faces.. When you all are happy, I will be happy.”

Apart from his stupendous presumption that ‘everyone’ loves him – when he is not known at all to the majority of humanity, this shows how he has to put on a brave face and is unhappy when his devotes are, as they so often seem to be when begging for his intervention and much more. He himself says he “puts up” a smiling countenance in a discourse in October 2008:-
“The students… …wonder how Swami is able to put up such a smiling countenance (my emphasis) in the midst of great criticism and how Swami could put up such great patience!”.

However, an Indian lady devotee in Norway with connections to some of Sathya Sai Baba’s inner circle sent out an e-mail (see here) telling how she had learned that he sits and cries most of the day. Strangely enough, a very similar account was given to me by a US lady devotee of long standing from Hawaii called Kanta Devi. She had long known Prof. V.K. Gokak well – one of the closest servitors at that time. Gokak was visiting Sai Baba daily in his Trayee Brindavan apartment where he sat suffering a hairline fracture in the hip joint (after his first accident in his bathroom after slipping on the soap). He told Kanta Devi, who he knew very well, that Sai Baba sat in an armchair all day and was very depressed, shedding bitter tears each time Gokak visited him. Kanta Devi was very concerned about this and asked my wife and I how it could be explained. Of course, blind devotees would have said that “it is all Swami’s divine play which no one can understand”. Indeed, as soon as one throws away the last vestige of judgement and common sense, nothing Sai Baba says or does can be understood, as it is just play and has meanings he alone knows. This is the depths to which renunciation of an independent mind can bring anyone who is not very careful.

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Sathya Sai Baba, women, men, & celibacy

Posted by robertpriddy on December 13, 2008

Continuing the reported prophecies about Sathya Sai Baba claimed (but not substantiated in any way) to come from the ancient Suka Nadi’ we note two items:-

· He will have equal attitude towards all men and women. His glory will spread and many people will get near him. But all cannot have His grace due to past sins.

No one who has been to the ashrams can fail to know that, Sai Baba’s entire outward attitude is one of discrimination of women. Yet he claims to give no more attention to men than women, for it is his inner attitude that matters. Whatever one may think of this, his observable actions certainly belie his words. He gives far more time to men, with whom he is literally always surrounded both in public and private. He always gave his male students far more attention than anyone else and gives far more attention to men and boys at darshan than women. He selects men to 95% of the positions in his various institutions and his Sathya Sai Organization. Women are relegated to the ‘back seat’ in all events with the one exception of on one day per annum ‘Ladies Day’, which he introduced in the 1990s. This he did no doubt  criticism reached his ears from many women and also male devotees from Western countries where women’s rights are taken seriously both in legislation and practice in a way which Indian women can only dream about.

The close proximity in the Suka Nadi predictions of the statement about women and about past sins – and that not all can get close to him due to their karma – can reflect the widespread prejudice in India that women are inferior to men and that they are born females because of their ‘karma‘ (which in the Hindu world-view includes both past good deeds and sins). Sathya Sai Baba’s has spoken about women, praising them as mothers and frequently rejecting ideas like their being fit to rule a country or even carry out traditional male professions. He holds in the main that they should be dutiful wives, child bearers and home makers rather than aspiring to what is a male preserve in India and other Eastern countries. He also makes various contradictory statements bout women and their roles – probably all according to the audience and other considerations. See Sai Baba’s “teaching’ on women

· He will be Brahmachari. He will establish Ashrams, educational and medical institutions.

A Brahmachari means a totally celibate person. But he stands widely accused of homosexual activities, even by some of his closest follower, such as Dr. Naresh Bhatia, who told the journalist Mick Brown of the Daily Telegraph that he had been in a sex relationship with Sathya Sai Baba for years and that many, many boys had been sexually used and abused by him, including one under-age boy he personally examined and found to have been anally raped by Sathya Sai Baba. It is known from Sai Baba’s own indiscreet discourses that boys have for many years slept in his apartment all night see here) It seems that a  quite a number of Indians interpret ‘celibacy’ as  abstaining from sex with females, while homosexual relations are unmentionable and systematically ignored, not least between older men and boys. Sathya Sai Baba has been accused of sex abuse by scores of persons… see showcase of clip and transcripts from the BBC documentary ‘The Secret Swami’ for two prominent examples here and here.
For a comprehensive overview see here.

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Richard Margolin on Sathya Sai Baba and his detractors

Posted by robertpriddy on December 12, 2008

A comment was sent in by the usual defender of Sai Baba hiding behind anonymity. (He sent under the identifier ‘notperfectbut’ – see comment no. 3). Only now, after my having mailed back, do I post it, along with my mail and the subsequent responses.

He concluded his semi-rational comment with the following bitter diatribe against me – I think it demonstrates his quality:-

“Considering what Sai Baba’s reputation is now, and how it continues to grow (e.g. having two 2 seperate special supplements distributed by the “Times of India” commemorating his 85th Birthday, 1200 official centers on over 140 countries, etc.), it’s interesting that you still feel the need to persist in this futile silliness. But, I guess if you are determined to carve out a very, very, very minor footnote in history for yourself, as one of the most passionate of those who simply didn’t and/or couldn’t get it, and who totally missed the boat: go for it!
You are destined to be pitied, mocked and scorned throughout the ages, just as those who did the same to Rama, Krishna and Christ… I guess there’s a fool of historic proportions born (at least) every Yuga!”

So do I get the prominent place in history Margolin would reserve for me – known down through the ages as a pitiful, mocked, scorned fool of “historic proportions” or just a very, very, very minor footnote? I couldn’t care less as long I I help the vulnerable to realize the deceptions, massive break of trust, unreliability and untruthfulness of Sathya Sai Baba and those around him on his gravy train (whether the material or the imagined ‘spiritual’ self-service)

So, evidently incensed by my e-mail reply to him, the sender accused me of lacking integrity for not posting his unsigned attack… so he gave his name  – Richard Margolin (hoping this would score him Brownie points in the great uncertain hereafter? Or rather because he is as vindictive and derogatory as the run-of-the-mill office-bearer and other devotees?). He has at least now ‘earned’ the posting of his comments… but also – with his spewing bile rather than the overflowing love supposedly due by devotees to all their ‘brothers’ – he neatly demonstrates his failings as a ‘spiritual aspirant’ and Sai Baba follower. He even held a top office in the Organization! That is par for the course.

Mr. Margolin shows hypocrisy well up on the Richter scale when he replied to my mail (see below) “Since you did not have the courage, class or integrity to post my comment, you are not entitled to an item by item response, beyond the above (not even that. really. But I’ve learn generosity among many other things in my 20 years). ”  Generosity indeed, what a parody!  I do have courage, integrity… but what does he mean by ‘class’… what he himself demonstrates? Is it some American college standard, not class as British (I hope) BTW, he can’t spell properly, writes confusedly as I shall demonstrate, and certainly can’t do independent research work due to his one-sided doctrinal bias and general level of articulation! He wrote:-

“I’ve read a good deal of Sai Baba’s writings and discourses and am not familiar with him saying that he doesn’t heal himself becasue there are so many who can’t heal themselves. Would you be able to provide a reference for that? I’ve read that when he takes on an illness of someone (as opposed to healing directly which he has done of course countless times) he won’t heal himself because it would be selfish. And the history of taking on others’ illnesses goes way, way back. Here is an except from Howard Murphet’s “Wan of Miracles”, written about half a century ago. The number of these “instances”, have continued to the present day, and the most recent is no different:

“Satya Sai Baba has likewise drawn to himself and suffered physical pains on behalf of his devotees. N. Kasturi says in his book on Baba’s life that once, a doctor from near Madura wrote to him saying that he had been suffering pain and bleeding in an ear, but that the trouble had vanished suddenly in a miraculous manner. Kasturi said that the letter from the doctor reached him “just when Baba himself was ‘free’, from a slightly bleeding ear and some earache, which he had announced as having been ‘taken over’ from a devotee who was suffering the agony”. Kasturi further states that “Satya Sai Baba has taken upon himself and suffered mumps, typhoid fever, delivery pains and the scalding burns of his devotees”. A striking example of this type of compassionate phenomenon was described to me by a number of witnesses who were present in the ashram at the time of the happening. On the evening of June 28th 1963, Baba asked Mr. Kasturi to announce at the ashram that no more interviews would be granted for the week. Neither Kasturi nor anyone else understood or could guess the reason for this. But they soon found out. On Saturday, 29th of July at 6.30 a.m. Baba suddenly fell unconscious. Initially the devotees close around him thought that he had gone into a trance, as he had often done in the past when travelling in his subtle body to bring badly needed aid to some devotee somewhere. These trances had been known to last a few hours, but this time Swami remained unconscious for much longer.

His devotees became apprehensive and began to arrange for medical aid. In addition to a doctor at the ashram hospital Dr. Prasannasimba Rao, Assistant Director of Medical Services of Mysore State, was called from Bangalore. He writes, after describing the symptoms fully, “The differential diagnosis of such conditions … pinned me down to that of tuberculous meningitis, with perhaps a tuberculoma, silent for a long time. ” When the doctor tried to give the treatment that seemed indicated, Baba regained some awareness, it seemed, and refused the injections and other medical assistance. He stated later that the trouble would pass in five days’ time.

During those five days he had four severe heart attacks, his left side was paralysed – stiff, useless, insensitive; the sight of his left eye and his speech were also badly affected.

On Thursday, July 4th, five days after the attack started, Swami became sufficiently clear and strong to announce that the clot in his brain had been dissolved, and there would be no more heart attacks. However the left side of his body was still paralysed and his speech was thick and feeble. His followers believed that it would take several months for him to recoup his good health.

During the period of his suffering Baba had indicated to those attending him that one devotee at a distance was about to be affected by a stroke and heart attacks so severe that they would have killed him. So Baba had taken on the illness with all its symptoms of paralysis, heart seizures, high temperature, partial loss of eyesight, severe physical pains, and so on. His disciples understood and accepted this explanation.

But Guru Poornima, a religious festival day, was approaching, and many visitors were congregating in the ashram. The visitors were very upset and dejected at stories they were hearing of Baba’s condition. Not knowing the cause – or not believing it – they began to doubt “if Baba is God in human form,” they said to one another, “why is he also afflicted with physical ailments? Why does he not cure himself?” On the evening of Guru Poornima Day, July 6th, came the final scene. Practically carried by several disciples, Baba came down the circular stairs from his bedroom to the crowded prayer hall below. The whole left side of his body was still paralysed and his speech was a feeble, scarcely intelligible mumble.

A doctor present describes the scene thus: “His gait was the characteristic hemiplegic one, the paralytic left leg being dragged in a semicircle, the toes scraping the floor. Seeing Baba in that condition, even the bravest wept aloud.” For a few minutes Swami sat in his chair on the dais before the assembled people, some five thousand inside and outside the hall. Silent, sorrowful, deeply moved they all were. Then Baba gestured for water. Some was brought in a tumbler, and Raja Reddy held it up to the twisted lips. Baba drank a few drops; then dipping his right fingertips into the water, he sprinkled a few drops onto his paralysed left hand and leg. Next he stroked his left hand with the right, and followed this by stroking his stiff left leg with both hands. The hearts of the watchers leapt at the sight, with dawning hope.

Mr. T.A. Ramanatha Reddy, the government engineer whom I knew at Horsley Hills, was in one of the front rows and very close to Baba. He said, “In a second Swami’s leg, eye, and all his left side became normal. It was a sight for the gods to see his sudden recovery, and the devotees present witnessed the greatness of his divine power . . . ” Mr. N. Kasturi describes it in this way, “He rose and we could hear his divine voice calling us, as was ever his wont . . . He had begun his Guru Poornima discourse! People did not believe their eyes and ears. But when they realised that Baba was standing before them, speaking, they jumped about in joy, they danced, they shouted, they wept; some were so overcome with ecstatic gratitude that they laughed hysterically and ran wild among the crowd rushing in.” Baba was on his feet speaking for over an hour. Then he sang a number of bhajan songs, and finally climbed the stairs unaided. That night he ate his normal meal, and the following days saw him back in his usual vigorous, hearty health, carrying on a full programme of activities. The deadly stroke which had come at his bidding departed within the period he foretold, and left no tell-tale signs behind. “

In the Discourse Swami gave that night he referred to this episode, “This is not Swami’s illness. This is an illness which swami has taken on in order to save someone else. Swami has no illness nor will he get ill at any time. You must all be happy.; that alone will make Swami happy. If you grieve Swami will not be happy. Your joy is Swami’s food.” “Sai Baba Man of Miracles”, Pg 128-129, by Howard Murphet

Considering what Sai Baba’s reputation is now, and how it continues to grow (e.g. having two 2 seperate special supplements distributed by the “Times of India” commemorating his 85th Birthday, 1200 official centers on over 140 countries, etc.), it’s interesting that you still feel the need to persist in this futile silliness. But, I guess if you are determined to carve out a very, very, very minor footnote in history for yourself, as one of the most passionate of those who simply didn’t and/or couldn’t get it, and who totally missed the boat: go for it!

You are destined to be pitied, mocked and scorned throughout the ages, just as those who did the same to Rama, Krishna and Christ… I guess there’s a fool of historic proportions born (at least) every Yuga!:)
To the above, Robert Priddy replied by e-mail as follows:-

—–Original Message—– From: Robert Priddy To: aaroncapgroup Sent: Sat, Apr 2, 2011 10:51 am

Sai Baba has stated that he will not heal himself on several occasions – such as when he had a hairline fracture of the hip in 1988 (I was at the first interview he gave after that). See Sanathana Sarathi September 1988, p 226.

Whoever you are, you have not studied the matter at all thoroughly, I assure you most sincerely. I certainly have – I indexed every word Sai Baba put out until 2000 and know all the relevant writings until then, at least. So your comment forwarding the usual old over-cooked-up mythology was just sending coals to Newcastle in my case. It is dangerous to wear rose-tinted glasses and only look at the bright side of the coin… I did that indeed. Now I am only concerned to present the other side (to help rebalance the image SB has), having done too much propaganda for Sai Baba for decades. One-sidedness is bias, disbalance and misses the truth.

For a start, for example see this: I knew V.K. Narasimhan (the editor of Sanathana, in which I wrote many articles) very well indeed . He told me – among many otherwise undisclosed facts about Sai Baba – that he had not in 20 years close observation seen one SINGLE healing by Sai Baba, and he was always with Sai Baba at many interviews, daily talks to students and so on. Further, he had been assured by Sai Baba, who applied vibuti to his eye himself, that his eye would be healed after an operation. He lost the sight in it. I am aware that – using SB as an emotional catylyst – healing does tsake place, as it does with countless other such ‘catalysts’, or objects of intense concentration, longing and prayer. Even bits of wood or imaginary spirits!

Narasimhan eventually unloaded his conscience to me in private as to how the 1993 murderrs were brought about by Sai Baba’s younger brother blackmail of the police… imagine my shock. It took 4 more years before it all sank in, so deluded was I (like yourself). Narasimhan tried to get SB to explain events, but stated loudly to me – for all to hear around him – he was NOT CONVINCING, NOT CONVINCING. He alone among all servitors could confront SB with critical questions… his importance to SB was so great (in having go so many top figures to visit etc.).

I devoted 18 years of my life to full-time service work and sadhana for SB – as national leader on Norway. I wrote a popular book about Sai Baba, which he blessed (so what!)… so I am bound to expose what I now know. I did not want to be in the public eye – far nicer to have a quiet, secure life – but I have a duty to all those who seek my advice and help and beg me to continue. The number of people who have suffered due to Sathya Sai Baba and his coterie’s massive deceptions and not least his sexual abuses (I know several persons well who have suffered this! Plus many who write to me in full confidence… it is APPALLING what he has done!) That he has still a huge following in India is due to the utter corruption of that calamitous land where bribery, kick-backs and cover-up is the order of the day. I have over 50 years of experience of Indians and India, and it took about 40 before I realised the utter depths to which that country’s leadership and most of its officials have now sunk.

I can predict with near certainty that you cannot respond intelligently to these points, for the self-indoctrination is almost always so deep and realization of the facts costs so much personally that it cannot be discarded overnight. My process of reawakening and daring to question took many years! Be careful who you call ‘silly’, it can rebound, as the man said. Why are nearly all you devotees so afraid to stand up and put your name to your final derogatory comment?
No need to reply, my questions are rhetorical. I am not inclined to hear any more of your parroting of others and tabloid-level derision. Good luck anyhow. RP

PS If you really take Murphet, Hislop or Krystal and suchlike on trust as reliable, then you are in grave error. Here are some reasons:-
Sai Inner Views and Insights – Howard Murphet and Howard Murphet and Sai Baba as ‘Man of Miracles’
Hislop- leader of International Sathya Sai Organization denied hard testimony

FURTHER COMMENT: The Indian press has been pressured by Sathya Sai Baba and his cronies at the top of government and the judiciary – to publish only positive materials about Sai Baba. The Times of India is hardly a very reputable source, anyhow, as history has shown. As to Brian Steele, he has no more time for you… anyone can see by searching how he characterises him on his web pages. You who believe that Sathya Sai Baba appeared on the moon (supposedly giving his much trumpeted Vishvarupa darsan, as officially claimed), evidently, because you forwarded a report to that effect! You must be cognitively misaligned to a degree… or why did Margolin not NASA or any astronomical observatory or thousands of amateur astronomers notice this.

The reply to me was as follows:-

From: Date: 3 April 2011 02:58:46 CEST

My name is Richard Margolin and I was president of the Manhattan Sai Baba Center for 4 years, and have been a devotee for 20 years. I have too many experiences to enumerate, as do members of my family (who are not technically devotees). I personally know individuals who have had healings, some close personal friends, as well as many, many, many others (we had speakers every month at our center for 4 years). The number of items materialized for people I know is beyond counting (including 5 carat diamond rings and a broach which should be in the Tower of London with the Queen’s jewelry), ad infinituum. I personally have two pictures of Swami in my apartment with quite a bit of ash under the glass (and I am quite clear about why it happened), and I know many others (some of my best friends in fact) who do as well. It may actually be more unusual not to have at least some ash on a picture of Baba in Manhattan…

Even your buddy Brian Steele (with whom I had an extended correspondence) told me that at the time (about 7 years ago) he had compiled a bibliography of some 600 books about Swami, in English alone. These books, as you know, have almost nothing but miracles and experiences. The ex-Baba cult likes to dismiss all of theses as works by gullible fools, despite the fact that the Sai Organization probably has the highest percentage of educated professionals as members than any other spiritual organization in the world. The late, great, Dr. Morton Klass (, who is the only bona fide scholar I’m aware of who has studied the Sai Organization in any meaningful, intelligent way, called it “an elite revitalization movement”.

COMMENT BY PRIDDY: I should add that, unlike Margolin himself, it so happens that I was for 20 years a tenured researcher and lecturer at the University of Oslo and I have studied the Sathya Sai Organization very extensively both from within as a participant observer and national office-bearer and as regards its social structure and function from a sociological disciplinary approach. Margolin should read the work of Tulasi Srinivas – a recognised U.S. scholar who has studies the Sathya Sai movement (‘Winged Faith’) who has quite a lot to say about its failings and the scandals, though she is ethnically biased and has many Sai devotee friends – she even quotes my work, though incorrectly and inadequately in the interests of academic aloofness when real issues of life are involved. The academics (not one truly distinguished prize winner or recognized major scientist, historian or anything similar) who STILL – after the evidence, testimony and intensive analysis and research into the deception since 2000 – support Sathya Sai Baba are surely indoctrinated and trapped in all in which they have investigated their former prestige. It takes more than most academics have in them to say – ‘I was entirely mistaken ‘- and retrack! A great deal usually hangs on such matters… so one needs some uncommon courage, though I say it myself! See some information about the academic isolation of Sai Baba and his coterie here.

Since you did not have the courage, class or integrity to post my comment, you are not entitled to an item by item response, beyond the above (not even that. really. But I’ve learn generosity among many other things in my 20 years). But, your first point alone proves it would be a waste of time anyway since I did not say he didn’t refuse to heal himself. I said he did refuse, but because it would be selfish, not because there were too many people who couldn’t afford to heal themselves, as you said.

Comment: Further, Sathya Sai Baba has – in several reports – said that he would be selfish to heal himself when he does not heal others who are suffering greatly. I cannot be bothered to dig through 600 books to find those reports, though I have provided one quote – scanned from his approved journal Sanathana Sarathi – where he makes a statement much in accordance with this.This pretty much is typical of the rest of your “points” and I’m not going to wast my time with this type of twisted, bogus, twaddle.

But I’m happy you have a hobby. As Krishna said of Sispula, with whom He merged after Krishna’s decapitating of him: at least he thought about Me constantly. This does seem like your only hope of salvation.

Best of luck… Richard M. Margolin
From: Robert Priddy Date: 3 April 2011 05:55:09 CEST To:

So now you give your name… that is something. Now you talk of ‘integrity’ and show you hoped I’d publish your original (deluded) and derisory comment. But I do not publish anonymous comments that are derogatory. Besides, no official Sai site ever posts a SINGLE critical comment… and only a couple of low-life character assassinators post critical comments so they can rail against them and stalk the person who does.

I see you can’t face reality… any more than you could reply to the countless exposures of Sathya Sai Baba’s lies and deceits documented from his own words and the countless reports of such that I and other reputable persons have brought to public notice. All reasonable people – especially independent such – can see that you are cult-indoctrinated to a degree. I have and know all of most of the books you mention… it makes no difference in the last analysis. It is impossible to get around the sexual abuses,. for a start. I know several person well who have been sexually abused by Sai Baba! But I have also been contacted (by numerous ex-students who have confided in me (because they can see I am to be trusted, which is crucial due to the assassinations that have taken place at the ashram.. more than you know about evidently). I first became a real devotee in 1983. You write about salvation? You are clearly a ‘true believer’ in all that speculation. Only those who can’t face life without irrationally hopeful crutches need that.

Twenty years is far from enough time to get to the bottom of Sathya Sai Baba, not if you have not dared investigate the sexual abuses and the murders. The Manhatten Centre was the lair of the hypocrite Hal Honig, if I’m not mistaken. Perhaps you were one of his acolytes?
As to ‘Best of luck’… you’re the one who’s going to need it. Robert Priddy

See about Hal Honig – the close Sai Baba devotee – and his reported sexual antics Will Sai Baba Keep Hal Honig Smiling?
Notice how Richard Margolin fails to respond to my points about sexual abuse, and his conceited or patronising and invalid ‘reason’ – basically, that I am not worth it! He harbours hopes for me, as his words shows: “As Krishna said of Sispula, with whom He merged after Krishna’s decapitating of him: at least he thought about Me constantly.” All an expression of Margolin’s pseudo-emulation of devotees compassionate love for all, no doubt. Here, he apparently
positively wants me to have a place in history, not just a footnote! The last thing anyone should want is to ‘merge’ with a reputed paedophile, I’d say. I do not think about Sathya Sai Baba himself much at all, not much of him either… I am concentrated on helping those he has abused and vilified, on his lies and his failures, cover-ups, involvements in murder… not on him as any kind of spiritual figure or what he claims to be.

Last but not least, Sathya Sai Baba has never been shown to have given away a single GENUINE diamond of any value. There is NOT ONE professional assay to prove that! On the contrary, there are many who have had his large white and green ‘diamonds’ assayed and they are found to be anything but genuine (search the many exposé postings and you’ll see). I had my 6 carat green stone ring (supposed to be a diamond ‘materialized’ by Sai Baba in 1986 for me in an interview) assayed by Queen Margarethe’s jeweler in Copenhagen, and it turned out to be a synthetic sapphire of very low value, its brilliance enhanced by green tinsel paper behind the stone in a closed setting. See

Mr. Margolin exceeds himself again in a comment he posted to this blogsite see my reply and his comment here

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Healing and youthfulness – Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on December 11, 2008

More Prophecies about Sathya Sai Baba supposedly from the Suka Nadi:-

He will have healing powers and the power to cure himself by sprinkling water. He will use his healing powers not only for the people of this world, but also for the beings of the other worlds and on the higher planes of existence.(Devas, i.e. celestial gods and goddesses). At times He will take on the illness of the others.

This prophecy first ‘came to light’ only after the incident in which Sai Baba seemed to suffer paralysis of half of his body for a week before the 1963 Guru Poornima festivity in Prashanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi, which he cured in a showpiece where he staggered out to his chair during the festivity then sprinkled water on the paralysed side and became as fit as a fiddle. Result: all doubters were confounded and his popularity grew more.

There are of course countless spiritual healers of more and less credible kinds. The phenomenon is not well understood and scientific medicine has not succeeded in researching the apparently genuine cases by any means. More on this here ‘Faith healing, self-suggestion and Sai Baba’

· He will have power to extend the life of deserving persons. When the Kali yuga influence grows even more intense, people will see His true might and will acknowledge that He is the Supreme Power. Then mankind will bow to him as a great Emperor and He will be revered as the greatest living being, MAHAPURUSHA, in the world.

We can most confidently state that day will not come within his lifetime, or ever – for that matter, considering the huge damage he has himself done to his reputation. His many false and ignorant statements alone would ensure that, apart from his sleight-of-hand ‘materialization’ as revealed by video footage and testified by many who were at his interviews and countless false predictions and promises, constant boasting, trying to get recognised by the Duke of Edinburgh, to get a Nobel Prize and his frequent ungodly and outright rude words to people, constant spreading of slander and rumours etc.

· Sri Sathya Sai Baba will perform great miracles. He will also retain youthful look, age notwithstanding

Sathya Sai Baba - the ever-youthful - in recent times

Sathya Sai Baba - the ever-youthful - in recent times

By what stretch of the imagination can one say that Sathya Sai Baba has retained his youthful looks?

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Shirdi Sai and Sathya Sai – facts

Posted by robertpriddy on December 10, 2008

There are a large number of good reasons to doubt the authenticity of the predictions made by Narayana Shastri from his intuitive reading of the ‘Suka Nadi’ palm leaf manuscripts he claimed to possess (though they have never been made available to the public) . Here I shall go through some of the preposterous claims made, one by one:-

· He will be a great incarnation of the Godhead Vishnu, Shirdi Sai and several other Gods and Goddesses and will have all powers of God.

The validity of his claim that he is a reincarnation of Shirdi Sai Baba is under deep suspicion for a number of reasons. I has been said that the name of the saint of Shirdi was completely unknown in the region when Sai Baba as a young man claimed he was the reincarnation. This has been proven to be entirely wrong. The name was well known and it as the fame of Shirdi Sai Baba that Sathya Narayana Raju appropriated to himself as best he could. Despite this, most followers of Shirdi Sai Baba reject Sathya as his reincarnation, most notably the official Sansthan, whose web site av oids any positive mention whatever of Sathya Sai Baba.

A message in The Mumbai Mirror from the (Shirdi) Sai Baba Trust was printed:-
“Please do not believe anybody pretending to be a reincarnation of Shri Sai Baba. Shri Sai Baba has no disciple, nor an heir and nobody is seated on his aasan.”

Further, Manoj R Nair wrote in the Mumbai Mirror, (click here) Wednesday, January 11, 2006 “Sigh! Baba – Followers of Sai Baba file case against devotees of Sathya Sai of Puttaparthi to restrain them from calling him a reincarnation of the Shirdi seer”.

· He will be born for protecting and propagating Dharma (righteousness) and he will have a mission to fulfil.

· He will have healing powers and the power to cure himself by sprinkling water. He will use his healing powers not only for the people of this world, but also for the beings of the other worlds and on the higher planes of existence.(Devas, i.e. celestial gods and goddesses). At times He will take on the illness of the others.

There are of course countless spiritual healers of more and less credible kinds. The phenomenon is not well understood and scientific medicine has not succeeded in researching the apparently genuine cases by any means. More on this here ‘Faith healing, self-suggestion and Sai Baba’

More to follow soon!

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Sathya Sai Baba and ‘Suka Nadi’ prophecies

Posted by robertpriddy on December 9, 2008 and others have publised a list of prophecies allegedly made about Sathya Sai Baba. The following (in black text) is one statement made there:-

“- The advent of this Avatar Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba was uniquely prophesied not only in some ancient books of Indian origin but also in books of other lands and religions. It is found that Baba’s horoscope has been extolled in the Indian palmyra “Nadi” scrolls of hundreds of years antiquity, containing prophesies by celebrated sages like Agastha, Brahma, Bhrigu, Buddha, Shuka and Shukra. Since there is said to be remarkable accord amongst the different Nadis interpreted by different and independent readers, we can confidently ascribe genuineness and credibility to those Nadi predictions.”



Comments (in purple text) As has been shown earlier here, we can certainly not confidently ascribe genuineness and credibility to the Nadi predictions. “There is said to be remarkable accord” – this is vague hearsay, for no known authoritative sources are ever stated nor documented. There are no photographs detailing any of the of alleged palm leaf texts referring to Sathya Sai Baba. Nowhere is a source to original text preserved, and there are not even direct translations of the alleged text because firstly they have to be selected from a mass of palm leaves on astrological data – most often got by the doubtful method of measuring the shadow of the person involved and noting the time and location (which was surely never done by Narayana Shastri for Sathya Sai Baba) or by having a correct, accurate birth date (and Sathya Sai Baba’s alleged birth date is contradicted by several official public records of his school days – see here). Secondly, these nadi readers have to interpret the very compact Sanskrit text through intuition. They even allow questions about what the text says and they answer as if virtually everything one wishes to know were to be found there!

The various ‘nadis’ are basis for one of the biggest ‘occult’ money-earning scams in India, practiced by Hindu astrologers and ‘shastris’ (i.e. who have reached a certain level in the Sanskrit language). Many hundreds of such palm leaf soothsayers are to be found, but can they all have leaves aged anything from 400 to 5000 years old, as is invariably claimed (though many are but copies). The business of faking copies is also rife. E.V. Narayana Shastri asked Sathya Sai Baba to bless publication of his Suka Nadi prophecies, but he was told ‘no!’. Later he went ahead anyhow and is so far – as far as can be discovered – the only nadi interpreter who has discovered the remarkable predictions about Sathya Sai Baba! Since the supposed ages who wrote such nadis are a few (Suka, Brighu, Kumar) how can it be that the predictions about Sai Baba were so unique that no one else can corroborate them or provide objective evidence of any kind? Is it just a matter of ‘believe what you want’ yet again? Further, considering how rewarding any scientific confirmation would be for their fortune-telling business, none have subjected any palm leaves to independent historical researchers or presented them for scientific examination or even carbon-dating. Not so far as can be discovered. In short, plenty of sound reasons to doubt their authenticity.

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Bogus Prophecies about Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on December 8, 2008

Prophecies which Sai devotees claim were made before Sathya Sai Baba’s birth and even back to the time of the sage Brighu (around 3000BC) have been circulated around the world in books and web pages. No prophesy, however, which names him as such became public until AFTER the points mentioned in it were very well known in India at least. The first such major claim was the prophesies of the Suka Nadi presented by long-term devotee Narayana Shastri of Bangalore.  No independent historian or author (i.e. no one who is not a blind devotee) has published any information or named reliable sources which show any prophecy specifically naming Sathya Sai Baba, nor have non-devotees supported these massive claims.  That in itself is sufficient to refute these as being post factum contrivances.

Much has been made by Sai followers of the alleged reference to him in the Bible’s Book of Revelations. Hardly any part of the Bible has been subject to more spin and prediction than that book, and the attempt to make it a prophecy about Sai Baba is really absurd as there is only the thinnest of associations to hang the claim on (that he will have a sword of truth, for example – but there are countless claimants to having that sword). Likewise the attempt to fit Nostradamus’ obscure and vague Latin writings to the Procrustean bed of Sai Baba’s “advent’. Edward Cayce is also recruited to this end, but it is all too transparently obfuscated towards the end of proving that Sai Baba is what he claims (in his unsurpassed megalomania).

In short, we are faced with a mythology evidently invented after the fact to justify Sathya Sai Baba’s claims, expressing only devotion in trying to promote Sai Baba and those aspects of his teaching which have some common appeal. Such attempt always fail in the long run, though the unquestioning believers can be fooled for a long time.

Reported prophecies of the coming of Sathya Sai Baba as avatar and what have you have been collected and published by numerous devotees in articles, books, web pages etc, such as by T. Wolke of the Netherlands, Krishna Nandan Sinha  (in “Sai Baba, the Rose Fire Of Heaven”) and on They have been spread as propaganda for many years and in many countries in different languages.  The fairly complete set I shall post from here in a series of blog – on the posting at The prophecies are in brown text, my comments in black:-

“Sri Maha Vishnu’s tenth incarnation is that of Kalki. He will be born towards the end of the Kali age, the age replete with all kind of vice and godlessness. Dharma will limp only on one foot. Even that will gradually vanish.

At this time Sri Maha Vishnu will incarnate in the world as Kalki Deva, assuming black complexion. The wicked will perish and Dharma will regain its supremacy ushering in a new age.”

(Predicted by Sri Pandrimalai Swamigal : taken from the book Dasavatara, by Shri S. Ramakrishna, Bharathi Vidya Bhavan).

There are enough other claimants for the title of the reincarnation of Vishnu as Kalki Avatar. The most prominent currently having a wide foreign following isKalki Bhagavan, or Sri Kalki Avatar of Bangalore, advertising himself as ‘The Living Avatar’.

In a futile attempt to ‘prove’ that Sathya Sai Baba is Kalki, his 60th birthday chariot was drawn by four white horses, as Kalki is predicted to have along with him.

“- Dr. E.V.Sastri, a prominent member of the Indian Astro Occult Research Association, New Delhi, during the course of his research, found out ‘Nandi Grantham’ available in Tamil Nadu, which had all the indications about Sathya Sai Baba’s horoscope written by a famous erudite Pundit, some five hundred years ago. It was written on a piece of palm leaf of the size 36 centimeters long and 2 ½ cms broad. It reads : ‘The person to whom this horoscope relates and whose name is Sathyanarayana Raju will renounce the world in his boyhood, will start schools and hospitals, will publish books for the upliftment of the World, will spend every day of his whole lifetime for the establishment of Dharma, which is his ideal and objective’. It is further mentioned that, “He will be an Avatar amongst the Avatars”. (Taken from the book ” ‘The Grace of Sai’ by R.Lowenberg).

These so-called ‘nadis’ (claimed to have been written thousands of years ago by sages like Brighu, Kumar and others) are one of the biggest ‘occult’ money-earning scams in India on a level with Hindu astrology. At least hundreds of readers of palm leaf manuscripts (‘nadi’ ) are to be found. Narayana Shastri was told by Sathya Sai Baba personally NOT to publish his claims, but he went ahead anyhow.

Another well-known palm leaf (‘nadi’) reader, Kantilal G. Pandya of Bombay, whose prophesies very seldom come to pass, was promoted by the Sai-deluded author Phyllis Krystal, until she realised that she had been duped and denounced him. Sathya Sai Baba endorsed that nadi reader and sent numerous devotees I know there to have their fortunes told. In the interests of investigation, my wife and I went to see him, though we were sceptical about the weird and wonderful claims made for these palm leaves. His predictions for our lives have very signally failed to come to pass and most have already been unproven by events!).

The above ‘prophecy’ would have been easy to construct by a Sai follower. The ‘shastri’ from  Bangalore who wrote it indeed had long been a keen follower, besides making his living from these ‘readings’ of sages’ prophesies!

There is not a scrap of evidence that this prophecy is other than sheer propaganda by a zealous devotee who intends to promote Sai Baba by any means possible. Ther is no scan of the alleged palm leaf in question, nowhere is the original text preserved, and there is not even a direct translation of the alleged text. These soothsayers like Narayana Shastri work mostly on intuition when they give readings for individuals, just as many astrologer, palmists, Tarot readers, and others who make their living by such doubtful methods do.

More information about the occasional accuracy of some nadis, however, is provided to my by Barry Pittard, who had a great interest in the nadis, and visited a number centres representing different nadi traditions. He later corresponded with many who had also been to them and still others, for example academics from East and West, keenly interested in nadi shastra. He has written this note for me:

Barry Pittard On Nadi Shastra
“Like Sathya Sai Baba himself, the nadis (and I confine myself to those in the hands of the small few owners whom I do not think are rogues) require complex discussion – one which I have, these days, scarce time, purpose or inclination to pursue. I will state simply my view that careful investigation throws up some challenges to those of rational bent. Necessarily, one would rule out discussion with those who already have their mind made up either way.

The sheer specificity of information relating to a subject who, in one of the traditions, submits a thumb-print is difficult, if not impossible, to refute – particularly in the case where the investigator sets up a number of empirical screens against being duped, such as going to separate nadi centres and ruling out any chance that e.g., one has been subtly ‘milked’ for information which is then spuriously played back to one, or that a hotel or stooges etc., may have got one’s biographical details and, in cahoots with a nadi reader, provided the information surreptitiously.

Even here, the references that await one in the reading refer (including by name and by other specific details) to, e.g., other family members, situations and even some references to abstruse detail to other individuals in one’s life. It can be a bit like coming into possession of a secret government file opened up under a Freedom of Information submission. I do not know how such a feat is achieved in the case of nadi centres which use the thumb-print method such as in South India largely in the State of Tamil Nadu, but found through exceptionally extensive enquiries via interview of subjects that something – whatever its nature – extraordinary is the case. What, however, and in my intensive and prolonged enquiries, I did find was that the predictions bore no such high correlation. In short, stunning accuracy of identification of subjects and considerable question about the success of the predictions. Of course, it should be made clear that attempts to follow up rigorously on outcomes of predictions was, necessarily, often ruled out by the consideration that the fulfilment times had not been reached. However, as I was able to determine in my own various readings and those of an array of other subjects – and so far as I was able to get some data from serious investigators – there are real problems in regard to accuracy of fulfilment. Yet again, the situation remindful of Sathya Sai Baba:  things to be said affirmatively and things decidedly not, and still other things too difficult to decide.”


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Sai Baba bomb claim demolishes his credibility

Posted by robertpriddy on December 7, 2008

Some days before the horrendous Mumbai terrorist attack, where grenades and bombs were used, Sathya Sai Baba pronounced “India will never have any such attacks” – but India did, and has had many such attacks (see below). This is another stupendous gaffe by the self-proclaimed Omniscient Omnipotent Creator of the Universe!

Sathya Sai Baba said in his Convocation address, 22-10-2008:-

Enough said!

Enough said!

“India is the only place where people are not worried about any attacks.  In America , Germany and other countries, they cant eat well or sleep well. There is fear of bombs always in those countries. But in India, there is no fear of bombs. India will never have any such attacks.” Sathya Sai Baba 22-10-2008

The complete falsity of the claim that India is the “only place which is not worried about any attacks” is clear to everyone. There have been a long series of bomb attacks in India – the whole Air India building in Bombay was blown to bits with great loss of life and terrible consequences in the form of riots. The seven separate train bombings in Mumbai in July 2008 earlier this year had a devastating effect. That there is such fear of bombs in Germany or USA that its peoples  “cant eat or sleep” is the height of absurdity! The fact is that most Indians can’t eat well due to massive poverty – at least 40 million live on under US$1.- per day.

Then the worst terrorist attack in the previous decade was in India’s financial heart of Bombay in 1993, while the death toll from the twin car bombings rose to 46, with 150 people wounded. The Air India building was destroyed. Later, the Air India airplane bombing of 1985 (Flight 182) killing 329 persons was the worst terrorist attack until 9/11.

Then we have the avoidable but ignored terrorist attack in Mumbai recently, which led to the forced resignation of Sathya Sai Baba’s worshipper and protector from legal accountability, Union Minister of Home Affairs, Shivraj Patil.

Here is the full documentation that Sathya Sai Baba did make the statement, though it was removed from all official and semi-official Sathya Sai disinformation websites:-

Sathya Sai Convocation Discourse 2008 cut down
Sathya Sai Baba’s divine foresight on terrorism

saibabaofindia woke up and cut out the huge blunder

Shivraj Patil – Sai Baba worshipper – resigns

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saibabaofindia woke up and cut out the huge blunder

Posted by robertpriddy on December 5, 2008

Cover-up by

[NOTE: In a damage-limitation exercise, saibabaofindia have AGAIN posted the URL they erase (see below) – read about this at saibabaofindia at panic stations]

Typical of the cover-up of all Sai believers, and as I predicted on this blog site some days ago – has also removed their web page in which they rashly posted what Sai Baba said only days before the Mumbai terror attacks. (They have reposted the Convocation address without the blunder, and on another different URL. What a disinforming propaganda website!) The original was at , and the crucial part was captured on screen by me before it was deleted.

[NEW NOTE: In a rather obvious  damage-limitation exercise, saibabaofindia have since this blog was written REPOSTED the URL they had erased (see below) – read about this at saibabaofindia at panic stations]

screen capture (reduced size)

screen capture (reduced size)

The offending text, which may well have influenced the blind devotee, former Union Minister of Home Affairs Shivaj Patil, to take it easy on the terror threat- was:-

“India is the only place where people are not worried about any attacks.  In America , Germany and other countries, they cant eat well or sleep well. There is fear of bombs always in those countries. But in India, there is no fear of bombs. India will never have any such attacks.” Sathya Sai Baba 22-10-2008

If you haven’t read it yet, see this:- Sathya Sai Baba’s divine foresight on terrorism

Shivraj Patil, Sathya Sai Baba worshipper forced to resign

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Sathya Sai Convocation Discourse 2008 cut down

Posted by robertpriddy on December 3, 2008

There is no doubt that Sathya Sai Baba said the above in his discourse on 22nd November, 2008 – even though the paragraph has been removed from the posting of the discourse on the official site ( Obviously FAR TOO EMBARRASSING for these deluded but dishonest people, who try to cover up everything untoward (and that is a very great amount). This is common practice in the major disinformation campaign of the Sathya Sai Orgnization and other Sai Baba controlled websites, blogs and media.

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Further the blog site, mendaciously claims to give the “full text” but only contains a foreshortened version!

Though I do not read Sai Baba’s discourses any longer – not least as they are extremely boring and repetitive, an ex-follower in Denmark, Ole Alstrup, pointed out to me that Sathya Sai Baba’s offending statement was posted at, from where it will probably be removed when they wake up]

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

The same paragraph which was so embarrassing that the official Sai website and the main Sai blogsite removed it surreptitiously was reported verbatim in a posted at

This is common practice in the major disinformation campaign of the Sathya Sai Orgnization and other Sai Baba controlled websites, blogs and media.

It is of no small note that the Union Minister of Home Affairs, Shivraj Patil, – a devotee who believes what the Swami to whom he kow-tows says – had to resign due to his total failure in counteracting the major and ghastly Mumbai terror attack last week.

Shivraj Patil present a book for his Swami’s blessing:-

Shivraj Patil, Sai Baba worshipper

Shivraj Patil, Sai Baba worshipper

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Sai Baba’s Personality Cult Explored

Posted by robertpriddy on December 1, 2008

WHAT IS A CULT On the general issue of cultism and a critical discussion of the indicators of charismatic cults – political, social, and religious -and the Sathya Sai Baba sect as a cult

THE FUNDAMENTALIST ‘GURU TRAP’ EXPLOITATION PART 1 a many-sided system of control over persons exercised by gurus, swamis, godmen, masters, saints, avatars as exemplified through Sathya Sai Baba

THE FUNDAMENTALIST ‘GURU TRAP’ EXPLOITATION Part 2 reference to ‘ The Guru Papers’ by Kramer and Alstad – on gurus’ narcissism, authority and power and control and manipulation (as in Sai Baba)

THE GURU TRAP AS CATCH-22, THE NO WIN SITUATION How most traditional Indian gurus and swamis to attract, indoctrinate and entrap. Two Indian Swamis – Ambikananda and Sathya Sai Baba

‘SPIRITUAL DOUBLETHINK’ IN SPIRITUALITY AND RELIGION How one becomes indoctrinated through a ‘doublethink’ system of dual interpretation – worldly vs. otherworldly.

THE ‘MIRROR TRAP’ IN SATHYA SAI BABA PROGRAMMING – used by Sathya Sai Baba to avert scrutiny of himself and confuse followers into self-programming of his doctrine. This idea is the mechanism of denial used by devotees – that Sai Baba is only what we imagine him to be

SYSTEMATIC MISINTERPRETATION OF SATHYA SAI BABA’S WORDS AND ACTS how followers learn ‘correct’ interpretations of Sai Baba’s words and actions from others, the standard but often highly mistaken answers to all doubts

DEVELOPING PERCEPTIONS & INTERPRETATIONS OF SATHYA SAI BABA Some of the ways in which one is drawn to and held by the charisma and social environment of Sai Baba, how perceptions of him are ‘trained’ and ‘purified’ to conform with group expectations.

DISEMPOWERMENT THROUGH WORSHIP OF GURUS – EG. SATHYA SAI BABA – IN 6 PARTS A series of articles studying in depth effects of mental, emotional and social dependencies:-

ON GETTING OUT OF DELUSION TO THE TRUTH how conditioning by one’s own belief entraps in delusions

WHY THE SATHYA SAI ORGANIZATION IS A CULT Point-by-point rebuttal – with documentation- of Rita Bruce’s arguments on the question

THE CULT OF SATHYA SAI BABA How I came to break out of the subtle and widely woven web of deceptions that kept me and millions deceived, and how difficult such a step can be.

A TYPICAL CULT SUPPORTER – RITA BRUCE How deluded a Sai hagiographer came to be

GENERAL QUESTIONS OF BELIEF, MENTAL TRAPS, FAITH AND DOUBT How religious or spiritual faith can mislead, induce bizarre experiences and its severe consequences like suffering, derangement, war, genocide, and debasement of the human spirit

That Sathya Sai Baba has seriously beguiled his followers and abused people’s trust and faith in him
SATHYA SAI BABA’S JUDGEMENT OF OTHERS documented instances of Sathya Sai accusing others of sins of which he is guilty himself

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