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Sathya Sai Organization, censorship and rumours

Posted by robertpriddy on January 14, 2009

Only when the most serious doubts emerge, doubts that will not disappear and can only be ignored with difficulty, can such an internalized faith and system of ideas be shaken. Once such doubts emerge, they too can grow in strength and conviction as long as facts emerge to support them. Otherwise, when confronted face on and investigated, unjustified doubts and rumours subside and fragment.

Sai Baba censorship of facts, spreading of half-truths and untruth

Sai devotee reports on rumour-mongering at Prashanthi Nilayam (very short video)

Sathya_Sai_Baba Rumours, failed predictions and false promises
Deceptions, rumours and lies by Sathya Sai Baba He is known actively to spread rumours enhancing his ‘mystery 

Rumours are a mainstay of Sai Baba’s fame His ashrams and movement are certainly far more subject to rumours and unconfirmable stories – he is the chief rumour-monger himself

Use of rumours to gain Sai Baba followers The rumour mill is a key instrument in obtaining followers

Disaster stories told by Sai Baba to impress visitors

World catastrophe predictions from Sai Baba Shivarathri discourse in 1991, where he massively berated the ‘rumour-mongers’ while having allowed them to spread unhindered for decades!

Catastrophe predictions reported

Sathya Sai Baba prophesies and rumors on Islam the Imam Mahdi Prophecy as described by Irani Ma and revisited by Brian Steel

Idi Amin [The Last King of Scotland] and Sathya Sai Baba Idi Amin [The Last King… That Sai Baba saved his followers from deportation from Uganda is a myth.

Sai as Soothsayer predicts world peace

Sai Baba story of holy ancient cave and yogis in the Himalayas Unconfirmable stories about impossible yogic feats and caves in the Himalayas

Sai Baba as experienced by a Swedish woman psychologist Avatar shouldn’t be pouring out rumours,

Prediction of earth axis shift by Sri Satya Sai Baba Sai Baba must have come to realise that he had gone too far with his rumour mill and censored ‘Sai Impressions’

Major Exposure of Alleged Sexual Abuses by Sathya Sai Baba Not ‘rumours’ but published testimonies and affidavits

Isaac Tigrett and Sathya Sai Baba ‘Oh, absolutely I believe there is truth to the rumours.’ Tigrett to Tanya Datta on BBC’s documentary ‘The Secret Swami’

EXCERPT FROM A GURU ACCUSED – by ALEXANDRA NAGEL:- “Rumours, and more than rumours have come out nonetheless. Not from women, but from men. The first person to write about this was the American Tal Brooke, who stayed with Sai Baba for a year and a half during 1970-1971. Sai Baba had hugged him in private interviews, and, with his hand, tried to get Brooke aroused. Around 1980 there was uproar in Malaysia:

FROM OILING OF GENITALIA;- How do followers rationalize the facts? Those who remain believers in Sathya Sai Baba as a ‘Master’ have some revealing thoughts. They speak of what they have heard about him on the negative side as ‘rumours’. They concentrate only on their own marvellous experiences and claim they feel bliss, love and benefit from its healing.
Typical Sai apologist – Rita Bruce Sai-VIP She propagates cranky rumours both about major changes to humanity, already disproven by events.

Dr. Naresh Bhatia and Sai Baba A visiting devotee reported how rumours flew in all directions after Dr. Bhatia confronted Sai Baba about anal rape. Unsupported rumours about Bhatia raping females were set
going by the Sai authorities themselves.

Eternal Heritage Museum accident – three US devotees died Cracks in the dome of the Heritage Museum  prior to the disaster were seen as most likely a typical rumour, because red herrings and rumours always abound at Sai Baba ashrams

Prince Charles, Princess Diana and Sathya Sai Baba visit rumours that Prince Charles had visited are false. Sai Baba decried the Prince of Wales and Diana as ‘a disgrace to their country’ to an interview group.

Sathya Sai and truth (EXCERPT — “Bereft of truth, righteousness, love and peace, the sanctity of all your acts of charity is zero,” says Sathya Sai Baba in his birthday discourse from 23 November 2003. How right he is! In the same discourse he also tells his devotees about his birth and childhood. It is interesting to compare his version with that of his mother. In his book, “Easwaramma, the chosen mother”, Prof. N. Kasturi tells us about Sathya Sai Baba´s mother, who he was acquainted with for 24 years: “She laid bare her heart to me only on the occasions when she needed some pestering doubt cleared, some knotty tension loosened, some deep apprehension exorcised, some rumour explored,” wrote Kasturi in the foreword.

What sort of pestering doubt, knotty tension, deep apprehension or rumour, she wanted to discuss with Kasturi is however not described. Even if this book, like Kasturi´s other books, is a sugary version of reality, the picture he gives of Easwaramma is still that of a rather unsophisticated and probably dejected and uncertain woman, superstitious by nature and simple or honest enough not constantly to maintain her son´s fantastic descriptions of his childhood. On page 25 in the book you can read: “Shirdi Ma (an old devotee – my remark), in her reminiscence says that she was always urging Easwaramma to tell her a few miracles of Swami when he was a child. Easwaramma would parry the questions most of the time saying that she never saw any or could not remember.”

Resignation by Sathya Sai official, Lori Kaploweitz “I chose to explore the path of ‘creating our own reality’. 5) I had heard the many rumours about Sai Baba’s sexual exploits …”

BBC press review EXCERPT; Time Out – Claire Fogg ‘Saint or sinner? Investigating rumours about a living prophet.

” To the uninitiated, Sai Baba looks like a cheap trickster with a Jimi Hendrix haircut. He is, in fact, the most influential of India’s spiritual gurus. Politicians, peasants and Westerners, all mesmerised by his otherworldly charisma and propensity to manifest sacred rings out of nothingness, revere him as a God in human form. He might also, according to the allegations in tonight’s `The Secret Swami: This World’, be a serial abuser who preys on his young male devotees.
Tonight’s unsettling documentary is underpinned by the heartfelt testimony of an American family who once ran a spiritual community based on Sai Baba’s teachings. Alaya Rahm, the son of the family and now an adult, alleges years of systematic abuse by the man he was brought up to believe was God. All the time, his mother, flattered by Baba’s praise and gifts, was saying to him, `God is paying attention to us. Whateveryou’re doing, you’re doing it right.’ Those comments clearly break her heart now that she is convinced of Baba’s `betrayal’.


One may hold that verbal attacks often tell moreabout the attacker’s thoughts and motives than about the victim. This certainly applied to Sai Baba’s dire threats in this case. He has long preached how negative rumours are like boomerangs, but then he sets going the absurdly false rumour that those who accused him did so for money, like Judases!

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