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The mystery of Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on January 25, 2009

BUGGY Sai Baba said:-
1) no one can understand him or his mystery, not if all humanity combines in the effort for thousands of years.
2) that God can be known by anyone who follows his advice perfectly, practices sadhana and attains self-realisation, because God is in the heart and everyone is God.

Logically, both cannot be true, yet  both can be false. Either he can be known or he can’t – not both! And only if God exists at all, which is most unlikely!

Further, Sai Baba  said that:
1) Good and ill seen in others is only one’s own reflection   – and
2) What is outside is a rough reflection of what is within. Therefore, one can never know anyone else, only oneself.

This can only be logically false, added to which it is wholly unreasonable and contradicts everything tangible and factual sensible that people experience throughout life.
It is part of one of the most alienated pseudo-philosophies and otherworldly delusional theologies ever developed…

If Sai Baba had been God the Creator, as he repeatedly claimed, he would have had to be able to do better than contradict himself continually. He should have been able to explain many things which he simply could not.

Sathya Sai Baba even claimed: “I am the Doer of everything”. The ultimate narcissism, the final megalomania and delusion of grandeur!

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