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Sai Baba’s life was not his message, he suggested

Posted by robertpriddy on February 4, 2009

From Sai Baba's birthday discourse 2008

From Sai Baba’s birthday discourse 2008

A statue of the proclaimed Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, stands before the entrance to the main hall of the Gandhi Museum in Old Delhi. The inscription at its foot is “My Life is My Message”.

Sathya Sai Baba usurped this statement as his own and blazoned it all over his ashrams… one of his many other arrogant plagiarisms. However, the life of Sai Baba increasingly came under proper scrutiny and it was not a pretty sight! The above quotation indicates how badly Sathya Sai Baba wanted to distance himself from his ‘outward manifestations’ in the ‘outside world’ and raise himself to some eternal realm where he could be worshipped as a pure Divinity far above all other human beings. As if ‘worldly’ facts are not true. But how far is his self-proclaimed unending Love – which he says is infinite within him  –  manifested in the “outer world”? He is virtually claiming that his ‘outward manifestations’ are not to be trusted, that is – his life as expressed in the world!  In this duplicity, he affronted the intelligence of the entire world, but he could not escape the troubles that came down upon him due to his duplicity and denial even now, let alone in future.

Sai Baba & boy

Sai Baba & boy

Despite veiled threats, Sathya Sai Baba can’t punish his critics, even if he wanted to – no more than he can stop the world from judging him on his words and actions… both those which are acceptable and good and those which are objectionable and bad. That he was a trickster is indubitable, also that he was a homosexual and molester of boys and young men, but the evidence is tangible and massive.

Of course different people have different opinions. Those who passed the ‘test of believing’ any denial or fantastic untruth Sai Baba told them have deluded opinions, those who have investigated his teachings and his claims very thoroughly and found them wanting have different opinions…. and so on. The excellent comments made by Richard de Mille about the trickster ‘mystic’ Carlos Castaneda exemplify the way in which different people can be taken in by appearances, as people are by all personality cult figures, of which Sathya Sai Baba was able to do, together with his cronies and partners in deception and crime, on a vast scale:-

Richard de Mille from 'Castaneda's Journey - The power and the paradox' 1978

Richard de Mille from ‘Castaneda’s Journey – The power and the paradox’ 1978

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