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Hiding the belief that Sathya Sai Baba is God Incarnate

Posted by robertpriddy on February 15, 2009

Covering up more and more: The International Sathya Sai Organization’s leaders realized long ago that it was extremely necessary to play down the questionable sides of Sathya Sai Baba – his megalomaniac claims of being The Deity of all Deities at whose feet all prayers to whichever god eventually arrive and so forth (which they nevertheless must believe wholeheartedly – along with everything else he states – if they are to be high office-bearers in his cult). The International Organization was gradually convinced – not least by Westerners – that Sathya Sai’s ‘teaching’ and public image must be sanitized as far as possible so as not to put off people who would be sceptical (thus regarded as ’spiritually immature’). Therefore the fullest possible emphasis was to be put on Sathya Sai social service (’Seva’) and the miracles – unavoidable since they have always been Sai Baba’s main claim to fame – were only to be discussed as to their ‘inner meaning’ for spiritual growth.

Torbjørn Meyer, Denmark

Torbjørn Meyer,

From the 1990s onward the Scandinavian countries were instructed by the European Central Coordinator, Mr. Thorbjørn Meyer, to play down all the kind of proclamations that “people would not easily understand”, including the miracles and Sathya Sai Baba’s many claims of being the Divine Avatar come to save humanity and his many other documented ‘fantastic’ statements (read a cross-section of these). Evidently this applies with full force to the many allegations of murder involvement and sexual abuse by Sai Baba which continue to be reported. We have evidence that some devotees today think this is a very clever move on behalf of Sai Baba (and against those of us who want the truth about his deceits to be known). This is how cultist’s reasoning works. Thorbjørn Meyer and his associates in Copenhagen tried to deceive the Mayor ofFredriksberg that they were the Sathya Sai Organization when they tried to buy Arresødal Castle.

Arresødal Castle

Arresødal Castle

However, they were later hounded out by angry demonstrators from the Fredriksberg area! (See here and  here ) This was demonstrated at length in the Danish TV documentary film ‘Seduced’ about Sathya Sai Baba.

As already pointed out on this blog site, the surviving ‘Pink Twin’ Moiya O’Brien, denied on Australian TV that she sees Sai Baba as God. However, she certainly does as she is on record in her book ‘Touched by the Lord’ (!) where she writes, for example on p. 153 “… It was many years before we realised that the God we worshipped in our hearts was here in a form that someone has described as “Vibrating with the essence of all”. But she also admits that she does not tell the clients to the Association she co-founded what she really believes on this, for she wrote:

We tell people that He is a beautiful, loving spiritual being. We have to be cautious about telling people that He is God.” This is in accordance with the strict instructions of this clandestine cult Sathya Sai organization.

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The Sathya Sai Organisation requires all its members to accept that Sathya Sai Baba is God, this being stated clearly in the paper which, in many countries, new members must sign. Those who will not accept this condition are either not allowed to become members or – if already so – are excluded from the Organisation.

For a more thorough examination of this deceit by the Sathya Sai Organization, see ‘Downgrading Divinity’ by Brian Steel

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