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Ashok Bhagani, Sathya Sai Baba cult promoter in UK

Posted by robertpriddy on February 19, 2009

Askok Bhagani , a trustee of the UK Sathya Sai Organization, of which he is the UK head, is an out-and-out propagandist for its figurehead, the self-proclaimed God Incarnate, Father Who Sent Jesus etc. The case where he was brought to book by the Westminster Cathedral, (Catholic Church London), authorities for false information about their speaker on the Sathya Sai Organization website is another instance of his slippery propaganda agenda for this personality cult see here That he does not stick to the truth – or investigate it either, is patently evident. He cannot defend his statements against sexually abused witnesses, many affidavits and massed testimony and documentation.

Therefore, though he impugned the BBC team who made the documentary ‘The Secret Swami’ without himself producing any evidence at all, he made no legal challenge against the BBC over the documentary despite all his bluster, for the BBC had gathered massive testimony from alleging victims of Sai Baba sexual abuses, including 80 hours of film which could not be included in the 1-hour documentary. The BBC were not sued in any country in the world, though the Sai Organization tried their utmost through deputations to broadcasters, e-mail campaigns and other means to try to stop the programme broadcasts in Canada, Australia and elsewhere.

Ashok Bhagani also claimed – as reported in The Asian Voice:  “The BBC has acted totally irresponsibly. The allegations in the documentary are completely factless and baseless.” (The compromised news article can be seen here)
What actual evidence does the BBC have to substantiate these claims? These allegations have been circulating for years and have never been proved.” They have not been proved in court because Sathya Sai Baba is protected by devotee Prime Ministers, Presidents, Supreme Court judges etc. As former UK Prime Minister Blair wrote in a letter on record from UK Cabinet Office documents, ” there is little that the Government can do. Those who have complaints against Sai Baba will have to take them to the Indian police.” In short, a most perilous undertaking considering the police murders that occurred in connection with Sai Baba and disappearances of foreign visitors to his ashram.

Ashok Bhagani also stated: “As far as I’m concerned, there are 30 million happy devotees in the world, but every so often you will get two or three who will make these wild allegations.” Mr Bhagani mentions “30 million devotees”, but this is Sai propaganda, so widespread that even the BBC fell for it . Real followers might amount to a few million, most of whom are not even members in the organization. But in official Sai literature we find claims of 60 million devotees, and in many instances on the Internet even 600 million too!

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See what Bhagani said to BBC Radio 4

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