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Ashok Bhagani denies fully documented facts

Posted by robertpriddy on February 20, 2009

In the magazine Asian Voice, Ashok Bhagani of the Sathya Sai Organization in UK claimed: “when devotees are selected by Sai Baba for a private interview, there is always someone else present in the room, and this is especially the case when women and children meet him.” The above word “especially” makes the (unintended) tacit admission that  ‘always’ is an exaggeration!  By using the word ‘always’ he lays claim to know what he cannot – as if he were permanently present at every interview himself.  He used to have perhaps one or two interviews a year. No, it is TOTALLY incorrect that there is always someone monitoring young men in interviews! My wife and I have seen a number go into the ‘private room’ in the Prashanthi Nilayam ashram for longish periods quite alone with Sai Baba behind a firmly closed door (see image). Three Swedish boys were often taken in alone for periods of 8-10 minutes – both left Sai Baba permanently, one called Tom spoke out in the Organization about being sexually molested, the other I knew well only told close friends of what occurred.  Two Danish young men I knew (both also later disaffected) and two Indian students were all individually taken into Sai Baba’s ‘private room’ behind closed doors for periods when we were at the interview!

Private interview room doors with blood on floor after murders

Private interview room doors & curtains of shame with blood on floor after murders

BBC Radio 4 – Sunday 19th November 2000 “Ashok Bhagani, head of the UK Sathya Sai Organization, vigorously denies there is any substance to the allegations, and so was the anointing of the genitals of young men by Sai Baba out of the question.” A close family member of Mr. T. Meyer (Central Coordinator of the Sathya Sai Organization in Europe) exchanged a series of e-mails with me, telling me how the younger son was genitally oiled by Sathya Sai Baba. His father even admitted to me in an e-mail  that such oiling or ‘anointing’ of genitals takes place, calling it the ‘age-old Indian oil ceremony’. From the many descriptions given by those subjected to it, it is most likely a kind of grooming to possible intercourse. Numerous other testimonies of genital oiling are found see some early accounts at  Sathya Sai Victims. So Mr Ashok Bhagani is either very badly misinformed and not wanting to investigate anything or he speaks against his better knowledge! As to the refutations of the allegations by diverse followers, obviously not one of them been able to monitor Sai Baba in his bedroom apartment, which he is well known on his own admission to share with several college boys every night. He has even described this himself in his discourses!

Like all other defenders in denial, Ashok Bhagani also tried to conceal the extent and number of the allegations of sexual abuse  – at least 30 made public since 1999 with name and most credible details. In addition, the circumstantial and corroborative evidence is massive, Three of Sai Baba’s very closest devotees who have each had at least a hundred interviews left him because of his sexual abuses, one of them telling how he was himself abused. Extensive documentation can be examined here to ones heart’s content. The truth about Sai Baba is not popular with his remaining followers, who are in major denial of the facts!

The BBC on Radio 4 documented several testimonies of sexual abuse and were not challenged they stated: “We contacted the Sai Baba Organisation in India but a senior official there made it clear they were not willing to talk to the BBC. It is not acceptable in any form of language and this sort of behaviour does not agree with spirituality. You know, Sai Baba is a spiritual leader and I can tell you categorically this sort of thing doesn’t happen there. These are disgruntled people. They may have been previously Sai Baba devotees, but they are disgruntled, with an axe to grind and I welcome anyone to contact me if they’ve got a serious allegation, and errr … We will talk to them.”

However, this was empty talk as Bhagani ignores every complaint on these issues and has never contacted any of the major critics of Sathya Sai Baba, whose sole aim is to expose the facts and protect the wider public from this insidious cult.

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