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Wild Baseless Claims about Sai Baba Materializations

Posted by robertpriddy on March 2, 2009

In the film ‘LA HISTORIA DE SAI BABA (I)’  by the Argentinian broadcasting company, Zona de Investigacion, the leader of the South American Sai Organisation, Leonard Gutter demonstrated his inaccuracy as regards facts about Sai Baba, for he stated:Leo Gutter

1. “There are thousands and thousands of cases and proofs of the legitimacy of Sai Baba’s materializations.” There is not one single scientifically controlled study of his supposed “materializations”. There are thousands of reports, but these are mostly made by advance believers in his powers, and he is proven on film and by testimony to have been using sleight of hand many times. So Gutter not only overstates wildly, but has no substantial proof to point to anywhere.

2. “Sai Baba’s powers violate the laws of physics”. This is Gutter at his wildest… what does he know of how the supposed materializations in relation to the laws of physics? He is a psychologist, not a physicist… No physicist has been able to study Sai Baba’s claimed materializations in the laboratory, which would be necessary even before starting considerations about physical law in such a case.

3. Of Sai Baba “he even took a person out of the morgue of a hospital 12 hours after he had died.” This has been definitively proven not to be the case by the researches of Prof. Erlendur Haraldsson of Iceland, who investigated thoroughly and interviewed all the doctors involved. All denied that the patient, Mr. Walter Cowan, had died or that any death certificate (as claimed) had ever been issued. What Mr. Gutter believes on the basis of hearsay is refuted by the facts and also by the testimony of another devotee, a young man known to me too, as reported on the web by Sharon Purcell, who was there with the Cowans throughout that period.

4. Of Sai Baba: “he says he is going to live to be 96 and that he will reincarnate 8 years later”. This is in contradiction of Sai Baba’s own statements in two discourses, where he clearly predicts he will die at the age of 94.

5. “The owner of the Hard Rock Cafe, Isaac Tigrett, sold his corporation and said to Baba that he wanted to give him the money. Sai Baba told him to keep half and if he wanted to, he could donate the other half to build a hospital.” This is incorrect. Isaac Tigrett had reportedly placed money aside in a fund over a long period of time, intending to donate it to Sai Baba. It was from this fund that the hospital and its equipment were financed, not from the sale of the Hard Rock Cafe chain. Tigrett reinvested his money in other projects, such as ‘The House of Blues’, from which he was eventually forced out, and a failed Internet site for alternative spirituality.

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continued tomorrow – Does Sathya Sai Baba materialize cash, as reported?

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