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Sai Baba Internet Man – No Apology When Caught Using Anti-Semitism Slur

Posted by robertpriddy on March 14, 2009

By his very typical method of faulty, highly selective extrapolation, Gerald Joe Moreno falsely accused Barry Pittard of being a criminal – which statement he had to retract (extremely grudgingly).

At another stage, exploiting the posting of a Pittard article by an an obnoxious group, he strongly and widely labelled Pittard as an anti-Semite.  Moreno exploited the posting of a Pittard article by a group whose type of views Pittard has all his life abhorred.

These attacks are on the Internet for all to see, especially given the fact that Moreno has a specialty in manipulating search engine results so that his articles are often most prominently featured.

Those who have known Barry Pittard for decades know that views based on race or class or culture have always been deeply abhorent to him. His extensive volunteer social work of many years has been among people irrespective of their race, class or religion. Alan Kazlev, in Australia, who had at first been misled by Moreno’s propaganda made his own enquiries and found that Moreno’s defamations of Pittard and others were serious. Needless to say Moreno at once mounted vehement attacks against Kazlev, as he has long done against virtually anyone who asks, for proper third party investigation of the allegations, as Barry Pittard has so often emphasised, against Sai Baba and certain of his core servitors.

Many of those connected with the station affirm (information available to bona fide, properly-reputed! researchers) that Barry Pittard had a highly-regarded community radio programme “Collective Spirit”, whose core theme was precisely about promoting good relations in the community between the various religious and other paths, and about finding commonalities. Moreover, as the worldwide former devotee network can attest, there are Jewish members who hold Pittard in high esteem, as do others of other faiths and non-faiths.

They attest that when there was a down-putting remark made about the Jews by a Christian presenter at the same radio station at which Pittard also worked as a presenter, he objected strongly. For this he was thanked by the then leader of the Jewish community in his area, who later invited a director and he to a private Jewish ceremony in her and her husband’s home. The presenter, who showed no remorse at the offense or sensitive desire for remediation, was dismissed from the station.

Typically though his assertions are cruelly false, Moreno does not withdraw his claims. So much, then, for his hero-worship not only of Sathya Sai Baba but of other traditional teachers of truth, righteousness, peace and love.

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Terrorist-related Slurs Used By Sai Baba Internet Fanatic

Posted by robertpriddy on March 14, 2009

The Sathya Sai Baba main man on the Internet, Gerald Joe Moreno of Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA, repeatedly condemns himself by his own fanatical irrationality and baseless smears.

Moreno claims that Barry Pittard, a foremost critic of Sathya Sai Baba and his worldwide sect, incited to Islamic terrorism!

This is a complete reversal of the truth. In fact, read by a number of authorities in counter-terrorism, and based on his time as a lecturer in Sai Baba’s educational wing and his long acquaintance with Puttaparthi, Pittard wrote a painstakingly careful submission (not posted to the Internet) pointing out a number of vulnerabilities of Puttaparthi to terrorist attack. This was well before the uprush of terrorist attacks in India of the sort referred to in my blogged article:  Sai Baba bomb claim demolishes his credibility

Receipt of the paper was acknowledged by the head of Interpol in Australia, Paul Weller (whom he also spoke personally with) as were his submissions to the then head of the India Desk in the South Asia section, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Canberra, Australia, Brett Hackett, who is now Australia’s Ambassador to Afghanistan. He also had a phone discussion with an international authority on counter-terrorism Professor Dr Clive Williams. These matters can be confirmed by independent, competent investigators – the very antithesis of what Moreno stands for, who will not have it for one moment that the Sai Baba and his cult leaders need to be accountable to proper and democratice best practices, and punctilious in such matters as duty of care.

Still further, Pittard wrote to the Sathya Sai Organization in Australia, thinking that the Webmaster of the official Sathya Sai Organisation site, Chris Parnell, whom Pittard had known when they worked together at Sai Towers publishing company in Puttaparthi, would ensure that the document got to the peak Sathya Sai Organisation leaders. Parnell did not reply. (Yet again, as Pittard is tireless in pointing out, such facts are available for the confirmation of media, scholars, and other proper investigators).

The leaders did not in the slightest, whether by letter or by phone, acknowledge his concerns – although, to his surprise, he received an email from the Superintendent of Police, Puttaparthi.

In looking at how criminal minds – e.g., those of terrorists – might work, a time-honored aspect of analysis – is to ‘step into the shoes’ or look from the likely angle of the foe, who extensively rely on the elements of shock and surprise, owing to public ignorance, as key elements of attack. This is the technique of imagining from conceivable point of view of an offender. It is clear to any rational and non-bigotted reader, that this technique was one which Pittard applied. His assumption, taking into regard the opinion of many experts, was that bringing matters out into a degree of openness is, on the strange balance that obtains in this era of terrorism, far better, because for a public to be fore-warned is for it to be fore-armed. Of course, whether terrorists are as intensely avid readers of Pittard’s writings as Moreno has for some long been may be open to question.

The naivities or the deliberate and cynical ruses of a Moreno would indeed be dangerous for today’s public to practise. One of the prime public vulnerabilities terrorists rely on so as to instill maximum terror is public ignorance and unreadiness. As so frequently, Moreno took  some Pittard references to the vulnerability of Puttaparthi, calling them “chilling”, etc., and misrepresenting the remarks to an extreme and tortuous degree, for example at and in his bloggings. It is his typical practice in such ways to attack any who stand forth in dissent from Sathya Sai Baba and his movement.

As ever, in his massive defense of the indefensible, Moreno presents carefully cherry-picked information and propaganda about Sathya Sai Baba and his organization. He everywhere avoids the overwhelming evidence that it is an altogether unaccountable  personality cult and one whose figurehead is subject to a wealth of documentation that points to major criminal as well as ethical and spiritual offenses, though he is protected by the powers-that-be in India, many of whom, irrespective of political party, worship him as God Incarnate!

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Sai Baba Hatchet Man Picks On A Young Child

Posted by robertpriddy on March 14, 2009

As applied to Gerald Joe Moreno, the word ‘cruel’ is no misnomer.

Moreno’s Naming of A Young Child and Attack on an Unrelated Business

This maliciousness is further evidenced in Moreno’s conscienceless naming of a young child. This boy, out of childlike curiosity, googled his own name, and found viciously aimed barbs at the father whom he loves. This is a man, moreover, who has for years remained unprovoked by Moreno’s constant and extreme vilification.  Indeed, he has all along recommended to other former devotees whom Moreno has attacked not to retaliate or at least if bent on doing so to avoid malice and heated language.

It has also been Moreno’s method to attempt to destroy the business of a woman on which the well-being of herself and her young children depend. He has attempted, using Internet methods, to divert business away from her. By highly partial, faulty reasoning and the leaping-to-conclusion, he has presented her as cooperating with the exposure of the Sathya Sai sect. Of course, whether she had been or not, a dirty trick played against her is nonetheless a dirty trick. Although she is not now devoted to Sai Baba, having taken down her photos and stopped singing his bhajans and so forth, she has not cooperated with her former partner’s exposure activities, as has been a fact well-known to Sai Baba devotees known to her.

Again, one sees Moreno’s shocking tendency to argue from a narrow range of dates and making the most elemental infractions of logic. It is a moot point whether he does this maliciously and deliberately or because rash and unthinking or a mix of both. With what appear to be strong sociopathic elements, his actions have caused great distress to this woman, who has courageously, under conditions of great hardship, built up a business based on love and service.

Moreno’s daily  method is to slur, vilify, and to try to scare into submission. Internet libel, in the mostly uncontrolled environment of the world wide web, is a constant specialty of his. It is the sort of destructive mentality that the ethical teachings of religious and other paths, including Sai Baba’s would most certainly contradict.

But there are those who will not be intimidated – and the conscience of former devotees around the world have not stopped them from going to the India Today, BBC, Times of London, UNESCO and many others. It is the Sathya Sai cult that is not open to questioning. Unfortunately, the obstacles in the way of sueing Moreno are considerable.

It is to their enduring shame that, although there are devotees who do not at all agree with Moreno’s attacks, leaders of the Sathya Sai Organisation do not denounce his conduct – but in the case of some key figures actually assist him!

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In relation to Wikipedia’s ban on Moreno, see the independent British scholar Kevin Shepherd’s article: The Sathya Sai Baba Cordon in Wikipedia

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