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Authors who praise Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on April 11, 2009


Some authors who praise Sathya Sai Baba have reported that he says he reads the books himself. He ‘showers blessing’ on writers who use rose-coloured glasses to see everything having to do with him or his works. Other books about him are less popular with him! Any criticism of him, however constructive or positively intended, is forbidden within his sphere and he can be very angry looking when this occurs. Such writers as Prof. N. Kasturi, V. and Shakuntala Balu, Dr. John Hislop, Howard Murphet (i.e. “not perfect”), Dr. Samuel Sandweiss, Peggy Mason, Phyllis Krystal, Joy Thomas, Rita Bruce, Mario Mazzoleni, Birgitte Rodriguez –  plus a host of  Indian hagiographers who exaggerate on almost every subject are to his taste (and few more so than the other main biographer of Sai Baba, Ra. Ganapati and Smt Vijaya Kumari or ‘Vijayamma’, Anil Kumar,  and Jega Jegathesan).

Virtually all gurus and spiritual masters love and expect paeans of praise and expressions of blind faith, attempts to serve them in the hope of getting spiritual advancement or salvation. Sathya Sai Baba claims he does not want this, but he wallows in it all nonetheless, nothing could be more evident! Sai Baba idolisers are in a class apart for sycophancy and worship of him and his supposed utter holiness and ‘incredible’ miracles.

Pro-Sai authors are always consciously involved in suppressing information about all unfortunate events at the ashrams, of which there are many known to all long-term residents. In  these clinically cleansed texts, neither minor not major crimes that take place are ever described – nor are the numerous suicides, disappearances, mortal accidents, murders – and – above all of course,the murders in Sathya Sai Baba’s bedroom are never remotely mentioned. This is regarded as irrelevant to the divine mission of God Incarnate. (I must admit I also avoided almost all negative facts myself (but not everything) in my pro-Sai book from earlier years – ‘Source of the Dream’ Samuel Weiser Inc. –  but I have made up for that fully by now!)

Often writers do nothing Baba may remotely dislike out of their anxiety that they will lost his grace or even be punished karmically (i.e. by him in his claimed role as Lord of Maya and Karma)! They are always told only to see, hear and speak what is good (it is understood this applies with extra force to anything about Sai Baba) as he often says in his interminable moralising discourses. As a former relative insider of the Sai movement and frequent visitor to the ashrams, I know something of the various trials and tribulations of certain authors with the authorities there. Their  books are mostly noteworthy to me now for what they do not tell or consciously cover up, the level of denial is total! Any tiny thing that might possibly sully Sai Baba’s image or in any way affect his plans (or his organization) is prejudged automatically as equivalent to ‘scandal and rumour mongering’ and is omitted… and if not, it is banned as soon as possible (such as some editions of the magazine ‘Spiritual Impressions’ and the book by Dr. Naresh Bhatia “Dreams and Realities Face to Face with God” –  etc.)

From experience, I am inclined to the opinion that most of them behave thus out of the self-programmed blind faith that Baba inculcates from the start.  This continual self-censorship also arises out of the huge social and political naivety about India common to nearly all foreign devotees. Their motives are not necessarily outright untruthful, but their way of interpreting everything leads them into stating many  half-truths and untruths. This also makes most of them almost psychologically incapable and uncommunicative about their private doubts and anxieties – which many of them will claim do not bother them. The uncertainty and peaceless worrying about how to understand what to do and what not to do are clear to observers of others  in the grip of ideology, esoteric beliefs and cultist practises.

Interestingly, not one of the above-mentioned authors has had the courage – or the decency – to respond to the countless calls for duty of care by alleging victims of sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba by contacting them to find out more. Nor have they the courage to to respond to a single critic of Sathya Sai baba on the Internet. This is most likely not least because the Sathya Sai Organization intstructs and enforces this silence (‘muerta’) about the entire cult and the undoubted crimes in which the ashrams and Sathya Sai Baba have been involved.

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