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Joe Moreno admits he is a web impostor

Posted by robertpriddy on April 18, 2009

Gerald Joe Moreno’s attempts to sabotage the International Sai Petition had some small success before spamming was stopped and every new submission was subjected to full scrutiny when the petition was moved to a new website and I took over the administration of new signatures. Previously I was informed by the former webmaster of the Sai Petition that there had been considerable problems with Sai Baba spammers which the administrators at had to remove manually one by one – since their system was incapable of blocking IPs except by manual interventions. Those who wrote and administered the petition site were inexperienced and made the error of using the free service, which proved to be subject to spammers. Therefore the petition was moved to a secure website and spammers were removed. Then I took over monitoring signatures (after the first 700 signatures had been listed). Since then all have been vetted, with IPs, locations and submitted e-mail addresses checked. There are now over 1300 signatures from all over the world on it. (See here)

The Sai petition is far from being “bogus” as Joe Moreno sweepingly claims all over the Internet. This because he claims he once managed to post a handful of bogus submissions on it. This does not prove that 1300 signatures are bogus! Without him being able to give any proof of having done so, he might just as well claim to have posted hundreds of the signatures (which he did not, of course), without my thereby releasing the proof he did not – because we promise 100% confidentiality to signers and retain the private data we have about each individual submission. This guarantee excludes those who prove to be spammers or pro-Sai Baba saboteurs (such as: ‘Osama bin Laden’ which was the signature by an Indian Sai devotee traced in London whose IP and location was promptly reported to the Metropolitan Police). Moreno also claims the Sai petition is not legal (which implies “illegal”) though it is as legal as any known on-line petition, including his own pitiful tit-for-tat petition  (where roughly 0.0001% of the officially-claimed number of Sai followers worldwide signed up!)

Gerald Joe Moreno (using the identifier “sathyasaibaba”) himself admits and boasts that he posted bogus names on the Sai petition. This alone places him among Internet trolls and thoroughly dishonest persons! It is well known how criminals can vandalise comment boxes and petitions, hiding behind invented names, using anonymous IPs and so on by using advanced IT techniques.

Oh yes… I admit to an occasional error made in haste and also correct apologetically for it (wholly unlike Joe Moreno  who makes scores of errors in his postings but NEVER apologises for anything). Well, I did misidentify the comment he made under the bogus name Joe Apodaco. The comment I wrongly quoted as under that name was actually posted under another name.  However, this was a simple hasty mistake and neither a sign of “senile dementia” (I am 100% compos mentus and further, fully mentally composed) nor was it “a complete and utter fabrication of facts “ as he presents it, i.e. in the manner of his whole blog reminding  of one of his own favourite adjectives “frothing at the mouth”. Again, he wrote Nowhere did Moreno claim (even indirectly) that he was “sexually abused” by Sathya Sai Baba as falsely and maliciously stated by senile Robert Priddy. ” Moreno never understates his case for he blows up any minor matters he can spin negatively into main issues… that is a key part of his agenda, to divert readers’ attention as much as possible from all the unpleasant facts.

Gerald Joe Moreno - non-devotee but is the main defender of all Sathya Sai matters  The major and unrepentant infringer of copyright - countless photos and texts - rails at length about ONE SINGLE photo which he for some reason is rather desperate to hide away.


Moreno projects all this own worst qualities onto others – many others… nearly all former devotees of Sai Baba who dare to speak out plainly about the massive deceits and crimes committed. As soon as any one of us makes a  simple mistake, he enthusiastically jumps to the conclusion that we are all lying, whether “blatantly”, “shamelessly” or “bold-facedly” etc.  In his contrived and highly convoluted and embellished attack pages on me he claims that I am a “Liar – Plagiarist –  Propagandist – Embellisher – Fanatic – Shameless thief ” ad inf. – all of which he is, and I am definitely not.  This can be seen by actually visiting my blogs here and my main exposé website – not just reading his highly selective and manipulated representations of what I stand for. These include presenting as my current standpoints various statements I once made when a devotee (about Sai Baba) which I have either thoroughly refuted or modified since, and many other such tricks which he would call “shameless lies”.

Further, it is objectively proved that Moreno has infringed my copyright, which act he calls “shameless theft” – which he has also done on a massive scale – see Copyright infringements by sathyasaibaba) He has done this without my permission and despite registered complaints. (Note,  I have received no complaint about any proven infringement of copyright from any source I may have borrowed from. Unlike Moreno I never infringe copyright of texts, keeping carefully within the limits of fair use. Moreno has countless entire web pages which he has stolen from me and refuses to remove).

I do not lie anywhere, but I am shameless, for I have nothing to be ashamed about.

I have been defended by Alan M. Kazlev, who was once in some agreement with Joe Moreno (no longer!). As a result of Kazlev’s investigations in which he came to defend me rigorously, Moreno set up a major attack campaign against Kazlev to try to assassinate his character, but succeeded only in self-assassination of character. Kazlev has given a fair and insightful assessment of Moreno’s character and agenda (see here)

More revelations about Joe Moreno’s smear campaign against Sathya Sai Baba’s chosen “form boys” and young men and their defenders are to come soon.

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