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Gerald Joe Moreno and sex oiling by Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on April 20, 2009

In a series of postings Basava Premanand replied cogently and crushingly to pro-Sai attacker Gerald Moreno’s claims made at one of his websites under the title “Sathya Sai Baba – sex oiling & oil manifested, materialized and applied near or on genital region.”

From header of Premanand's articles in reply to Gerald Moreno's assertions on his website

From header of Premanand's articles in reply to Gerald Moreno's assertions on his website

Note that the former head of the Indian Rationalist Association, Basava Premanand, was the recipient of an Indian Presidential award for the dissemination of science and was supported by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who was to open his exhibition on ‘The Method of Science’, but was assassinated beforehand.

In several long articles, Basava Premanand replies to Gerald Moreno’s peculiar and unconvincing assertions, as follows:

Gerald Moreno : The fact of the matter is that oilings, from Sathya Sai Baba, do happen

Gerald Moreno: They are a common occurrence and I have known about them since 1988, when I received an “oiling” myself.

Reply : Wonderful to know that GM himself received the oiling and that oiling is a common occurrence. Such a practice is against the laws of civilized countries. Why should Sai Baba and his devotees be beyond the law in this respect?

Gerald Moreno: The majority of people who have had oilings, say SSB applies the oil to their lower abdomen area, between their pubic area and their navel.

Reply by Basava Premanand : I hope GM knows that this area is the most erogenous zone of our body. Who are these majority of people who have had oilings? Who are the rest? Will GM kindly explain how many in his data are included as having been oiled, and detail how he has investigated and arrived at which is the majority and which the minority?

More of the posting by Premanand from Conny Larsson’s website:-

Excerpt from Conny Larsson's website

Excerpt from Conny Larsson's website

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