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Sathya Sai Baba – insider report

Posted by robertpriddy on May 9, 2009

Venkataraman and Chackravati get frre cars!

Dr. G. Venkataraman and ashram boss Chackravati get free cars out of money donated for the poor and suffering etc.!

A friend in Oslo, another ex-devotee, received an unsolicited e-mail from a Sai devotee – one of the several remaining Sai followers in Norway, an Indian immigrant who propagates her information from alleged ‘close friends of Swami’. I do not give her name and e-mail address are deleted so as not to embarrass her more than her news itself does. She reveals facts which are otherwise carefully hidden from the public, not least the number of uncured fractures that Sai Baba has had in 3 years prior to 2006. Take special note of the admissions and other points  I have underlined in my translation of Norwegian to English.

Puttaparthi water shortage in 2006
Most surprising ought to be the reported lack of water in Puttaparthi after the much-trumpeted  multi-million dollar Rayalaseema Water project,  primarily designed for this area which includes Prashanthi Nilayam ashram. Other proof that it failed dismally… the water table suddenly dropped drastically cutting off most of the supplies of water to the area (not predicted by the self-proclaimed ‘omniscient’ and ‘omnipotent’ Sathya Sai Baba whose boast is that his plans and words can never fail to come true. Much money was reportedly embezzled by shoddy contractors and who knows who else. The leader of the project selected by Sai Baba was a known embezzler who was forced to resign from a government post for major financial irregularities… Mr. K. Chackravati, later head of the Prashanthi Nilayam ashram and major power broker on the Central Trust.

Why does Sai Baba “sit and cry all day”?
Secondly one must deplore the continued poverty of villagers there when Sai Baba was rolling in money and wasting it on many showpiece white elephants – (i.e. museums praising ‘the Avatar’, a 95% deserted Sai airport, a giant indoor stadium for ‘his’ students to play sports in and for an international tennis tournament which never took place). Dirt poor villagers watched as five of his his fat cat VIP’s (Chackravati, Dr. G. Venkataraman and Co.) were given expensive new Japanese cars out of funds donated for ‘good works’! Sathya Sai Baba’s younger brother, Janakiramiah, who was a blackmailer of police, a trusted Central Trust member, Janaki Ramiah, was a super-rich speculator on local property died some years ago. (Sai Baba shed tears in public then!)  That Sai Baba sits and cries so much illustrates the absurd dishonesty of his years of boastful claims to be unmoved by any pleasure! He has a lot to feel very guilty about, that is certain, but I should think he is only crying about his own situation!

—– Original Message —–

From: “K A.

> Hei igjen

> Jeg mottar disse mailene – det er helt merkelig

> hvordan alt, absolutt alt tolkes positivt! sukk.

> Hilsen K.

Dato: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 22:37:00 +0200

Fra: Manj…Mahes….@[suppressed].no:

Emne: sai hilsen… fra Parthi…

Hei og Sai ram !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Er nettopp tilbake fra Swamis hellig jord Parthi. Swami er i topp
form og gjør sin beste i en så sein alder for å
hjelpe sitt landsby folk som enda sliter med fattigdom og vannmangel.
Ifølge Swami sine nære venner har Swami blittveldig
emosjonell i det siste, ofte sitter med tårer. Litt
kan det være for vanlige folk.


>>Swami har problemer med å bevege, har hatt fem

fraksjoner i 2003, 2004 og 2005; og kun den eneble kurert. Igjen
ifølge sine nære venner er altså dette en forberedelse
Swami har satt i gang. Swami har blitt på denne
nødt til forberede (mentalt) sine tilgjengere slik at De kan
godta det at Swami forlater (fysisk) denne verden, og det er for å
unngå tragiske hendelser som kan skje om 15 år.


>>Jeg fikk anledning til å ta med noen spesiellematerialer
fra Swami (blessed by Swami) og dersom noen få tilsendt noe av dette kan sende en email med sin adresse
til meg. Viputhi (the holy ash) har jeg dessverre blitt Kum Kum (the red coloured..) Swami ga oss den spesielle dagen (Dasara)  som en blessing, har jeg litt igjen å gi bort.
ønsker å tom for,


>> Noen gang vet vi ikke hva eller hvem Swami mente at disse hellige ting skulle komme fram til, som er årsak til at jeg sender denne åpen melding til alle jeg kjenner til i Norge.

>> Jeg har tatt med meg noen store bilder av Swami, og dersom
noen ønsker å få tilsendt en bilde, kan bare sende en email ti meg.


>> Flere nyheter med intervjuer og bilder er påvente.
Parthi forbereder seg til den store dag: OktoberSai org.
ble opprettet den 19/20 oktober)
19/20. (

>> Ha en flott torsdag..

>> Sai ram igjen

>> M.

>> Always in Sai seva

—-Original message—- [Translated from the

From: “K.A.

Hi again.

I receive these mails – it is really remarkable how everything, absolutely everything, is interpreted positively! groan

Greetings K.

Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 22:37:00 +0200
>> From: Manj… Mahes…. @[suppressed].no:

>> Subject Sai greetings… from Parthi…

>> Hi and Sai ram !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just got back from Swami’s holy ground Parthi. Swami is in top condition and does his best in such old age to help his village people who still struggle from poverty and lack of water. close friends, he has become very emotional recently, often sitting in tears. It can be a little difficult for ordinary people to understand. According to Swami’s


Swami has problems in moving, has had five fractures in 2003,2004 and 2005, and only one was cured. Again according to his close friends, this is actually a preparation Swami has started up. It was necessary for Swami in this way Swami has to prepare (mentally) his followers so they will be able to accept it when he leaves this (physical) world, and that is to avoid tragic happenings that can occur in 15 years.


I got the opportunity to bring with me some special materials from
Swami (blessed by Swami) and if anyone who wants to have some of this sent to them, can send an e-mail with their address to me. I have unfortunately run out of vibuthi (the holy ash), but I have a little Kum Kum (the red coloured) left, which Swami gave us on the special day (Dasara) as a blessing.


Sometimes we do not know what or who Swami intends that these holy things should come forth to, which is the reason I am sending this open announcement to all I know in Norway.

I have brought with me some large pictures of Swami, and if anyone who wants to have a picture sent can just send an e-mail to me.


More news with interviews and pictures are awaited. Parthi is preparing itself for the big day October 19/20 (Sai Org. was started on 19/20 October)

Have a great Thursday

Sai Ram igjen


Always in Sai Seva

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