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Sathya Sai Baba as supreme servant of mankind

Posted by robertpriddy on June 8, 2009

“… ponder a moment on this Sathya Sai Manifestation; in this age of rampant materialism, aggressive disbelief and irreverence, what is it that brings to It the adoration of millions from all over the world? You will be convinced that the basic reason for this is the fact that this is the Supra-worldly Divinity in Human Form.” (Sathya Sai Baba 17/5/1968. Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 8, p 100)

On 11/82001, Sathya Sai Baba held a discourse (published in Sanathana Sarathi, September 2001) where he detailed the running costs of the two hospitals, the colleges etc. and how much investment is needed to cover these. Of this sum – amounting to the interest from 600 crores of rupees (about $150 mill), half the interest goes to the Bangalore hospital, 2/6th to the Puttaparthi hospital and 1/6th to all the educational institutions together. Sai Baba asks rhetorically, “Wherefrom does it all come?” And adds so self-deprecatingly, “However, I am giving it” (p. 264). Does Sai Baba himself have any money to give, then?

Sai Baba related that he recently received news that 600 crores of rupees (ca. $150 mill.) was coming from a person in the US whom he has no direct contact with. This covers all expenses then, so what about the other massive donations, often $100 million and more that have even been announced now and again? The kind of figures Hari Sampath worked out as an estimate of the entire Sai holdings to be at least $45 billion – though appearing to be done in a quite rational way- seems too incredible as a ‘conservative estimate’. However, since all information everything about the Sai empire, including the secrets of its vast wealth and the many sources from which it comes, is protected by the courts and government, one certainly wonders where it all goes! Speaking of 12,000 heart operations performed at the Puttaparthi hospital, he boasts, “I leave it to your imagination to appreciate who is responsible for saving so many lives.” (p. 262)

Imagination is a highly undependable judge of anything – seeing what it wishes to see or freely construes anything! No doubt Sai Baba did not primarily mean the donors, the doctors, all the selfless hospital workers, he meant himself! If he is saying it is all his miraculous aid, then why does he bother with the hospitals? Ah, yes! who can fathom Sai Baba, beyond all sense and reason! But it is striking how Sai Baba in discourse after discourse publicises and praises himself in a way which one will be hard put to find elsewhere. He goes on, “I have no personal desires or selfishness in Me at all. I have not asked anybody for help. Will anybody simply give hundreds of crores for the mere asking? None.”

Does Sai Baba – who says he knows everything – not even know that there have been thousands of huge benefactors of mankind who have not been asked, and who have behaved with modesty – giving full credit to all those involved without whom their part would not have been possible? Examples are rife: they stretch from Robert Owen to Rockefeller, Washington Carver to Guggenheim, Getty, Imran Khan and Bill Gates Why would an avatar need to harp on about his own excellence, hardly ever mentioning all the others who contribute selflessly in various ways? There were often ‘ordinary unenlightened’ people (eg. Bob Geldoff) leading big charitable projects or relief work without making any such fuss about themselves.

While on the subject, when money donors to the water project were publicly named and thanked on Baba’s 70th birthday, the list included only those who had given over a very high amount (1 crore of rupees), without mention of any or all others who were not so rich but had also contributed. Along with his self-praise comes repeated talk of his supposedly being unaffected by praise or blame! “All that I do has a great ideal for humanity.” Does this include his having stood by without lifting a finger while his officials persuaded the police to shoot young men armed only with knives in cold blood? But, though he would not answer any questions the press put to him about this, he says, “There is nothing hidden in My actions”. (p. 266)

However, most of Sathya Sai Baba’s daily (and nightly) actions are hidden from everyone, as every visitor to his ashrams is fully aware. Much of his behaviour is clandestine and the secrets that are covered up by his staff and indoctrinated supporters are legion… every untoward incident is carefully brushed under the carpet.

See the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

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